Purpose and Mission ACR Environmental and Public Policy Section ACREPPS _179b20ca-be3d-11e2-b751-5f5175128de9 ACREPPS Members Members are active in environmental and public policy dispute resolution in the U.S. and Canada. Their cases range from small group to large multiparty cases, from site-specific to regulatory negotiations. Members include sole practitioners; staff of Provincial, Federal and State agencies; large and small NGOs, as well as student members. ACR EPP Section Leadership The ACR EPP Section Leadership Council governs and carries out the mission of the Section. It is comprised of elected members who serve staggered two-year terms and appointed committee chairs. The Leadership Council meets by phone on the second Friday of every month at 12:30 pm Eastern time. Section members are welcome to participate. If you would like to join a Leadership Council call, please contact one of the co-chairs for call-in information. Suzanne Schwartz Co-Chair 2011-2013. Environmental Program Manager, University of Texas Center for Public Policy Dispute Resolution, Austin, TX Turner Odell Co-Chair 2012-2014. Natural Resources Program Manager, Oregon Consensus, Portland, OR. Brad Spangler Immediate Past Co-Chair; Co-Chair, New Directions Committee. Mediator and Program Manager, Meridian Institute, Arvada, CO. Kevin Bryan Chair, Diversity & Equity Committee. Senior Mediator and Program Manager, Meridian Institute, Washington, DC. Jason Gershowitz Chair, Web Communication Committee. Collaborative Technology Associate, Kearns & West, Washington, DC. Peter Harkema Elected Member, 2011-2013; Co-Chair New Directions Committee. Project Manager, Oregon Consensus, Portland, OR. Britt Ide Elected Member, 2012-2014. President, Ide Law & Strategy, PLLC, Boise, ID. Maria Placht Elected Member, 2011-2013. Water Policy and Conflict Resolution Advisor, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Institute for Water Resources, Alexandria, VA. Kenneth Rosenbaum Ethics Point Person. Principal, Sylvan Environmental Consultants, Falls Church, VA. Joan Sabott Elected Member, 2011-2013 and Chair, Professional Development & Member Services Committee. Program Manager, CDR Associates, Boulder, CO. Steve Smutko Elected Member, 2012-2014. Spicer Chair in Collaborative Practice, University of Wyoming, Laramie, WY. Conference Planning Committee Co-Chairs, Gail Bingham and Jenny Biddle. Plans the annual section conference, and provides continuity from previous conferences. Gail Bingham Conference Planning Committee Co-Chair Jenny Biddle Conference Planning Committee Co-Chair Professional Development & Member Services Committee Professional Development & Member Services. Co-Chairs, Joan Sabott and Amanda Murphy. Coordinates activities to assist the educational, training and professional development of our members. Currently working on producing webinars and developing a mid-level practitioner peer learning network. Joan Sabott Conference Planning Committee Co-Chair Amanda Murphy Conference Planning Committee Co-Chair New Directions Committee Co-Chairs, Peter Harkema and Brad Spangler. Focuses on growing and evolving the environmental and public policy ADR field, including adding value to the practice, identifying leadership opportunities, and articulating the unique needs and interests of the EPP Section. Peter Harkema New Directions Committee Co-Chair Brad Spangler New Directions Committee Co-Chair Web Communications Committee Chair, Jason Gershowitz. Coordinates website content development and maintenance, facilitates communication with and among EPP members, and serves a clearinghouse role to facilitate effective use of technology to support our field. Jason Gershowitz Web Communications Committee Chair _179b230e-be3d-11e2-b751-5f5175128de9 To support and enhance the field as a whole and to create opportunities to improve the skills of its members who are intervenors and trainers. _179b2426-be3d-11e2-b751-5f5175128de9 Professional Needs Identify and serve the professional needs of everyone practicing in the environmental and public dispute resolution field _179b24ee-be3d-11e2-b751-5f5175128de9 1 Environmental Dispute Resolution Practitioners Public Dispute Resolution Practitioners _179b25b6-be3d-11e2-b751-5f5175128de9 05591562-fc85-49e5-a63c-a107a05f0078 Discipline & Practice Organize and help guide the development of the discipline and the practice of environmental and public dispute resolution _179b267e-be3d-11e2-b751-5f5175128de9 2 _179b2746-be3d-11e2-b751-5f5175128de9 1f30d788-a541-4b92-9fb7-fc773685e8f9 Scope Work to define the scope of our section's concerns and practice _179b2818-be3d-11e2-b751-5f5175128de9 3 _179b28f4-be3d-11e2-b751-5f5175128de9 97b9e192-eff6-448b-a64c-988c32db05c0 Communication Establish and maintain communication among ourselves (practitioners), providers, users and researchers in environmental and public dispute resolution _179b29c6-be3d-11e2-b751-5f5175128de9 4 Environmental Dispute Resolution Practitioners Public Dispute Resolution Practitioners Environmental Dispute Resolution Providers Public Dispute Resolution Providers Environmental Dispute Resolution Users Public Dispute Resolution Users Environmental Dispute Resolution Researchers Public Dispute Resolution Researchers The Section's enormously successful mid-year conferences provide many opportunities for mutual support to enhance the professional capacities of participants. _179b2ab6-be3d-11e2-b751-5f5175128de9 bf57f1aa-df6d-41bf-b19a-631b3a48f8ef Tasks & Financing Create and identify joint tasks that mobilize and effectively involve volunteers and that generate financial resources. _179b2b9c-be3d-11e2-b751-5f5175128de9 5 Volunteers _179b2c8c-be3d-11e2-b751-5f5175128de9 37992d18-7a64-480d-aaf0-93987bd5edd2 2013-05-16 http://acrepp.org/content/purpose-and-mission Owen Ambur Owen.Ambur@verizon.net Submit error.