About AFP Association for Financial Professionals AFP _2cc5da0e-b00a-11e1-9422-3061ad1f5860 The Association for Financial Professionals (AFP) serves a network of more than 16,000 treasury and finance professionals. Headquartered in Bethesda, MD, AFP provides members with breaking news, economic research and data on the evolving world of treasury and finance, as well as world-class treasury certification programs, networking events, financial analytical tools, training, and public policy representation to legislators and regulators. AFP is the daily resource for treasury and finance professionals. Treasury Professionals AFP's global reach extends to over 150,000 treasury and financial professionals worldwide, including AFP of Canada, London-based gtnews, an on-line resource for the treasury and finance community, and bobsguide, a financial IT solutions network. Finance Professionals Committee on Investment of Employee Benefit Assets The Committee on Investment of Employee Benefit Assets (CIEBA), an AFP affiliate, represents more than 110 of the largest corporate pension funds in the U.S. with over $1.5 trillion in retirement plan assets. Corporate Practitioners AFP members are drawn from a wide range of industries, comprising corporate practitioners (two thirds) and banks and other financial services providers (one third). The typical corporate practitioner member has 16 years of experience in the profession and works for a company with more than $1 billion in annual revenues. These members hold positions as CFO, vice president of finance, treasurer, assistant treasurer, director, financial analyst, or cash manager. CFOs Vice Presidents of Finance Treasurers Assistant Treasurers Directors Financial Analysts Cash Managers _2cc5e080-b00a-11e1-9422-3061ad1f5860 To serve as a global resource and advocate for the finance profession _2cc5e1d4-b00a-11e1-9422-3061ad1f5860 News, Research, and Data Provide members with breaking news, economic research and data on the evolving world of treasury and finance _2cc5e260-b00a-11e1-9422-3061ad1f5860 1 AFP offers its members a number of products and services to help them perform their best, including AFP's Key Rates Service, Country Profiles, RFP Resource Center, educational conferences and forums, and career service tools. AFP also publishes numerous print and electronic workflow tools and information services for the benefit of the treasury and finance profession, including its award-winning magazine, the AFP Exchange. _2cc5e2d8-b00a-11e1-9422-3061ad1f5860 75214b41-5696-485a-8a88-01fc9e507b37 Certification Provide world-class treasury certification programs _2cc5e350-b00a-11e1-9422-3061ad1f5860 2 AFP sponsors the Certified Treasury Professional® certification. The CTP and its preceding certification, the Certified Cash Manager® (CCM), are often cited as required or preferred credentials in employment listings of the nation's most respected companies. More than 19,000 individuals have earned either the CTP, CTP (Canada), or CCM, and nearly 2,000 individuals choose to sit for the CTP examination each year. Under a global licensing program, it is now possible to sit for the CTP exam in a growing number of countries outside the United States. The exam tests mastery of a core body of knowledge defined and updated by industry experts. _2cc5e3d2-b00a-11e1-9422-3061ad1f5860 208b59b6-eb7d-454f-8dda-a40030aa7348 Events Provide networking events _2cc5e468-b00a-11e1-9422-3061ad1f5860 3 The AFP Annual Conference is the largest annual meeting of corporate treasury and finance professionals in the United States. The four-day conference attracts more than 6,500 attendees, who attend over 150 concurrent sessions on current topics in treasury and finance and visit an exhibition hall featuring more than 250 leading providers of products and services to the treasury and finance profession. _2cc5e4ea-b00a-11e1-9422-3061ad1f5860 d828ab3a-c2d9-4d8a-aad1-a60f117900cd Analytical Tools Provide financial analytical tools _2cc5e56c-b00a-11e1-9422-3061ad1f5860 4 _2cc5e5ee-b00a-11e1-9422-3061ad1f5860 38858e4d-fab9-4ef7-aa83-5de37b2eb4c4 Training Provide training _2cc5e670-b00a-11e1-9422-3061ad1f5860 5 _2cc5e6f2-b00a-11e1-9422-3061ad1f5860 8cd380fb-811f-448b-8c4e-224802c5835b Public Policy Provide public policy representation to legislators and regulators. _2cc5e76a-b00a-11e1-9422-3061ad1f5860 6 Legislators Regulators U.S. Congress Standard Setters Federal Agencies Rule Making Organizations U.S. Dept. of Treasury Federal Reserve Board Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Securities Exchange Commissions FASB NACHA AFP is the global resource & advocate for the treasury and finance profession on many public policy and regulatory issues. The mission of the public policy and advocacy program is to ensure that the views of financial professionals are included in public debate on key policy issues facing the profession. Often, AFP provides the only corporate perspective on the many treasury and finance related issues being considered by the U.S. Congress, regulators, and/or standard setters. Research is a key part of our advocacy efforts; AFP's public policy team relies on the data gathered from AFP members to bolster our points to policy makers. AFP's public policy team is in regular communication with Congress, Federal Agencies and rule making organizations such as the U.S. Dept. of Treasury, the Federal Reserve Board, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and the Securities Exchange Commissions, FASB, and NACHA. _2cc5e7ec-b00a-11e1-9422-3061ad1f5860 0d7c25fd-f34e-4731-b68c-ab560afb5f64 2012-06-06 http://www.afponline.org/pub/a/about_afp.html Owen Ambur Owen.Ambur@verizon.net Submit error.