ABOUT THE ADCI Xavier University's American Dream Composite Index™ (ADCI) measures the extent to which people living in the United States achieve the American Dream. The ADCI is based on a random sample of no fewer than 1,000 adults who are surveyed online each month, with at least 400 respondents recurring from the previous month. The monthly samples are representative, based on the most recent 2010 U.S. Census, of adults living in the U.S. Demographics capture age, income, ethnicity/race, gender, level of education, state/region of residence, marital status, homeowner status, and employment status. The results of the ADCI survey are made available to the public on a monthly basis. Fluctuations in the ADCI across various dimensions of the American Dream are documented and assessed. The ADCI survey can facilitate comparisons across individuals, cities, states, countries, and regions. Center for the Study of the American Dream CSAD dbec16dd-aaeb-463b-8a2e-604f5cdfda6b Williams College of Business Xavier University 67010fd3-e624-46e7-934a-7bed25a69e06 To measure American sentiment that values the American Dream on a monthly basis. 45bf2155-2cea-4932-a0b6-f9e2eb605730 American Dream The notion of the American Dream encompasses our behaviors, attitudes and satisfaction with economic conditions, personal well-being, societal and political institutions, cultural diversity, and the physical environment. ADCI Reveal what people living in the United States do, strive for, work for, wish for, and ultimately, hope for. 598530e0-3b50-450c-b2a3-7e047821addf The ADCI reveals what people living in the United States do, strive for, work for, wish for, and ultimately, hope for as they assume multiple roles, including but not limited to, consumers, parents, children, students, employees, employers, parishioners, voters, etc. Economic Index Measure satisfaction, freedom and progress with respect finances, job, home ownership and health care. e47d989b-c0c0-49a0-8e71-44cf0ea6aaba 1 The American Dream Economic Index™ measures one's satisfaction, freedom and progress with respect to their finances, job, home ownership and health care. It is developed from the following dimensions: 4c32873e-e358-4b3b-81e1-13bef74fb604 Financial Security dcd493fa-1868-4c09-8c49-9f0043842d4c 1.1 d22897d5-ca89-4f8e-b1c3-a01d564f5ac1 Material Prosperity 7aa91c1a-1b60-4c63-ab84-fa9a66a1c4a2 1.2 9a1702bb-c0b8-4b13-a18f-a50615f358f1 Access to Education 0aa0970a-9d58-4105-bce0-ed18db782a06 1.3 6f563f39-27bb-40b0-9a55-d6a30cc8ef36 Destinations in Life 3b2a03f0-4e2f-43ad-a937-c32c6833a937 1.4 2588e977-fce8-4d27-9bd8-4dd7c349f2d9 Job Benefits b60aa202-0619-4053-863b-22dd12d2eb48 1.5 a48ef1e1-bd92-412f-8ee7-98768bdb428f Health Care 34cbfdd1-ac35-4b05-b41a-2858e806a6f9 1.6 13b2dd84-24e4-47c0-b99c-2c618682b1d9 Freedom of Choice 53ef7011-5ffc-42a7-a7ae-ad9e0b40d2c8 1.6 bae7058f-278d-4d4e-8661-c79e83c00ea9 Generational Progress 1eeec313-2294-4740-8da0-a5eb63367f4a 1.7 6b105dbf-41f6-4cfe-be39-a638ab01abcc Home Ownership 3e328d03-38ab-4a9a-a95f-11aa283aa6c4 1.8 0932b339-6dff-46c8-a94d-813009850a8d Job Environment af318d7d-f579-4c07-8f5c-1cce83107e1f 1.9 6bc5760b-82ac-46b0-b334-7e9c3c08ea57 Well-Being Index 18a42948-fb95-4e37-9211-680182d92ea1 2 The American Dream Well-Being Index™ measures the extent of one's contentment, health and prosperity in life. It is developed from the following dimensions: 35c83f51-b805-4150-a392-75ad2a8e2d4a Family Support f806d441-487d-4ad6-b7f2-c914916a8695 2.1 1bcdb587-7bb4-462f-927c-1216f17b4c09 Support of Friends 1cb1dd4c-b031-49bb-8037-753a42c623bd 2.2 03e93b6b-335b-412f-8de6-7b7f7bb371c1 Support of Someone Special 7c4db6e3-a134-40d8-917f-bd28ec921dfb 2.3 edeaa99f-4856-43e4-8f91-abaa53ea959e Happiness 9baf5b6f-4c2e-4a40-9771-657d90dfc66d 2.4 40a84e72-40fc-4f5a-a564-d7786a67a8f9 Freedom of Expression d899c37e-37fc-4c57-bedd-f50f4e5239ab 2.5 c023b8e1-b963-43ca-be04-e9d39d256678 Fruits of My Labor d1bd867d-df12-48e6-98e0-77b25e2f72f0 2.6 f3125e93-bd97-4820-ac42-d2058d0dadf6 Entrepreneurial Spirit 38ec9dbb-b8b0-49d5-b9b6-e0a6b8b6b7a6 2.7 99aecc70-fbbb-4a10-828c-87360d6c975b Leisure Activities ee9c2187-34e6-443c-9ce3-0ad44671af2b 2.8 6524ec97-9fe9-4594-a7ba-d52ea6827d8f Social Status 738fb740-6f9f-4abc-8538-479e3b9c12ca 2.9 5b522f04-aff9-4ee0-8851-c7fd2d678b61 Personal Health 0cd23a6c-893a-4c95-ac86-00dd4d336f9e 2.10 7e47d3eb-91d1-4bf3-8b91-263c4dd5e705 Satisfaction with Residence d57455e3-da44-489a-945e-4aa0d2483f27 2.11 8e0b03d5-52f3-4f88-b1d3-f6aa646d2954 Optimism 0592ea5f-3bac-4c41-985c-468e14e22c25 2.12 f26665a8-f85a-40ec-8964-803f6c968e2c Societal Index Measure the extent to which the government, businesses and people are fair and trustworthy. 7a5dd3e2-7ae5-4cce-ad7c-ab2af1a1bc1b 3 The American Dream Societal Index™ measures the extent to which the government, businesses and people are fair and trustworthy. It is developed from the following dimensions: 0b0dcd53-1405-43c4-8210-816d41dffb86 Trust in Government ac3a8e46-58e4-4aac-b58b-0875f150470e 3.1 37f9b35f-684a-416d-b404-a86d252d5a43 Trust in Business 89f56adc-9bbe-482a-b45d-82b3d76146ea 3.2 e4dfab75-91a3-406c-b24b-172fb11cdf2a Just Society 4f6b4ba4-1eea-458f-9353-fce7a5b4a076 3.3 d484e82e-871b-4c35-ab08-ce0b0a907586 Trust in People a93e4edc-75ad-4912-a48f-24e6a782a751 3.4 1845855e-262e-458e-a3e8-66b8f293ac4f Education Quality bf618725-24a3-4922-bec0-44e46aeb1aec 3.5 2725a0d5-1732-4d75-b547-ee2d95439163 Safety in Travel 5d8e6ff9-11a3-4ddd-93e4-576520d39160 3.6 ec350898-bccd-4fc1-8f70-cf76852876b8 Safety in Community aad4f9a5-4c1b-4897-b264-f6c18a3dda82 3.7 2ea8b550-06ef-4a7b-aa4e-015d8d99714d Civic Participation 0a28ab78-152e-49bb-8899-434f05be3bf3 3.8 b8b5b703-1f76-417a-87ff-3d75b776545d Diversity Index Measure attitudes toward the assimilation of differences. fd13250b-af6f-40b3-bef5-1f0298c7e621 4 The American Dream Diversity Index™ measures the attitudes toward the assimilation of differences in one's community. It is developed from the following dimensions: 214229b1-4e44-458f-a833-55b108bbd46e Melting Pot - Community 1465eb48-29f2-4d3a-b064-19a59788a8d4 4.1 7431c6ae-eb53-4b66-a7aa-9d6f4f349aff Melting Pot - Personal and Social Identity 16af367d-2fd1-467a-9bc8-e0401ae1b630 4.2 bcb45c60-e2e8-4e6f-be11-bb8271ac92d9 Political Freedom c6cf9a5a-bade-48d5-80af-917f0f659a8a 4.3 4e85634a-e130-4d65-9468-199a8e8ea081 Melting Pot - Diversity 0a5142c8-2a2f-4aab-a7c0-21807803f57b 4.4 38dba50f-9bf6-4c7b-8463-2a2e9e69ed09 Environmental Index Measure pollution in the air, food, water and land. b6a4ef45-bedd-448f-a37e-bfdd315f923c 5 The American Dream Environmental Index™ measures the extent of pollution in the air, food, water and land that one encounters on a regular basis. e7c65318-e21f-4c98-a83c-f3dcfe313796 2013-09-26 http://www.americandreamcompositeindex.com/ Owen Ambur Owen.Ambur@verizon.net Submit error.