About Agreedis Agree. Disagree. Compromise. Agreedis ADC ID-a0f1aa57-36f4-49dc-ac3f-95b3687aa4fc The Agreedis Team We are not political operatives. We are software people. We are entrepreneurs who believe there is a better way to bring people together to compromise on how to solve today's biggest problems. Steven Rubenstein Steven has founded and been involved with a number of Internet software start-ups since 1995, including auction software, e-finance, and mortgage & credit application processing. He would like to run for President, but his wife won't let him. Scott Helvick Scott is a technology generalist who is passionate about leveraging technology to achieve large-scale social change. He comes from the cloud computing industry and has been involved in the local start-up community and collective living since moving to Seattle in 2011. Matt Woodward Matt is a Principal IT Specialist, US Senate Web developer using a variety of tools, primarily Python, Django, and CouchDB. He is a self-described "all-around geek." He is active in the open source community. He is on the Steering Committee of Open BlueDragon, an open-source version of ColdFusion and has organized the Open Source ColdFusion conference for several years. Agreedis Advisors Jeff Greenhouse Co-Founder -- Jeff is an experienced entrepreneur and marketing expert who blends creativity, technology and a keen understanding of business fundamentals. For over 17 years he has worked with brands across the country, helping them adapt to the new digital age, creating innovative strategies and campaigns, and delivering strong results. John Chisholm John Chisholm has three decades of experience as general manager, serial entrepreneur, and investor. In 1997 he founded and for a decade served as CEO/Chairman of CustomerSat (now part of Texas Pacific Group), a leading provider in enterprise feedback management. A pioneer in online marketing research, in 1992 he founded and for five years served as CEO/Chairman of Decisive Technology (now part of Google), publisher of the first desktop and client-server software for online surveys. Earlier he worked at GE, HP, Xerox and GRiD Systems. He chairs the MIT Club of Northern California; is a trustee of the Santa Fe Institute (SFI) and The Seasteading Institute; and is a member of the Development Committee of the MIT Corporation. He serves on the advisory boards of the Gruter Institute for Law & Behavioral Research and of the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE), and advises/mentors entrepreneurs through the MIT Venture Mentoring Service, the Thiel Foundation 20under20 Fellowship program, and the Plug and Play Tech Center. He has chaired the Stanford Institute for the Quantitative Study of Society, one of Stanford's twelve independent labs; served on the visiting committee of the MIT math department, and as VP of the MIT Worldwide Alumni Association. He is author or co-author of two US patents. He was an early investor in Pyramid Technologies, NetFrame, Network Appliance, and many others. He has delivered his TEDx talk, "Release Your Inner Company," on three continents: tedxtalks.ted.com/video/TEDxUFM-John-Chisholm-Release-y He holds BS & MS degrees in EE/CS from MIT, an MBA from Harvard, and is a member of the Mont Pelerin Society. An avid mountain climber, has summited Mounts Rainier, Shasta, Whitney, St. Helens and live volcanoes in Chile & Indonesia. Rick Tysdal EVP & COO, Hampton Products International Corporation -- Rick's background includes senior management positions with a large regional supermarket chain, a national consumer products food company and a national merchandising services organization. He has held senior sales, marketing, and operations roles with these companies interacting with the largest retailers in the world as well as providing service solutions to several multi-national consumer products companies. Career highlights include as Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Ogden Food Products helped lead the successful national role out of a regional soup brand (Progresso), as Executive Vice President Marketing and Integrated Technology Systems at PIA Merchandising Co. spearheaded the United States expansion of the California based company improving revenue from $4 million per year to over $100 million in five years. Nardo Manaloto Healthcare Executive and Innovator -- Nardo Manaloto is a healthcare executive with 21+ years of management and consulting experience in solving healthcare challenges using innovation, user centered design, and business and technology architectures. Nardo had worked on all areas in healthcare from the health plan, provider, hospital, patient, consumer and community point of view. Nardo also had won several healthcare innovation awards for solution spanning the areas of secure messaging and communication, mobile applications, complex clinical systems and virtual care. Nardo currently serves as the Chairperson for the mHIMSS User Experience Workgroup and is the Group Leader for the UX in Healthcare LinkedIn group that helps promote and incorporate UX best practices into the healthcare industry as a way to create lasting change and system adoption. 1996acab-a638-420e-87d3-35e88211b0d4 To bring people together to compromise on how to solve today's biggest problems ID-5dd07a7c-8587-4a34-9a03-599507fc1135 Compromise Solutions Solve problems. ID-bfd5e0d2-abfa-40cd-a0fe-b94b87f1ee75 We seek to bring people together to solve problems! Agreedis enables people with vastly different opinions to come together and agree on compromise solutions that may not be their preferred solution, but represents a reasonable compromise that everyone can live with... What are solutions? A solution is simply the list of action items that should be included in how the problem is solved. Solutions are created by users such as yourself, presumably because you believe it represents a potential compromise many people would be willing to accept. (Agreedis automatically creates a random name for each solution with a unique color/animal combination. This is done to avoid people choosing inappropriate or misleading names.) People may vote on solutions and even post a comment of support or opposition for that solution. In addition to supporting a solution, you may also indicate you are willing to accept this solution as a compromise -- meaning you don't love it, but are willing to accept it in the spirit of compromise. Action Items [Identify] potential policies, actions or other steps that should be part of the solution. ID-4faad9d9-4c4a-4896-9e70-6d7dab163192 1 What are action items? Action items are the potential policies, actions or other steps that should be part of the solution. In general, action items would be the components of any law meant to solve the issues addressed by the problem. They are simply the list of options which may or may not be part of the solution. You may not agree with every action item. Some may be more controversial or difficult to implement than others. Agreedis provides the list of action items for any problem based on research and feedback from experts in that problem, but you may always suggest additional action items as well. 52229731-b6e2-4c78-8ed1-6cceb8f0de07 Solution Determination Determine which solutions are good compromise candidates. ID-af027d42-728d-4c89-a9fa-c1f6e17e18dd 2 How does Agreedis determine which solutions are good compromise candidates? We use a variety of methods to determine which solutions to suggest as compromises, including manual data analysis, intelligent algorithms, and -- most importantly -- votes and comments by participants. To be honest, this is the most complex part of our system and it is something we are continually working to enhance. It is a work in progress, to put it lightly. In the near future, we expect to open our database to anyone and everyone to analyze the data, either manually or via their own intelligent algorithms. We just need to figure out the details on how to do this. In the meantime, we provide summary data and some basic analysis tools on the site of how everyone has scored the action items. bca7ce39-b9f9-4bdf-bd3d-a4a75e60efa7 Problem Solution Find a single compromise solution that the vast majority of people are willing to accept. ID-e2a00243-0efe-4936-a782-c404e641e46d 3 When is a problem considered solved? A problem is considered solved when we find a single compromise solution that the vast majority of people are willing to accept. We realize it is possible this will never be achieved. Perhaps the best result we can hope for is that people are willing to support at least one of a handful of solutions. For instance, maybe there is significant support for 3 different solutions, but not enough support for any one solution. In that case, we would still try to find a single solution that people would be willing to accept. Once a solution is reached, we expect to shift our focus -- with some help from participants, obviously -- to getting the solution implemented in the real world. Otherwise, this effort is wasted. This is not meant to be simply an academic exercise for our entertainment. 79913fa5-6d70-40cc-9864-d6d1ce4d9d53 Implementation Implement solutions. ID-31cc9245-19a5-4d76-bff3-cdc662092e6c 4 How are Agreedis solutions implemented? Yeah, we are still working on that one. The first step is to get people to actually compromise on how to solve a problem. The next step of actual implementation is currently beyond our reach. But our goal is that if politicians and industry see that citizens have reached a compromise on how to solve a problem, they will have the courage to implement those solutions. We also anticipate those parties with the capability to implement solutions will be actively involved in the process. 43384704-7680-4e62-9afe-e68e656e2205 2014-01-17 http://agreedis.org/about.cfm Submit error.