About American Action Forum AAF _7f20ad08-bfe3-11e2-a0ee-ae0c85685178 The American Action Forum is an independent nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, and it is not affiliated with or controlled by any political group. Its focus is to educate the public about the complex policy choices now facing the country, and explain as cogently and forcefully as possible why solutions grounded in the center-right values that have guided the country thus far still represent the best way forward for America's future. It will stay neutral in elections, and by and large will leave its sister organization, the American Action Network, to engage in any appropriate direct legislative advocacy in support of the policy proposals it discusses. Like the Network, the Forum welcomes policy ideas consistent with its center-right values from any source, regardless of party affiliation, and aims to make its educational materials available to members of the public of all political stripes. The American Action Forum does not take policy positions. The views expressed on this site are those of its scholars alone. Board Members of the American Action Forum Fred Malek Chairman, Forum Board and Chairman, Thayer Lodging Group Senator Norm Coleman Of Counsel, Hogan Lovells US LLP James Barksdale Chairman and President, Barksdale Management Corporation Peter Bell Former Chairman, Metropolitan Council Governor Jeb Bush President, Jeb Bush and Associates Elaine Chao 24th Secretary of Labor Wendy Grubbs Managing Director, Global Government Affairs, Citi Bobbie Kilberg President, Northern Virginia Technology Council Lauren Maddox Principal, The Podesta Group Governor John R. McKernan Chairman, Education Management Corporation Billy Pitts President, Capitol BrainTrust Governor Tom Ridge President and CEO, Ridge Global LLC Bob Steel former President and CEO, Wachovia Sara Martinez Tucker former Under Secretary, U.S. Department of Education _7f20ae98-bfe3-11e2-a0ee-ae0c85685178 _7f20af42-bfe3-11e2-a0ee-ae0c85685178 Strength Freedom Prosperity Strength, Freedom & Prosperity To keep America strong, free and prosperous. _7f20afc4-bfe3-11e2-a0ee-ae0c85685178 1 The American Action Forum is a forward-looking policy institute dedicated to keeping America strong, free and prosperous. Policies Promote common-sense, innovative, and solutions-based policies. _7f20b050-bfe3-11e2-a0ee-ae0c85685178 1.1 It seeks to promote common-sense, innovative, and solutions-based policies that will reform government, challenge out-dated assumptions, and create a smaller, smarter government that will serve its citizens better. 4df31ef4-8a79-4c01-8405-cca93d00be1e Communication Tools Use the modern tools of communication. _7f20b0e6-bfe3-11e2-a0ee-ae0c85685178 1.2 We will use the modern tools of communications to ... 8168a51a-33c9-4df8-bc9d-c5afa4fc21ee Ideas Deploy ideas _7f20b17c-bfe3-11e2-a0ee-ae0c85685178 1.2.1 e4eb8c86-a9e6-4563-a57d-554bb805b984 Debate Engage Americans in the debate over the boundaries of government policy, personal freedoms, and market incentives _7f20b212-bfe3-11e2-a0ee-ae0c85685178 1.2.2 Americans 4bd6d449-d01e-4e23-87b0-1e64f3b3a3bf Education Educate and challenge the media to explore these issues and shape the next generation of political leaders. _7f20b2b2-bfe3-11e2-a0ee-ae0c85685178 1.2.3 Media Political Leaders 4ac9d541-d5c2-401a-8516-e57424e73833 Leadership & Input Lead the policy debate and seek the input of center-right leaders. _7f20b35c-bfe3-11e2-a0ee-ae0c85685178 2 Center-Right Leaders The American Action Forum will lead the policy debate and will seek the input of center-right leaders who understand that government has an important, but limited role in protecting our freedoms, promoting the free-market, and helping our citizens. Debate Shape and improve the substance and tone of the debate. _7f20b3fc-bfe3-11e2-a0ee-ae0c85685178 2.1 The American Action Forum seeks to shape and improve the substance and tone of the debate in Congress and elsewhere. a1071d59-3b39-46f1-9643-cf6e129048ba Support Support those who believe in a vibrant private sector complemented by effective, tightly-articulated policies where the government has a unique role. _7f20b4b0-bfe3-11e2-a0ee-ae0c85685178 2.2 We seek to support those who believe in a vibrant private sector complemented by effective, tightly-articulated policies where the government has a unique role. d2d79566-1b0b-4f1f-9218-96e20d859d62 Intellectual Battle Engage in an intellectual battle with reflexive liberals. _0f8aa1f8-bfe6-11e2-8af8-be4f85685178 2.3 Reflexive Liberals We will engage in an intellectual battle with reflexive liberals who see continued growth in the size and power of the federal government as the only solution. 1acd5a9f-0b25-46b2-af5c-f929b61e8a6a Experts Mobilize a network of experts. _0f8aa478-bfe6-11e2-8af8-be4f85685178 3 Civil Society Philanthropists Policymakers Academics Thought Leaders By mobilizing a broad network of experts, the American Action Forum will engage civil society, philanthropy, policymakers, academics and other thought leaders who shape American policy. The American Action Forum believes that the United States is an enormous force of good in the world and will continue to play a preponderant leadership role in enlarging human freedom and human prosperity. The American Action Forum is an independent and nonpartisan research institution. _0f8aa572-bfe6-11e2-8af8-be4f85685178 e6c03a08-f814-413a-bdf0-a8b0a5ecabeb 2013-05-18 http://americanactionforum.org/about Owen Ambur Owen.Ambur@verizon.net Submit error.