American Battle Monuments Commission American Battle Monuments Commission ABMC _5a3e1c24-5cd8-4d56-8ee0-9206ad4982ff 9414c0c4-2579-469c-bd6e-adfcd2ded7c8 The Commission—guardian of America’s overseas commemorative cemeteries and memorials—honors the service, achievements and sacrifice of United States Armed Forces. _e16abe16-e299-44c3-b413-f61110ee4d27 American Cemetaries in Other Countries Design, construct, operate and maintain permanent American cemeteries in foreign countries.  _4f3e70bd-56b8-4932-9519-24ab9c0eb601 1 809ad339-4e3f-4a4c-8c0d-6d5ae2a5ae47 74954f8b-d56e-427b-8639-7f065d828f3d 1a30ba2e-b8ea-4421-9f32-4c764dc26b9d Military Memorials, Monuments, and Markers Establish and maintain U.S. military memorials, monuments and markers where American armed forces have served overseas since April 6, 1917, and within the U.S. when directed by public law. _b570ce53-13dd-41da-a5f3-62f5422bceb9 2 0ad704c6-cb1a-4664-bbc6-8767b41f7b67 df98db14-13b0-420a-94a5-7e0bf89b3b2e 204017d7-bad2-489c-bf11-91470578cda3 Design and Construction Control the design and construction of permanent U.S. military monuments and markers by other U.S. citizens and organizations, both public and private, and encouraging their maintenance. _3c8a5866-42bd-43db-8863-35e687fc6f96 3 1a16cb76-ab0c-4f79-84a9-663f20a2932c 26025e7f-1588-40f7-b2b2-47bf8f1e67be 1acd4dfd-e481-47f0-adac-7f1d935283de 2010-02-08 Arthur Colman ( Submit error.