Association of Fundraising Professionals Association of Fundraising Professionals AFP _d56806e1-60b9-480e-a602-1e071ce246a6 Fundraising is viewed as a credible and respected profession for civic betterment throughout the world. VIVID DESCRIPTION: 1. The contributions of fundraising to advancing the needs of society will be understood and recognized by donors, policy-makers, and the general public. 2. There will be a well-developed, widely accepted and utilized body of knowledge (knowledge and skills required to effectively discharge fundraising roles and responsibilities) that reflects the best practices of the fundraising profession within culturally diverse societies. 3. Ethical, effective fundraising will be practiced worldwide and will be guided by ethical standards appropriate to the cultural context in which it is practiced. 4. An AFP member will be viewed as credible and possessing integrity; AFP as an organization will be described as a credible community of professionals. 5. AFP and the AFP Foundations will be perceived as the ultimate resource for the fundraising profession. Members of AFP will be recognized as the best in their field, known to have excellent skills and a high degree of training. 6 There will be a curriculum in higher education for undergraduate majors/minors in fundraising or in nonprofit management with a fundraising component. 7. Fundraising credentials will be internationally recognized and valued as indicators of trained and experienced professionals. _df1f9109-c180-44e3-afeb-e90a7398ae05 To Advance Ethical and Effective Fundraising. _2be9897f-e35d-4b23-9bc4-38fd1ad1e3fc Philanthropy The belief that ethical and effective fundraising are the cornerstones of philanthropy and that philanthropy changes the world. Inclusiveness Embracing diversity in the fundraising community, with a commitment to understanding and addressing the shared and unique needs of all members of that community. Excellence Providing the fundraising community with the highest quality of knowledge, research, advocacy, career support, news and information, strategic alliances, and related tools and insights to ensure a successful future. Integrity and Credibility Conducting business according to the highest ethical principles and serving as trustworthy stewards of our resources. Collaboration Recognizing that we can accomplish our purpose only with the strong support and partnership of other individuals, AFP chapters and other groups who share our vision. Service Responsiveness Understanding that our focus is on service to our members, our chapters, stakeholders and customers and that it is provided in a timely and thoughtful manner, open to new ideas, and exceeding expectations. Professional Development AFP will develop more skilled, knowledgeable and ethical fundraising professionals _f85fdc6f-df20-43f7-94a6-aa4aa373c27a A Outcome: • AFP members are considered to be better fundraisers as a result of knowledge gained through AFP educational offerings and resources b04fd51b-7d1c-4214-bbf2-40329ecba886 671fb1b5-4506-47e9-83a2-166fe0530943 467c309a-bc25-4672-a71c-041b7eeada07 Effectiveness, Ethics, and Accountability AFP will promote effective, ethical, accountable fundraising as both a recognized profession and as an essential component of philanthropy _dfe16e59-c834-4232-9b53-22bbaf5f4354 B Outcome: • The fundraising profession will be viewed by the public, governments, donors and the sector as a vital part of the philanthropic process 87d1095d-f198-4608-83fc-63cba560c275 d890bccb-15e1-4f00-bc96-88eb32d0831f 06a49519-55c0-4f1e-80b5-8675654a870d Public Policy AFP will advocate for public policy based on principles important to AFP and the fundraising profession _87f00415-c596-4e68-be50-c7739d270952 C Outcome: • Legislation and regulations are enacted that are favorable to AFP’s members, donors and the general public 89ac0ab9-54e4-47d4-b342-929ff6b64648 ff2cd62f-b9c6-492d-812c-d34e0a66a478 33e4e0be-70f6-424e-bf04-046ca37bcc89 Value to Members AFP will deliver optimal value to members _adcc2387-4344-45b5-9283-a73905c0b3d0 D Outcome: • Chapters and the international headquarters will work together to deliver value for membership, with members consistently rating their overall experience with AFP as exceeding expectations 2b84bec4-5306-42d4-9106-8ce0359b7c33 3bdca20d-dc17-4380-af8b-dbe86e8585d7 b2c38334-0a6d-4d49-babe-b64f02376a33 Diversity AFP will embrace and engage diverse individuals, groups and organizations within the fundraising profession. _18d42a88-94b9-4801-8e4f-6c02eac4d6dc E Outcome: • AFP will be viewed as a leader in engaging diverse organizations and as the member organization of choice for diverse fundraisers 6d012d5c-8dfc-44a9-9ffb-1cb65c19662a a527a55d-5448-4c3d-b9c2-5eed401b266a 1368d076-e6ba-49ae-a0be-7fd43d920c4d Presence and Influence AFP will increase its influence and presence worldwide _ef7f1c47-b9e8-4b92-9928-81b547a7239a F Outcome: • AFP will be a leader in establishing the most effective environment for fundraising communities worldwide by ensuring that a wide range of services is accessible to fundraisers worldwide a2f46595-f556-40f6-a731-b7af18c74d60 27d6e7b7-823d-4d9d-9de6-54da4328acd6 30a34e76-2d5e-4264-9900-a0c30f2d9eb8 2007-03-24 2010-12-31 2010-02-08 Arthur Colman ( Submit error.