Armed Forces Retirement Home Armed Forces Retirement Home AFRH _b2901222-6112-49e4-b3bf-00ba4ac25cca To actively nurture the Health and Wellness Philosophy of Aging while providing our nation’s heroes with a continuum of Life Care Services in a community setting. _481c6cc8-558c-4800-84b8-a62f643e06dc To fulfill our nation's commitment to its Veterans by providing a premier retirement community with exceptional residential care and extensive support services. _47f87975-772d-418d-86fc-5216d683058b Establish Accountability We expect our workforce to achieve what we promise to residents, staff and service partners. To ensure success, we measure progress and provide feedback to our customers. Honor Heritage We honor the rich history of the US Armed Forces – from our Veterans to our victories. As such, our campus reflects that military heritage with memorabilia and tributes. Inspire Excellence We continuously work to improve each process, service and its delivery, while striving for excellence in all we do. We expect excellence and reward it. Maintain Integrity We will strongly uphold the mission of AFRH. We are honest and ethical and deliver on our commitments. We recognize that good ethical decisions require individual responsibility enriched by collaborative efforts. Maximize Workforce We strive to hire and retain the most qualified people. We maximize their success through training and development as well as maintaining and promoting open communication. Serve Customers Success depends on our devotion to consistently serve ever-changing customer preferences. Hence, we vow to be innovative and responsive – while offering exceptional products and services at competitive prices. Culture of Integrity Inspire commitment to AFRH Guiding Principles through mutual respect. _7dc317b4-be0b-4d46-8a87-572a4c9bf00d 1 The AFRH corporate culture reflects the Guiding Principles as outlined above. As always, we maintain a cultureof service, quality and dedication to the Veterans who live here. Challenges and Trends: One might say the makeup of our workforce resembles the United Nations – with members that originate from countries all around the world. Our challenge is to blend the staff and produce outstanding results, in spite of their various views of the world or differences in language and culture. Truly, the Home must facilitate effective communication to smooth over differences, miscommunications and conflicts. Teamwork and Cooperation Increase teamwork and cooperation among AFRH employees. _c1a2783a-2aef-40a1-9402-70d715472461 CI1 Key ActionCI1-a Promote cultural understanding and inclusiveness in order to enhanceperformance and community relationships.CI1-b Promote employee activities during and after work. 272eaeb2-aead-43bf-8020-e950199e311a 8c5080dc-26b3-401a-be5e-6e76b2c564a8 Workforce Motivation and Engagement Engage and motivate the workforce. _141c78e6-d320-4707-86e8-491746b02deb CI2 Key ActionCI2-a Monitor employee accountability.CI2-b Improve working environment to boost morale.CI2-c Recognize and award performance. 67e04182-2c36-42b6-a044-ba9682c7121c ddaf874b-a886-4522-a813-dc21a1079362 Exceptional Service Enhance the AFRH experience to enrich the quality of residents’ lives. _8f54f97d-182d-4b89-8e48-a6178c590720 2 Our first responsibility is to ensure the satisfaction and well-being of the residents. AFRH also places high importance on the satisfaction of service partners and other key stakeholders. To generate high customer satisfaction, we will strategically provide quality services and meet our customers’ needs. Plus we will continue our positive public relations efforts. Challenges and Trends: A predominantly male population exists at AFRH because admission criteria do not allow spouses (unless they qualify on their own merit). Our population is bound together by its common military heritage, which creates a unique comradeship. With our abundant activities and sprawling campuses, the AFRH is comparable to private retirement homes. Yet, it is quite challenging to provide outstanding service at a reasonable price to our former military. This is in keeping with the Promise to care for our military for their service to the country. Resident Focus and Service Craft a resident-focused environment with service measurements. _550282ac-344c-4269-b6dc-678c857d88d8 ES1 Key ActionES1-a Provide support for the convenient delivery of quality, resident-centric servicesand programs.ES1-b Promote resident-focused marketing messages.ES1-c Foster an environment that is responsive to resident needs.ES1-d Showcase our nation’s military heritage in the campus environment. a60d5c2d-a278-4fd0-b53f-f28287b5069f 6c4a8df4-4374-4596-bf33-a9a2f243af0e Customer Satisfaction Enhance customer satisfaction through vibrant community outreach. _f34b744f-b646-4d3d-8c88-b168fed2be48 ES2 Key ActionES2-a Cultivate corporate partnerships with external stakeholders that are mutuallyproductive and constructive.ES2-b Establish a corporate network of external resources for additional residentsupport. 57c2418f-0fcf-4a44-94ae-aa134f3106dd fb768bc5-a0be-4398-b6a4-a4932c4ca765 Resident Vitality and Independence Promote resident vitality and independence as long as possible. _8eccfc9d-1ecb-49bf-95ac-b434d3ea7615 ES3 Key ActionES3-a Maintain corporate interactions with top senior living organizations.ES3-b Provide workforce education for a spirited health and wellness model ofretirement living.ES3-c Provide the best possible services for each level of care. fc0feb85-f55e-46b9-a34c-a804163dbb70 aefafe32-c96e-41a2-b7ed-f34a5eb4b8fd Financial Growth Create net growth and stability for the AFRH Trust Fund. _85e78048-07fa-4234-bcf8-d1d77935f43d 3 The Trust Fund is the source of financial resources for AFRH and has to be continuously replenished. Our fundamental financial strategy is to effectively manage resources, decrease expenditures, increase revenue and realize net growth in the AFRH Trust Fund. Current Trust Fund income sources (fines and forfeitures, etc.) will certainly continue. We must look to the future and generate innovative solutions to ensure the Home’s financial stability. In the end, AFRH must maximize all available resources – while also providing the best services and facilities to our residents. Challenges and Trends: Hurricane Katrina changed how AFRH does business. With Congress involved, the future of AFRH has shifted from modernizing two campuses to looking at other possibilities. Private retirement homes are plentiful in the marketplace – and they challenge the status quo of our established operations. Revenue Increase revenue resulting in a net increase. _9bfc5ddf-052b-4ad3-903d-42d30e48d763 FG1 Key ActionFG1-a Foster growth through customer value.FG1-b Maximize income from underutilized real estate.FG1-c Reduce square footage requirements to enhance efficiencies.FG1-d Explore alternatives for revenue growth. 3dbead9d-9822-47e1-9862-422566a64a55 20278b94-816a-4778-8af8-a8970a573744 Cost Reduce costs resulting in a net increase. _e0d79288-4d03-44ee-9144-6b11dadb1de7 FG2 Key ActionFG2-a Establish and maintain robust competitive sourcing studies.FG2-b Establish and maintain a multi-year capital improvement plan.FG2-c Identify areas for cost savings initiatives.FG2-d Establish a strategy for resident health coverage. a6aefe7f-9a87-4899-ad3f-9de6fdfa6af3 24dec203-6ac4-496c-aa88-409f4fb3f1ac Fiscal Management Enhance fiscal management. _a5cc0e21-e405-4d55-b37f-07eb77e813ed FG3 Key ActionFG3-a Improve fiscal reporting.FG3-b Achieve improved financial results.FG3-c Establish and maintain an AFRH Acquisition Plan.FG3-d Enhance Internal Controls. dafdb790-395e-4287-a414-6d966cf89eb1 61d53e95-b80c-4a2f-9c8c-46e04c994bc4 Operating Model Change corporate operating model. _cf355fcf-548e-44bf-886c-eee2d5a3d22f FG4 Key ActionFG4-a Identify specific additional locations for growth. 82b3f5b3-a091-4b53-b60f-e08231eaf605 d4eb66dc-161b-4309-9097-ee33addf6b98 Improved Processes Modernize operations to leverage and maximize resources across AFRH. _bb13926a-7d1d-4d7e-bd68-92255faec544 4 The Home can provide quality services to America’s Veterans by maintaining effective, efficient internal business processes. The AFRH continually evaluates and improves upon these processes to manage resources, facilitate communication and promote AFRH team operations. Challenges and Trends: The AFRH is making great strides in electronic government (E-Gov) to keep pace with technological advances – in administrative as well as health care and residential services. Simplification and Standardization Simplify and standardize processes. _7fb652ba-2228-4fb3-a76d-2083a9a29b24 IP1 Key ActionIP1-a Monitor results of key Corporate and Campus processes.IP1-b Develop better corporate financial processes to improve operations.IP1-c Develop improved Corporate controls to enhance operations. 50982c78-e203-4b08-a248-501ce2bf07d5 1804d93b-8eec-4531-b444-631b0fdeff1c Technology Optimize our use of technology solutions. _c46e3528-3d08-4b06-bbab-7c24db0e0763 IP2 Key ActionIP2-a Update technology that tracks resident data.IP2-b Update technology that tracks property accountability.IP2-c Optimize the acquisition of cost-efficient technology. 7f2b1b4c-fed3-49cc-b247-c835c08ad06b 4568c9bc-cc2d-42a5-a2e1-5f3dcb953423 Communications Increase timeliness and satisfaction with communications. _197b4c9e-891b-42be-b841-be1b3b43d53c IP3 Key ActionIP3-a Enhance communications among employees.IP3-b Enhance communications between staff and residents. ce35e823-c309-4892-a290-eaf3f812be59 2fb8bb1d-561e-40e1-8238-a55bdd83c2ac Learning & Growth Promote personal excellence and professional growth for all personnel. _ce872906-d9b4-4f6e-871b-569a7cc8bf94 5 AFRH is a growth organization that promotes professional development and excellence for all staff members. We achieve this by promoting learning, refining skills, building competencies, developing new proficiencies and encouraging advancement. The Home encourages its employees to continually improve and expand their skills– and to gain from the experience of serving the AFRH community.Challenges and Trends: Many “baby boomers” are retiring from Government Service – and they are taking with them a time-tested respect for authority and hard-work ethic. Unfortunately, younger employees have different attitudes, behaviors and expectations in the workplace today. This new generation is more demanding and less patient. As a result, they are likely to change jobs and employers more frequently. Younger workers are also lookingfor much more flexibility from their employers and a greater support system at work. Hence, the AFRH must evolve to accommodate this new breed of workers. Provide a comprehensive employee training program tied to performance,competencies and accountability in compliance with OSHA and JCAHO requirements. _40008f04-a356-4654-8604-d08fda6bc97d LG1 Key ActionLG1-a Establish measurable, results-oriented training programs.LG1-b Display linkage between training with results on performance appraisals. 9e8ee39e-b771-45b5-8922-b84dcec5bbaa 701084e3-7e82-4b9a-a9b2-66bccf247d50 Workforce Talent Develop and manage workforce talent. _d34e6dbb-66ef-4fc5-a935-4e090ca5302b LG2 Key ActionLG2-a Establish needs-based hiring strategy.LG2-b Assess/hire staff based on superior job-related competencies. 16359ab1-6b1b-40ff-99cf-b1909cf3b4e1 2d1a00cc-0794-4d72-8e12-6e975987159e Professional Development Develop a strategy for employee professional development. _a60d5406-efcd-468b-ae92-9482dfbedbc9 LG3 Key ActionLG3-a Establish minimum requirements for annual professional development.LG3-b Resource professional development in accordance with requirements. 0fcd11f9-0ca5-4c95-ba46-1e907a372c41 a75cb44a-0043-4b37-88e7-7b8c32b5d3f3 2005-10-01 2010-09-30 2010-02-08 Arthur Colman ( Submit error.