930gov Conference & Tradeshow The 930gov Conference and Tradeshow is a year-end strategy exchange bringing together Government IT, program management, acquisition professionals and their teams to review FY2014 plans, and explore new opportunities. Conference Sessions: 8:30AM - 3:00PM | Exhibit Hall: 9:30AM - 2:00PM Digital Government Institute DGI ID-1db4f5cb-4b68-4939-ab6b-8ee3c459f76b Digital Government Institute (DGI), celebrating over 16 years as a trusted source of education, networking, and training programs on the most important topics facing government IT management professionals, presents the second annual FREE 930gov Showcase (930 representing government's September 30th fiscal year-end.) Government Agencies All government agencies and industry organizations rely on an effective strategy to be successful, including IT investment, management, procurement and workforce planning. And the best time to gather with your peers, review success stories and look to the future is during the fiscal year-end. Industry Organizations Government IT Professionals Government Program Management Professionals Government Acquisition Professionals b29bd9f7-9c5d-4a75-bdd8-b480adbb95f3 To bring together Government IT, program management, and acquisition professionals to review FY2014 plans and explore new opportunities ID-9d36c4b4-9192-48af-ada6-d3f8833b8b72 Topics & Trends Examine key technology trends and continue conversations about important topics ID-3f787543-459d-46f1-b6ad-d11abb08faa8 1 Attendees will examine key technology trends, and continue conversations about important topics addressed throughout the current year and those expected to have a major impact in the coming year. da2b4473-010f-4974-83bb-92deeb199c65 7b420c1b-3914-499b-8bd4-58a0351e07a7 Tools & Techniques Share tools and techniques for strategic thinking, planning and action ID-6ae4a7e3-1ba5-44b1-953c-d073a287611b 2 Government and industry practitioners will share effective tools and techniques for strategic thinking, planning and action at all levels. 99356ad9-a949-4ce0-bb89-e713c00a46d6 f1f9f591-4e56-4013-80d7-f44218c236a1 Products & Solutions Demonstrate cutting-edge technology products and solutions ID-17fdb31a-9303-4f82-8cf2-5772f7982bac 3 Solutions Providers Industry leading solutions providers will demonstrate cutting-edge technology products and solutions, during this Q4 busy season. c2816651-23bc-4955-b93e-5a5bc01b8bee 4d42755a-6644-4c0b-ac53-4364fc6fa256 IPv6 Conference Gather at the annual Government IPv6 Conference ID-2f609848-def1-4dd9-9f59-10a51562f5d5 4 IT/Network Professionals And IT/network professionals can gather at the 8th annual Government IPv6 Conference, co-located with 930gov. 7db6f8dc-c6b6-455b-bb1b-c28c5c5e2abd 77e7c14d-2a18-4997-a363-7e31480ee83e 2014-08-20 2014-08-20 2014-01-21 http://www.digitalgovernment.com/Events/Conferences/930gov-Conference--Tradeshow.shtml Submit error.