ABPMP International Mission Statement Association Of Business Process Management Professionals International ABPMP _61ccba7e-69df-11df-a2d5-ce1f7a64ea2a The Association Of Business Process Management Professionals International is a non-profit, vendor-independent, professional organization dedicated to the advancement of business process management concepts and its practices. ABPMP is practitioner-oriented and practitioner-led ABPMP International will lead the development of BPM as a mainstream discipline ABPMP International will be the global center for the community of practice in Business Process Management ABPMP International will be the professional society for business process management professionals ABPMP International will be the recognized authority for certifying BPM practitioners ABPMP International will recognize, acknowledge and honor those who make outstanding contributions to our discipline _61ccbc86-69df-11df-a2d5-ce1f7a64ea2a _61ccbd58-69df-11df-a2d5-ce1f7a64ea2a Business Process Management Practice Engage in activities that advance the practice of business process management _61ccbde4-69df-11df-a2d5-ce1f7a64ea2a 1 _61ccbe66-69df-11df-a2d5-ce1f7a64ea2a 6f760436-7c79-459d-a248-9531138f8357 a88d0cec-e8b6-402d-86ad-7ea67d72c940 Common Body of Knowledge Promote and evolve a Common Body of Knowledge in this field _61ccbf10-69df-11df-a2d5-ce1f7a64ea2a 2 _61ccbf9c-69df-11df-a2d5-ce1f7a64ea2a a5c984ef-edd5-44a8-bbd8-530edc583e3d 47b15373-b003-4ed7-87a7-99741fee3edf Skills and Competencies Foster the development and advancement of the skills and competencies of the professionals who work in this discipline _61ccc01e-69df-11df-a2d5-ce1f7a64ea2a 3 _61ccc0b4-69df-11df-a2d5-ce1f7a64ea2a 26174e95-e39f-470d-8654-dacdf472f793 e0b755c2-234d-450a-9525-31750cf70ffb Certification Validate the professional qualifications and certify BPM practitioners _61ccc140-69df-11df-a2d5-ce1f7a64ea2a 4 _61ccc1e0-69df-11df-a2d5-ce1f7a64ea2a f08d0a7b-1554-4c49-a0ad-46d69690b252 52bf7772-d853-4d5b-9675-1cba8b984a60 2010-05-27 http://www.abpmp.org/displaycommon.cfm?an=1&subarticlenbr=24 Owen Ambur Owen.Ambur@verizon.net Submit error.