DNAOS powered hyperbase.com
SOA and DNAOS powered hyperbase.com provide secure virtual profile and collaboration portal applications and services, offering :

  • design, development, operation and hosting of distributed applications and sites
  • support for advanced user interfaces and new media
  • collaborative management of
    • content, web & print publishing, separation of concerns
    • distributed resources, resource modeling, reports
    • subscriptions, membership, activities, scheduling
    • secure multi-enterprise client accounting & metering
    • sharing, security, entitlement, configuration


hyperbase.comprovides access to a range of content and application sites, currently organized in 4 main libraries (see home page menu columns). Each represented its respective column in the main page, the first 3 provide access to various sites and applications, while the last one provides access to secured portal and site management applications.

The library provides access to Information Technology Solutions sites, including hyperlib

The hypermedia library provides access to new media applications and content including to a dedicated music portal MusicPhenomenon.com, that is a great place to start. The hypermedia library also provides access to the largest and most complete scientific references on Music and the structure of its natural intuitive phenomenon. Sites here also cover musical learning, understanding and development. The hypermedia library also provides access to new media development sites, and includes:

  • Cosmos-Square.com , is a new virtual environment company built from the multimedia and content work of , the work of the production group and web sites, as well as the editing and publishing work of . Other Cosmos-Square Inc. web sites also the English and French Music Phenomenon portals (see below), along with all the associated web sites, including the MusicNovatory.com, Accordeon101.com, UniformKeyboard.com, eLearning support sites, and music composer sites and catalogs. Cosmos-Square Inc. also hosts the hyperbase.com portal. 01 COMMUNICATIONS TelepathMedia.com Les Éditions Consonance
  • TelepathMedia.com , the Web site presenting work from 01 COMMUNICATIONS' multimedia, new media, and streaming media content design, production, and management group, including its multimedia gallery, currently with
    • pictures of various geographical locations
    • pictures of people at IT events
    • test animations and presentation videos
  • The Music Portal is designed to integrate, explain and present the range of music related hyperbase.com web sites that all contribute to the most complete and advanced music understanding reference, information, and application base, on Music.
  • Music Novatory web site which is certainly the most important Internet site on the science of Music and the Musical Language. It is a unique compound multimedia scientific reference document on the nature, structure and understanding of Music
  • GrosBonChant is a French site and collaborative application and offering a simple, effective, web supported, virtual profile based, advanced music pedagogy, using voice, motion, and play to help children live, feel, learn, and understand music and musical intuition. The English version, SingALot (en) is still in development.

More oriented towards business sites and applications, the hypermallprovides access to to music publishing and authoring related sites, as well as a growing list of composer sites with rich catalogs. Another hypermallgroup provides access to some digitally inclined, yet sometimes also traditional, arts and crafts sites. The hypermall already includes sites like:

  • Editions Consonance , French language Music related publishing.
  • Games Novatory web site offers some learning fun and games with interesting mathematics
  • ViHaKu is a personal web site currently with a selection of hundreds of mothers' favorite and hand-written cooking recipes

The hyperform library provides access to collections of web applications and services for secure portal and site management and publishing. Check the 01 COMMUNICATIONS and DNAOS pages for more information.

provides a hosting platform for secure web collaboration applications and services, along with portal management, maintenance, and support services. hyperbase.com

With entitlement secure virtual profiles for managing distributed resources and content in collaborative web environments, hyperbase.com offers the most advanced application hosting environment, along with complete application lifecycle management, and unlimited entitlement granularity.

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