Mission, Vision, and How We Work Atma Foundation AF2 _a8de41bc-e48f-11e1-bad9-7ebb28b32812 Alysha Atma Co-Founder and Executive Director. Alysha Atma brings a passion and understanding surrounding human need and the intricacies of world dynamics through working with refugees, mental health as well as several non-profits for over six years. Mrs. Atma is educated in human services, including a strong knowledge of cultural dynamics and diversity as a result of an in depth appreciation of how different cultures and societies function. Mrs. Atma is also a recognized published writer and reviewer of literature surrounding the continent of Africa; she also has been elected as a co-advisor to the Clackamas High School Key Club. Mrs. Atma is zealous about investing in solutions with an emphasis on self sustainability, dignity, and empowerment. Stephen Atma Co-Founder & Chairman of the Board. Stephen Atma, MBA is a seasoned business professional and entrepreneur with an excess of 17 years of experience. Mr. Atma has amassed an abundance of international business experience; through this knowledge he has developed skills and relationships that will ultimately provide value for both business successes, as well helping build a stronger foundation for developing countries. Mr. Atma holds an undergraduate degree in business and leadership as well as a MBA from Marylhurst University. Further, Mr. Atma is explicit about the value of education and has dedicated efforts to promote the importance of education in our children; and post secondary education for continued economic development. Mr. Atma brings the commitment that it is our duty to empower others out of poverty and illiteracy. Rob Hadley Member of the Board of Directors. Rob Hadley in 2001 was selected by the United States Holocaust Museum as a Museum Fellow; that same year he created a Master Teacher Cadre for the entire state of Oregon. Mr. Hadley served on the Board of Directors for the Oregon Holocaust Resource Center for five years. He has conducted dozens of teacher workshops in the Western Region as well as the Belfer workshops at the Museum in DC. Mr. Hadley joined an effort with the Veterans History Project in 2002 promoting a visual history collection of veterans from WW2 to the present. In 2006, Mr. Hadley was selected by the Museum as a Regional Educator, joining thirty others from around the country to form an elite corps of Holocaust Educators. Mr. Hadley holds a Masters in Secondary Education and a Masters Certification in Holocaust and Genocide Studies. He currently teaches Holocaust and Genocide Studies as an elective course for seniors at Clackamas High School. Mr. Hadley has been involved with various humanitarian projects ranging from Darfur to Haiti and has worked diligently to educate others as well as lobby Congress to advocate for these issues. Abigail Brennan Blogger Dennis Spence Web/IT Specialist Kimberly Wogahn Community Coordinator, D.R. Congo Team Kate Pritchard Service Coordinator, D.R. Congo Team Annie Twombly Language Support, D.R. Congo Team Our Vision Is to invest in people and solutions that promote equality, integrity and progressiveness for all of humanity. _a8de4810-e48f-11e1-bad9-7ebb28b32812 Atma Foundation’s mission is to embrace local, regional, and national organizations to connect global communities that promote EMPOWERMENT, EDUCATION AND SUSTAINABILITY. _a8de491e-e48f-11e1-bad9-7ebb28b32812 EMPOWERMENT EDUCATION SUSTAINABILITY Social Capital Include social capital in measurements of “success”. _a8de49aa-e48f-11e1-bad9-7ebb28b32812 1 While attaining and maintaining economic stability is important for all communities, gains cannot be measured strictly by monetary goals. Rather, any measurement of “success” should also include social capital, which is often more important for people who live in impoverished areas this, incidentally, can bolster economic growth and stability. _a8de4a22-e48f-11e1-bad9-7ebb28b32812 82d41644-5999-4f03-88ee-cb84fb6411cb Partnerships Partner with on ground organizations to find and develop solutions. _a8de4ac2-e48f-11e1-bad9-7ebb28b32812 2 The Atma Foundation partners with on ground organizations, our first task is always to listen and learn - this enables us to find and develop solutions to needs quickly and effectively. _a8de4b80-e48f-11e1-bad9-7ebb28b32812 28b6028a-33c8-43a7-8bcf-2c4fe89983b3 Bottom-Up Development [Support] bottom-up development. _a8de4bf8-e48f-11e1-bad9-7ebb28b32812 3 With on ground partners, their perspective and input establishes the foundation for all of our initiatives; bottom-up development becomes possible. This type of development is supported using local context. We resource as much as possible locally, and respect the creativity and needs of those that must push forward and lead within their own communities. _a8de4c7a-e48f-11e1-bad9-7ebb28b32812 53d43f28-9e70-4bd7-bf95-f5c9d85fe25b Collective Action Encourage collective action and identify the priorities and focuses at each step. _a8de4ce8-e48f-11e1-bad9-7ebb28b32812 4 Our approach encourages collective action and identifies the priorities and focuses at each step. We believe in this method, a true partnership in becoming a part of our work and not just "the donors". This is attained through our focus areas of empowerment, education, and sustainability. _a8de4d60-e48f-11e1-bad9-7ebb28b32812 e5e0f688-97a4-4b7d-9be1-4e44ce02349f 2012-08-12 http://www.atma-foundation.org/about_overview.html Owen Ambur Owen.Ambur@verizon.net Submit error.