Association of College and Research Libraries Association of College and Research Libraries ACRL _31351040-9752-4a13-9269-1c81ed6860a7 Big Audacious Goal: ACRL is responsible and universally recognized for positioning academic and research librarians and libraries as indispensable in advancing learning and scholarship. Vivid Description of the desired future: ACRL Members -- ACRL members are recognized as flexible, dynamic, and progressive leaders in their institutions and in scholarly communities. Academic and research librarians regard membership in ACRL as essential to professional development and success. ACRL members are recognized as essential partners in learning and scholarship with faculty and other colleagues. Academic and research library personnel use ACRL as "first source" for professional development and networking. Academic and research librarians reflect the diversity of their communities. The Association -- ACRL is a leader in transforming the scholarly communication system. ACRL is recognized as a leader in building collaborative relationships. ACRL is recognized as a key player in higher education. Other higher education organizations recognize the value of partnering with ACRL to achieve common goals. ACRL's programming engages all personnel in academic and research libraries. ACRL is recognized as the leader in setting standards for academic and research libraries. ACRL is recognized as the organization that champions issues in support of academic librarianship. Its members perceive ACRL as a flexible, dynamic, and progressive organization. ACRL is recognized as the authority on trends and issues affecting academic and research libraries. ACRL is a global leader in creating, expanding, and transferring academic librarianship's body of knowledge. ALA is a strong advocate of ACRL's priorities, programs, and services. Academic and Research Library Users -- Students, faculty, independent scholars, and administrators are information literate. Students, faculty, independent scholars, and administrators turn to academic and research libraries and librarians as their primary source for information and research needs. Students, faculty, independent scholars, and administrators highly value libraries, the expertise of library personnel, and life-long learning. 100% of faculty, students, and academic administrators use the library. Higher Education -- Administrators, faculty and other members of the academic community recognize ACRL and its members as authorities on knowledge management, creation, collection, preservation, access, and the exchange of information. Administrators, faculty and other members of the academic community seek the expertise of librarians on a wide range of issues. Administrators, faculty and other members of the academic community recognize that librarians are essential members of the institution's decision-making team. Budgets of academic and research libraries are increased to advance changing learning, teaching, and research needs of their users. _46c8517e-572a-4517-b549-e1119e40168c To lead academic and research librarians and libraries in advancing learning and scholarship. _8281b06c-c7d4-45f3-be4d-75cf8b60b0b0 Visionary Leadership ACRL has visionary leadership and is open to change, new ideas, and global perspectives. Service to Members ACRL is committed to service to members. Integrity and Transparency ACRL is committed to integrity and transparency. Diversity ACRL is committed to diversity of people and ideas. Continuous Learning ACRL is committed to continuous learning. Intellectual Freedom ACRL is dedicated to the values of higher education, to intellectual freedom, and to upholding "The Library Bill of Rights." Learning ACRL and its members are recognized as collaborative leaders in teaching lifelong learning skills, improving techniques for assessing learning outcomes, and in creating environments for discovery. _f01b6763-2161-497d-b98f-a4e73a973b6a Higher Education and Research 1 Information Literacy Standards ACRL expands adoption, use and development of information literacy standards. _977bf480-26e0-4ecb-a988-6947e86936f3 1 fc64fe76-05b6-46fb-b441-f1c28c73b8b4 246b8e6f-bfe5-449c-986e-e92afc1dcb1c Lifelong Learning Skills ACRL increases members' ability to teach and assess lifelong learning skills. _9f172a8a-dd5e-4241-9769-315660211af4 2 43d548f8-beac-4cdd-85d1-1dfbbdd66bab a0eabd9e-eeab-48d1-9e50-bb8ed60ea1b6 Environments for Discovery ACRL increases member abilities to create and manage physical and virtual spaces and services as environments for discovery. _a1d2fc5b-0dfe-433b-9bba-b80078516fae 3 97373404-75c2-4d87-b8c8-8725c09afefd 26cc699e-dba7-49af-b2bb-43358fb64bd7 Scholarship ACRL and its members are recognized as authorities on knowledge management; and the creation, collection, preservation, access, and exchange of information. _919bc6e7-550f-440d-ba65-d77ebcf00288 Higher Education and Research 2 Scholarly Communication Strengthen ACRL's role in supporting and developing new scholarly communication models. _2d79d2a6-9d96-4db0-ae4a-7d6e0e58d356 1 664c6d7e-c51e-4e24-be08-785bad34b118 6a655204-6a95-4b27-bdb5-154e4e07aa0b Research and Publication Continue to play a leadership role in promoting research and publication in academic and research librarianship thereby creating and disseminating tools and a body of knowledge for the field. _bc4648b1-d7b4-40a6-96db-435c5a303a7d 2 14b717ce-8a51-473c-baa6-cfbaae1d5362 79fd2036-7bbd-4429-a84c-9995f942ed19 Knowledge Management Strengthen ACRL's emphasis on evolving knowledge management systems including, but not limited to, the creation, collection, preservation, access, and exchange of information. _b1241a42-3fee-4c93-9b0a-056f1fc19854 3 66e1abb8-7538-4d58-875e-02c0adcc5ce8 d45685e8-f47d-4f03-8bdb-0e3da65b4972 Relationships with Learned Societies Strengthen ACRL's relationships with learned societies. _b9f6f9b9-85a4-44aa-bd85-7003a1170e3b 4 d52e5418-c46d-45da-ba17-562c2abfcb8f 439889ee-6d4d-495f-bda5-1f65fae8707c Advocacy ACRL has greater influence on the higher education and research environment. _22623b8c-120b-4ed0-9451-c340ff85d7c0 Higher Education and Research 3 Campus Technology Increase ACRL's influence on campus information, academic, and communication technology priorities. _5586cf7b-1591-4946-b0a0-84f5e8f6454f 1 6a9bc7c9-5991-442f-91a7-13ab6a21737a 4dba1cf1-5cb0-4bda-a115-8a06503e0c6e Trends and Issues Increase ACRL's communication on major trends and issues in libraries. _b80a6e1b-8e2b-4cce-b4fe-51056a2f95a1 2 44b39460-7ff4-465d-ae33-3a66f17c9ce7 9d7f359d-cea8-4a24-873b-32a4b493cd79 Partnerships Strengthen partnerships with other organizations. _17843b8b-144f-481c-aa9c-86ed4f49d2bc 3 a78b2913-9155-4324-a4ef-8edec6ebcfb3 ec99f7f2-73cf-4fb7-9beb-8f32e99e3150 Public Policy Increase ACRL's influence in public policy affecting higher education. _e0684fb3-5f64-4a3e-9b74-874ffc63516d 4 457a289e-446f-4bd3-9fed-0f8156102953 95e6de33-423d-4ae6-9342-ac915e5bb119 Accrediting Entities Increase ACRL's influence on accrediting entities. _d3516041-e2d8-43f0-b803-cb06da6e1b3e 5 83d6efc9-f936-4705-a908-dbd9029c2529 57593c2f-8b5d-4645-aeb5-c38f4c4036fb Continuous Learning ACRL provides continuous learning opportunities enabling members to strengthen their effectiveness and achieve recognition as valued contributors to their academic and research communities. _88f2e9d9-b978-4870-b9c8-f8142d839491 The Profession 1 Programs and Learning Opportunities Align programs and other learning opportunities with member needs and strategic priorities. Increase professional development opportunities focused on assisting librarians in advocating the value of the library. _c24bd954-8330-45ae-8902-773b1993bedc 1 4c9893d8-0a1a-4911-b702-a091da50a663 45c65cca-91fa-49cc-ac46-79ce890c6b9e Information Technology Increase learning opportunities in information technology, including practice, theory, and policy, ensuring appropriate integration throughout ACRL programming. _490c9f0a-cbbc-42c7-b5b2-b51a16c08f61 2 d8525fb9-574d-4dbe-9cc7-fbcaf5f7eef7 d093b330-ef62-44ae-accc-062db87f8930 Accessibility and Incentives Increase accessibility of learning opportunities and enhance incentives and recognition for member participation. _e8c744b6-3a9b-4dc1-aeb3-e3886e179d54 3 f3aa329f-4033-4dfe-b664-a815feac24df cbbb7086-68c5-4195-ae69-bbca9b21c81a Content and Delivery Agility Increase agility in providing cutting-edge content and delivery formats for learning programs and publications. _a2ec2739-d790-4674-bc0a-5f792a7e18cd 4 e24874f4-1c0f-4cbd-b211-89875aacacd1 f464c187-b52d-4141-9e76-95f6d39532eb Leadership ACRL members achieve recognition as leaders and advocates for academic and research libraries. _debd880b-22ed-47c8-a0df-6cc158581e28 The Profession 2 Member Empowerment Empower members to communicate the value of their contributions to learning and scholarship. _2f16c005-3e2e-4921-b5b1-60a63c91be47 1 8f769db6-3984-43e9-aff8-5de2809f25d7 b46de399-e81d-4686-a708-e64d479157fd Recognition Increase recognition of the value of libraries and librarians by leaders in higher education, information technology, funding agencies, and campus decision-making. _efd19f50-a08e-46e6-b257-8add5f455ad2 2 a1ace001-2b1b-43bc-9a7a-320c6fd947e0 3bef61e7-4587-45a2-b469-f217bb8ca363 Recruitment Increase ACRL's efforts to support recruitment of new and diverse talent to academic and research librarianship. _bed1c2b2-5c7a-4253-86a5-8d3d0d7af2be 3 1b2d7499-8200-456e-8ee3-65a852be6fe2 57a117db-7184-4ed6-b263-bf9d973fda84 Succession Planning and Leadership Development Increase ACRL’s activities in support of succession planning and leadership development at every level in academic and research libraries. _64efb3a2-8bf5-438b-8540-436796949219 4 049a92d0-5b85-4442-a9f8-3232129f7722 d70f5e9f-f181-4846-9807-c4d85b914ba7 Information Technology Academic and research librarians are leaders in using information and academic technologies to create and manage information resources and to deliver library and information services. _0f081d5b-6aa4-47f3-947b-1457b38498aa The Profession 3 Leadership and Expertise in IT Support the development and recognition of academic and research librarians as leaders and experts in information technology applications in libraries. _57eae12b-3e47-448c-a805-eaed40982c1e 1 ddb0a17f-8961-401c-9fb0-84917de29a92 d14bbc62-537b-4085-b9f6-17b6b7203cc2 Partnerships Build ACRL's capacity to partner with other technology-oriented higher education organizations to develop standards and best practices for managing digital libraries and digital library services. _43786cde-ed4c-40c3-9376-e51cd5eb7fb4 2 f51dcba2-8594-4c0e-9bec-eb1d18439272 8d8e903e-c6b8-44c3-860c-c25242415842 Membership ACRL's membership growth builds on retaining core membership while recruiting from new and diverse communities. _5fbc6e65-688e-4c7d-9d47-c13cd8eaf677 The Association 1 Appeal Among Members Expand the appeal of ACRL membership among current members. _de4806df-7be7-43b9-aed9-0922de2fe115 1 acaae207-28b9-48b8-8c84-77086b8a3e27 21e6dd3f-4e4f-4639-b9a2-cf2eb455b46d Librarian Membership Increase the number of academic and research librarian members. _a0c70e7d-5707-4148-b00b-8ff54bd40874 2 ec7fa768-263d-4482-9c3a-19f8615d892d adff4cef-0b5d-4e17-91b9-750d0fbe6a7d Underrepresented Librarians Increase ACRL's membership of underrepresented ethnic and racial academic and research librarians. _31523375-0bed-4004-a84d-ce50946bbad6 3 0a130674-1326-4446-997c-844eb46aede0 d5a5d73f-cdd3-4338-8ce8-bbf3d74d431e Appeal to Broader Communities Increase the appeal of ACRL membership to broader communities. _56db19b1-dfeb-41a5-8daf-eabbb993a029 4 32a3f0f2-3a06-4526-af0c-5ec436be2ac8 99e106c0-1050-4306-9681-5cc805f876d6 Sustainability ACRL will have the fiscal resources, staff expertise, and organizational structure to advance the association's strategic plan. _a79a852d-85a2-4dc1-a4ad-23845c272892 The Association 2 Mega – issues are questions that span areas within the Strategic Plan, and that are also reflected in the strategic areas, goal areas and strategic objectives. They reflect concerns and challenges faced by the profession and the association in many areas of the plan, including technology, membership and member services, advocacy, marketing, communication, outreach and liaison, and the environment in which we work and live. Some mega-issues are inclusive of others, some serve as the over-arching questions we all work to address, and some focus energy and inquiry in specific program areas influenced by our changing world. The ACRL Board considers these mega-issues in shaping the framework for addressing these questions through constant revision of the Strategic Plan, and through annual prioritization of member effort, budget, and staff resources. How does the profession stay relevant? How should ACRL structure itself for future success? What role does ACRL play in recruiting aspiring librarians to the profession while improving diversity? What role will ACRL play in ensuring that the profession is leading technology change rather than responding to it? How does ACRL assist its members in communicating the value of the library to faculty, and administrative and academic decision-makers? How does ACRL assist librarians in garnering greater understanding and respect for their profession? How will ACRL assist in promoting information literacy or other library services? How will ACRL assist academic libraries in planning the physical space needed for the library of the future given the increase in virtual research capabilities and changes in pedagogy? How will academic libraries design and deliver programs, including instruction, to users who rely primarily on the library’s web-based content and services? How does ACRL assist libraries engaged in collaboration and cooperative work? What does the academic library of the future look like and how will the association help its members shape both facilities and services to meet future user needs? How will academic libraries manage and improve services to meet the differing needs and preferences of all user groups, including students, staff, faculty, and the public? Fiscal and Human Assets Increase and diversify fiscal and human assets. _5e1fa6c0-d3a2-48f8-b4d9-1483fc2c928d 1 0507600d-9f6f-4d4a-b53f-cb731c2d3440 ba375d9d-3839-4569-9178-238ffe3874a4 ACRL/ALA Relationship Increase the mutual benefits of the ACRL/ALA relationship. _73a0e27a-acbd-48f9-92bc-2df23ae2189c 2 39aa4bb4-f8af-4c86-b153-60c4ef506275 726d5be0-a9eb-4675-9804-04aaae992506 Use of IT Increase and improve ACRL's organizational use of information technology. _61539bfd-4899-4352-b197-96d750bb001f 3 21a449cf-34ff-49d0-a8f1-990652dcc83a fd9ac318-3a67-4e1b-8ee1-191b91b9f946 2006-10-27 2020-12-31 2010-02-08 Arthur Colman ( Submit error.