Strategic Plan American Council on Education ACE _e760cb8e-973a-11df-8b13-60387a64ea2a ACE is the major coordinating body for all of the nation's higher education institutions. _e760cd82-973a-11df-8b13-60387a64ea2a To provide leadership and a unifying voice on higher education issues and to influence public policy through advocacy, research, and program initiatives. _e760ce5e-973a-11df-8b13-60387a64ea2a Public Policy and Legal Issues Monitor, shape, and coordinate public policy and legal issues of importance to colleges and universities. _e760ceea-973a-11df-8b13-60387a64ea2a 1 Colleges Universities Representation and Advocacy Serve as the principal voice for higher education in the public arena and coordinate the advocacy efforts of higher education associations. _e760cf6c-973a-11df-8b13-60387a64ea2a 1.1 8fc8ac78-a7b2-4cf8-9029-2789c8ee68d9 198d1b1a-806d-4577-a8bd-89c855d65777 Leadership Identify and articulate major issues affecting postsecondary education and facilitate appropriate responses. _e760cff8-973a-11df-8b13-60387a64ea2a 1.2 6fefbd3a-bd87-42cf-b28c-a626e0d20d55 da877eee-18be-4bda-9787-3dc2e0ea2dba Educational Access and Attainment Develop and advance strategies to increase educational access and attainment for both traditional and non-traditional learners. _e760d084-973a-11df-8b13-60387a64ea2a 2 Traditional Learners Non-Traditional Learners Access Support access to high-quality postsecondary education for all students. _e760d110-973a-11df-8b13-60387a64ea2a 2.1 53a125ec-6fe1-43cb-843d-c9c655274fbb 26071ae8-6982-48cb-bd52-5d7bcbf301e4 Learning and Attainment Support college and university efforts to enhance and assess student learning, educate students, and help them attain their learning goals. _e760d1a6-973a-11df-8b13-60387a64ea2a 2.2 5cd93814-76ba-4782-bc26-ff39af9c4276 502594ed-3e94-424b-aac1-d4b8100379b0 Equity and Diversity Foster greater diversity among higher education leaders, faculty, and students, and support postsecondary educational opportunities and favorable outcomes for all. _e760d246-973a-11df-8b13-60387a64ea2a 2.3 b25e7ec4-79b8-4ab1-9ac4-b0f00306b627 2a97572d-a7b5-4070-a580-1700f06362b3 GED Test Make a significant investment in developing the next generation GED Test, including the planning and development of a comprehensive support network to enhance access and attainment. _e760d2f0-973a-11df-8b13-60387a64ea2a 3 _e760d3a4-973a-11df-8b13-60387a64ea2a 82f9b36a-99a1-4587-83b3-b2c6d48f878c df133325-c85d-4521-bef2-c48d2681b622 Leadership Development, Policy Research and Analysis, and Global Engagement Continue and enhance, within available resources, activities in leadership development, policy research and analysis, and global engagement. _e760d458-973a-11df-8b13-60387a64ea2a 4 Leadership and Professional Development Strengthen the leadership pipeline and develop the next generation of leaders in postsecondary education. _e760d50c-973a-11df-8b13-60387a64ea2a 4.1 0e519e88-25c4-429e-ae57-3f8c0dc6a213 0340f75a-e4e9-420b-98b0-6e9aeebe7d55 Global Engagement Engage in the global dialogue on key issues and assist colleges and universities in preparing students to work and live in a globally interdependent and culturally diverse world. _e760d5d4-973a-11df-8b13-60387a64ea2a 4.2 1083f3d2-1f92-42e3-8fe7-82158e1ae7f1 96d0cbaa-4661-43f8-b150-9d5ea428d0f4 Effectiveness, Efficiency, and Financial Strength Expand efforts to improve ACE's effectiveness, efficiency, and financial strength. _e760d69c-973a-11df-8b13-60387a64ea2a 5 Service Support high-quality postsecondary education and address the rapidly changing needs of America's colleges and universities by providing research and data analysis to institutions and identifying best practices. _e760d76e-973a-11df-8b13-60387a64ea2a 5.1 f5e5ac3b-f2d0-4828-b83d-40b62917b961 2fbbb127-18d4-40a5-b6bf-00fcbaa67446 Capacity and Capability Raise the level of educational attainment in the United States by enhancing postsecondary institutions' capacity to serve all students, and by increasing the number of Americans able to succeed in postsecondary education. _e760d840-973a-11df-8b13-60387a64ea2a 5.2 Postsecondary Institutions Americans 4e9d58c4-c63b-4986-bf94-54a8e5cb95a3 f956843a-52ef-4082-a8e9-3bf4b4dacc2e 2010-07-24 Owen Ambur Submit error.