United States Advisory Commission on Public Diplomacy United States Advisory Commission on Public Diplomacy ACPD _a75b80fa-8d09-4e1a-8cab-99fbbe3abacf 4f1844a0-fd2f-44c5-a64a-2c7cc7b84b50 Appraise U.S. Government activities intended to understand, inform, and influence foreign publics _8b2a9071-e096-47e8-8d8a-f6e3dc3989dc Policy Recommendations Formulate and recommend to the President, the Secretary of State, and Members of Congress policies and programs to carry out the public diplomacy functions vested in the State Department, Broadcasting Board of Governors and other government entities. _3f393513-9fdb-4851-b82c-c0fddaf8c281 A 60b66b1d-2ea7-497a-90a3-5b24cabaffdc 65c4933b-3b6f-4a81-a6b5-c825100e4e61 f4ffd897-f581-46ab-aeb0-a9a985b4cbba Appraisals Appraise the effectiveness of the public diplomacy policies and programs carried out by government agencies. _a4e2ed61-dd5c-4716-9f94-9d37f5ca35ff B ac0d7783-f222-4359-b35a-e58441f2fcbe b1091e48-aabd-4b06-8402-bafaecf472bb e6112c0a-f849-4875-9992-b0085019baa2 Public Diplomacy Reports Submit reports to the Congress, the President, and the Secretary of State on public diplomacy programs and activities. _3f87bb3b-3884-474c-a80c-e23ca937ca48 C These reports, based on on-site assessments and interviews with relevant personnel, include recommendations by the Commission concerning the role of public diplomacy in policy-making. The Commission's reports also include assessments of the degree to which the scholarly integrity and nonpolitical charter of the educational and cultural exchange activities vested in the State Department have been maintained, and assessment of attitudes of foreign scholars and governments regarding such activities. 73034d3b-33e7-44af-8ed7-c220ed22ccd5 2f6537df-b56c-4f2e-a443-74914f2b66e1 dd70643a-a3cd-4df2-a295-87c2b71dcfa0 Other Reports Submit other reports to the Congress as it deems appropriate. _6e98db5f-cd79-4d20-8926-cac99e7e18e4 D 771fd9ba-fac0-4f96-abc1-fb90788361c0 7c7095f0-4d3b-46c2-a656-3fa028eec4f8 516b92da-07fd-49b2-a781-fb01dc9b030b Public Dissemination Make reports available to the public in the United States and abroad to develop a better understanding of and support for public diplomacy programs. _4171d86a-04a8-4eed-9950-a3fdc1bca4f3 E e7a760b7-80ae-4b4c-bc48-0f8056cf1693 4c7895ec-3233-49c1-9015-7839b54ad16e 2aa5475a-0063-416a-a184-9dbf8f266558 2010-02-08 http://www.state.gov/r/adcompd/charter/104510.htm Arthur Colman (www.drybridge.com) colman@drybridge.com Submit error.