AEA Policies American Evaluation Association AEA b1c128da-1c4a-4571-9243-52e9ca6a1a7e The American Evaluation Association is an international professional association of evaluators devoted to the application and exploration of program evaluation, personnel evaluation, technology, and many other forms of evaluation. Evaluation involves assessing the strengths and weaknesses of programs, policies, personnel, products, and organizations to improve their effectiveness. AEA has approximately 7700 members representing all 50 states in the United States as well as over 60 foreign countries. AEA Board of Directors Jody Fitzpatrick President (1/12 - 12/14) University of Colorado Denver, Denver, CO USA Rodney Hopson Past-President & Secretary (1/11 - 12/13) Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, PA USA Beverly Parsons President-Elect (1/13 - 12/15) InSites, Hansville, WA USA Brian Yates Treasurer (1/08 - 12/13) American University, Washington, DC USA Christina Christie Member-at-Large (1/11 - 12/13) University of California, Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA USA John Gargani Member-at-Large (1/12 - 12/14) Gargani + Company Inc, Berkeley, CA USA Jenny Jones Member-at-Large (1/11 - 12/13) Florida A & M University, Tallahassee, FL USA George Julnes Member-at-Large (1/12 - 12/14) University of Baltimore, Baltimore, MD USA Jean A King Member-at-Large (1/13 - 12/15) University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN USA Victor Kuo Member-at-Large (1/11 - 12/13) Seattle, WA USA Jonathan Morell Member-at-Large (1/13 - 12/15) Fulcrum Corporation, Ann Arbor, MI USA Kathryn Newcomer Member-at-Large (1/12 - 12/14) George Washington University, Washington, DC USA Nicole Vicinanza Member-at-Large (1/13 - 12/15) JBS International, Burlingame, CA USA AEA Publications Leaders Thomas Schwandt American Journal of Evaluation (Editor through 12/13) University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, Champaign, IL USA Paul R Brandon New Directions for Evaluation (Editor through 12/15) University of Hawaii, Mānoa, Honolulu, HI USA AEA Staff American Evaluation Association members are served by a dedicated group of headquarters staff based in its Washington, DC office. AEA is pleased to introduce you to the following core staff members. All AEA Staff members can be contacted through or by calling the association headquarters. Denise Roosendaal Interim Executive Director Liz Grater Operations Manager Zachary Grays Associate Ryan Kromsky Operations Assistant Stephanie Kusibab Communication Services Director Alexa Schlosser Newsletter Editor Lauren Kemp Manager, Education and Learning Services Alex Zapple Senior Coordinator, Event Services Sarah Lombardi Senior Manager, Financial Management & Accounting Services Denis Janis Senior Manager, Information Technology Services Daniel Tadesse Senior Manager, Registration Services To foster an inclusive, diverse, and international community of practice positioned as a respected source of information for and about the field of evaluation. ef67aa9d-4de5-4d0e-b49c-0ec8572dae50 To improve evaluation practices and methods, increase evaluation use, promote evaluation as a profession, and support the contribution of evaluation to the generation of theory and knowledge about effective human action. 82c6a3aa-260c-4a15-8b73-4a4dcd8fc7f8 Excellence VALUES: The American Evaluation Association values excellence in evaluation practice, utilization of evaluation findings, and inclusion and diversity in the evaluation community. The Public Good i. We value high quality, ethically defensible, culturally responsive evaluation practices that lead to effective and humane organizations and ultimately to the enhancement of the public good. Decision-Making Processes ii. We value high quality, ethically defensible, culturally responsive evaluation practices that contribute to decision-making processes, program improvement, and policy formulation. Evaluatation Community iii. We value a global and international evaluation community and understanding of evaluation practices. Evaluation Professionals iv. We value the continual development of evaluation professionals and the development of evaluators from under-represented groups. Inclusiveness v. We value inclusiveness and diversity, welcoming members at any point in their career, from any context, and representing a range of thought and approaches. Diversity Efficiency vi. We value efficient, effective, responsive, transparent, and socially responsible association operations. Effectiveness Responsiveness Transparency Social Responsibility Evaluators AEA will help its members to: 1fa3f0d6-7694-4c4e-96e3-8ff48288b584 1 Evaluators Specifically, AEA will work towards achieving the Evaluators Goals Policies through the following activities and programs: 1.1 Annual Conference: AEA will have an Annual Conference. (Goals A-H) 1.1.1 Content for the Annual Conference is primarily identified through a member-driven peer-review process. 1.1.2 Content for the Annual Conference is also identified by the President or her or his Designee for a thematically-focused Presidential Strand. 1.2 Topical Interest Groups: AEA will have Topical Interest Groups. (Goals A-H) 1.2.1 AEA members may belong to up to five TIGs at no additional cost as part of their AEA membership. 1.2.2 AEA will place no limit on the total number of TIGs recognized by the association. 1.2.3 TIGs cannot collect dues independently of AEA. 1.2.4 TIGs will be formed according to board approved procedure 1. 1.3 Community Building: AEA will undertake a range of community-building and member-involvement efforts. (Goals A, H) 1.3.1 AEA will have structured member involvement outreach. 1.4 Communications and Website: AEA will develop and maintain multiple communications vehicles and materials that allow AEA to pursue its Goals Policies. (Goals A-H) 1.4.1 AEA will have an extensive website. 1.4.2 AEA will have a field-wide discussion list. 1.4.3 AEA will have other communications vehicles and materials... 1.6 Awards: AEA will have an Awards Program. (Goals A-H) 1.6.1 The AEA Awards Program will recognize excellence in the field of evaluation. 1.7 Diversity Focused Programs: AEA will offer diversity-focused programs and services. (Goals A, B, D, E, G) 1.7.1 AEA will offer a Graduate Education Diversity Internship Program. 1.7.2 AEA will offer a range of other diversity-focused programs for students and professionals. 1.8 Internationally Focused Programs: AEA will offer internationally-focused programs and services. (Goals A, H) 1.8.1 AEA will designate a representative to a major international organization. 1.8.2 AEA will offer a joint membership program with the Canadian Evaluation Society. 1.8.3 AEA will offer a range of other internationally-focused programs. 1.9 Journals and Peer-Reviewed Content: AEA will offer peer-reviewed content. (Goals B, D, H) 1.9.1 AEA will offer New Directions for Evaluation as part of membership. 1.9.2 AEA will offer the American Journal of Evaluation as part of membership. 1.9.3 AEA will select journal editors in accordance with board approved procedure 3. 1.9.4 AEA will take a variety of approaches to increasing access to other peer-reviewed content. 1.10 Other content: AEA will offer content that is not peer reviewed. (Goals B, D, H) 1.10.1 AEA will offer association-sponsored publications that focus primarily on practice. 1.10.2 AEA will increase access to other materials including electronic resources for practicing evaluators and professional interested in evaluation. 1.11 Professional Development: AEA will offer professional development. (Goals B, C, D, H) 1.11.1 AEA will offer professional development workshops as part of the annual conference. 1.11.2 AEA will offer an Evaluation Institute. 1.11.3 AEA will offer a range of other professional development opportunities. 1.12 Standards and Principles for the Field: AEA will develop, maintain, and promote evaluation standards and principles. (Goals A, B, E, F, G) 1.12.1 AEA will develop, maintain, and promote Guiding Principles for Evaluators in accordance with board approved procedure 4. 1.12.2 AEA will send a Representative to the Joint Committee on Standards for Educational Evaluation (JCES). 1.12.3 AEA will be involved in the vetting process for new standards in the field. 1.12.4 AEA will also support other programs that promote and advance ethical practice in the field. Community form a community that spans culture, discipline, and geography 71aead28-8dcf-4b60-8016-cd168d112897 1.A 37214035-4c66-4bd3-9f36-dd3ec2a47518 Professional Development develop continuously as knowledgeable, effective, culturally competent, contextually sensitive, and ethical professionals d0eceee2-9a36-4de6-84e9-37cf6e515f68 1.B 3fec9a57-55cc-4a33-8e94-630fef0105b6 Learning & Teaching teach and learn evaluation in diverse professional settings 5c9197fb-6aac-467d-9e34-a2e6c9745132 1.C 0fdc0125-7e4f-499c-8b07-e9d6f91b448c Knowledge develop new knowledge about evaluation and disseminate and transfer it widely 6a19f245-2932-4d3c-bf85-7d9d787f5052 1.D 73a74f43-5f0c-472e-9e86-bf2e04297825 Engagement use a multicultural lens to engage diverse communities in evaluation effectively and with respect, and to promote cultural, geographic, and economic inclusiveness, social justice, and equality 6b4808d9-e1ac-42ff-b9c9-9dd4efa9213f 1.E f29ae0fe-9414-4c2c-a3c6-aa16193cdee5 Communication & Use promote communication with and meaningful use of evaluation by stakeholders f346abe8-fe69-4ec9-ae2a-5b09b2fa7462 1.F 32f182d0-5183-4d76-8e61-6303c0018156 Capacity develop the capacity of communities and organizations to engage in evaluation 4821f5ef-1989-4dc8-a2d4-79da0c3182a1 1.G 8cc4bae8-582b-41a5-8963-c270d7b4a28a Enrichment enrich the life of the association, as well as that of other organizations, fields, and disciplines that are aligned with the association's mission 9cc956c7-e37b-40fb-9e31-bc8442ea41dd 1.H 1.5 Local Affiliates: AEA will have local affiliates. (Goal H) 1.5.1 Local Affiliates will be formed according to the approved procedure 2. 1.5.2 Local Affiliates establish their own criteria for membership; local Affiliate members need not be AEA members. 1.5.3 Local Affiliates are 100% stand-alone organizations. There are no legal or financial ties to AEA, and such Local Affiliate tasks as setting and collecting dues, maintaining finances and data, and monetary flows are all completely separate from AEA. 1.5.4 Local Affiliate status will be reviewed by the Board based on each Local Affiliate's annual self evaluation and a report from the AEA Executive Director. 9eb1acb9-1b87-43c9-b470-b7d36c165c52 Evaluation Users AEA will provide and increase access to resources, and contribute to communities, that enable/support evaluation users to: 805b6a63-a0e5-47bc-ba1d-aca48fbf19b7 2 Evaluation Users Specifically, AEA will work towards achieving the Evaluation Users Goals Policies through the following activities and programs: 2.1 Influencing of Evaluation Policy: AEA will strive to influence the setting and use of U.S. evaluation policy. 2.1.1 AEA will strive to do this primarily through outreach via a paid consultant, who may advocate on behalf of the association for the following items in these or analogous terms: - A broader and more regular application of evaluation requirements to publicly funded programs; - The assurance of adequate and consistent funding for evaluation over time and across substantive areas; - The flexible targeting of the size and scope of evaluations to the context, specific policy questions, and individual stage of development within the lifespan of a particular program; - A clearer understanding of the need for evaluation not only to determine whether a program or policy is promising, but also to determine the criteria for scaling up or transferring a promising program or policy to new and different locations or contexts; - More consistent use of qualified evaluators to conduct studies and for the planning and application of evaluation policy; - Evaluators and agencies will support the use of study designs that best address the specific policy questions posed - Stronger support for the independence of evaluation as a process/activity, and for the evaluators conducting it; and - A greater commitment to the transparency and use of evaluation results. Knowledge have an appropriate knowledge about the multiple ways of doing and using evaluation 172ded88-662f-4422-9dd8-1eb6f394ba19 2.A d78aa482-db87-44ed-ba40-d66c824a2db8 Views hold positive and realistic views about the roles evaluation can play 2095a522-def1-4709-9f63-3b823e737c86 2.B 7521ce86-2ac4-44c1-bd3f-8cb644513a35 Standard Practice make evaluation a standard practice in their organization's operations 45e927e0-16a6-4276-b11e-f820264ac1e2 2.C d36ce003-eebb-423f-bd8e-d7cb3e2ad39d Ethics be sensitive to the ethical issues that are involved in the doing and using of evaluation 53475705-f767-4567-9ad2-1c623967eed0 2.D ab2f46cd-8dbe-4329-8300-ab57b70d7846 Public AEA will provide and increase access to resources so that the public will: a24eb642-7673-47f4-833c-ee8b8eff3d4e 3 Public: Specifically, AEA will work towards achieving the Public Goals Policies through the following activities and programs: 3.1 Public Statements: AEA will issue statements to the public on issues of importance to evaluation theory and practice. 3.1.1 AEA public statements will be member-developed through member-engagement activities. 3.1.2 AEA public statements will be member-approved 3.2. Public Presence: AEA will project a presence to the public. 3.2.1 AEA will project a public presence by having association officials and/or appointed designees represent us at select meetings and conferences. Awareness be more aware of the concept of evaluation 66f725e1-11de-44b7-b619-476b32dbc100 3.A 390a4e10-8de6-42b6-9dba-b700c81cd820 Understanding & Appreciation understand and appreciate the value of evaluation 694f8fec-aad5-45c6-9e1a-e243bde6f68a 3.B ddf6df03-4d99-4316-95ff-b77c4dbe5d05 Expectation & Demand expect and demand evaluation 1b9fcb15-58da-4687-ac3c-622c8a15df90 3.C 5dd7686a-8c41-4b30-a5b2-fb47ffe3eae7 Use use evaluation appropriately d5f7ba5a-0181-4adf-a17d-b8a6edfee2f0 3.D c9d69f10-362d-4d95-b995-0c4053117c2c AEA AEA as an organization will: 5ca5a7e6-7ccb-432c-98a1-5addc0553c8e 4 AEA Association build a respectful and welcoming, inclusive, fun and sustainable Association 8d489ae6-a428-45a1-a352-165d32c78d53 4.A cc970146-a78d-4714-9bf6-57f346c5e034 Organizations collaborate with national, regional and international organizations that are aligned with AEA's values to promote evaluation as a profession, improve evaluation practice, and increase evaluation use 1a989372-65c4-4ce4-b53e-029fadbc789d 4.B ea61710d-6309-4e16-837a-0cdd96a0972e User Groups & Audiences collaborate with national, regional and international evaluation user groups and audiences to promote evaluation as a profession, improve evaluation practice, and increase evaluation use and influence 0d5ae1ca-855a-40e7-bb86-e3c8d8119a00 4.C 58d2326a-5a6d-4eda-9734-7036282fd77c Professional Organization become known as a professional organization that is exemplary in its strategic, operational, and normative commitments to equity and diversity, to environmental sustainability, and to collaborative decision making through: 6544f12b-c40b-4bd2-9586-a404c43d6343 4.D ee267d1c-50e6-40f0-836a-96d6530bf749 Social Justice & Environmental Impact considering the social justice and environmental impact of policy, product, and service alternatives during decision-making by the AEA Board and AMC. df6041ce-f73f-4397-9112-fc17aef99b5f 4.D.i AEA Board 04ceb992-ea10-4c78-8946-df85876ea78e 2013-02-28 2013-06-27 Owen Ambur Submit error.