Association for Federal Information Resources Management Association for Federal Information Resources Management AFFIRM _c66b7179-b431-4e09-98a8-50f69b252f6a 7ad0c67c-20b6-4e4b-92da-8f33a07f41f9 To improve the management of information, and related systems and resources, within the Federal government _1e7e6fd9-212a-479d-acaf-a2baca24816b Educational Events Support IRM/IT educational opportunities by conducting seminars and related educational sessions where AFFIRM handles the entire event, by sponsoring seminars as part of larger events where AFFIRM coordinates the seminar content, and by promoting worthy events in the IRM/IT field being conducted by others. _0e35358d-45cb-49e3-971b-4c3ac7bb33fa 1 dc76fb3b-d226-4f74-95de-9eb43bef6f68 00aa03a0-8268-463f-8290-15bb614bc23c 41c259c3-2b53-4704-a4d4-fd2c49795f2a Networking Provide networking opportunities to members, by providing one of the largest virtual forums of IRM and IT professionals serving the Federal community. _9a66e553-cc13-46f7-9be7-bac7d834f93b 2 130e0a09-d812-40f0-b69e-a16f5adc7f2a ef506523-3a89-49ee-9f07-3034a158701b c7690bd7-c77e-46d5-a1e1-8186d1d4d669 IRM and IT Policy Offer members the opportunity to influence the development of IRM and IT policy in the Federal arena by providing the venue for members to interact as individuals, as opposed to members of their respective employing organizations, with the key policy development organizations. _551e9249-d078-4a13-a3ee-1a61a09403c0 3 This opportunity is especially evident in AFFIRM's Emerging Issues Forum, which focuses on the significant changes impacting the Federal IRM community. Findings and recommendations of the Emerging Issues Forum are formalized in AFFIRM White Papers. 61e2488e-8e67-49f7-afb4-f608fe00ed8f 5d7fbc9d-99ab-4174-8f6e-e1ecbd74a993 bdcc82e8-1b77-4372-b38c-61f57beff658 2010-02-08 Arthur Colman ( Submit error.