Aerobics and Fitness Association of America Aerobics and Fitness Association of America AFAA _498bd46f-6863-4571-94b6-bb4010dd333b e0c6935e-5977-4825-865e-137c4bcc80fc To provide comprehensive cognitive and practical education for fitness professionals, supported by internationally-recognized standards, grounded in research, reflecting a commitment to quality distance education that upholds safe and effective fitness practice. _6007c1ea-d42c-4aa8-a922-36932a36be83 Courses and Certifications Serve the AFAA fitness professional by developing courses and certifications beneficial to and of interest for the fitness industry. _32989d9f-2313-41c8-a3a4-cf6c8738480b 1 New Courses and Certifications Launch and expand new AFAA courses and certifications. _5ab57365-0ea3-43b5-99ea-848b925155c5 1.1 3e55e518-16f0-4fde-bdb4-a52de3e16075 fb50c5bf-4a31-434e-85ec-ba7da0fde825 Learning and Growth Enhance professional development of fitness professionals by facilitating opportunities for learning and individual growth. _57edfa79-ea24-4ac7-9f40-5a1c23ce747d 2 Professional Development Create opportunities for professional development. _c2194bb9-e92b-43ba-ab5f-0041659530e5 2.1 61a62b2a-a9d8-45c7-a3c0-1741b024ae73 f8da76e8-8bed-4284-b553-36289fef3d82 Standards, Guidelines, and Ethics Establish standards and guidelines for the delivery of quality and professional fitness services and business practices, as well as, the development of ethics statements for AFAA fitness professionals. _d89cc135-2bc5-4dc5-928a-1bc591aa41cb 3 Business Systems Create internal and external business systems to support AFAA growth. _a779fc1d-307d-4e6e-b792-753a9e0d4402 3.1 bd16b4dd-37fe-41bb-a18f-d59414f19451 84a4e2ee-87a7-4f5f-baa0-07addbeb9aa4 Awareness Collaborate with public and private industries on the development of programs and services to increase the awareness of fitness education and its benefits to individuals and communities worldwide. _feafd2e4-b410-4b9d-a469-1f78026d5c4a 4 Fitness Education Collaborate with AFAA license agreements, corporate affiliates, and industry entrepreneurs to provide products and services to support fitness education. _1219d5d2-0715-487a-a337-a240cca57eab 4.1 4c91f859-6a63-4406-9dc3-bed73137ce19 dfdb7875-b9db-4631-b9e0-2e85c80fcb7c Networking and Knowledge Dissemination Network with other industry organizations to advance the knowledge of fitness education and professional practices by initiating and disseminating research findings. _4490ab61-73f8-43e7-a3f5-bf7127c89edd 5 Market Research Participate and conduct market research to advance fitness education and professional practices. _02e924b0-d88c-4c92-a069-5db4f7443de3 5.1 ecbb2b46-b962-4cbf-a28e-7cc99a45f232 175988f5-5649-4976-91d7-cbdc650e851c 2010-02-08 Arthur Colman ( Submit error.