AFS 2020 Vision: AFS Strategic Plan for 2010-2014 Preamble -- The American Fisheries Society has followed a pattern of preparing an organizational strategic plan every five years. This new plan will steer the Society during 2010 - 2014, but has been crafted with a vision to 2020 and beyond. The AFS Strategic Plan Revision Committee used information from a 2008 AFS member survey and input from several committees and the Governing Board to develop a draft Plan. The Committee then submitted the draft to the Governing Board and the members (via the Internet), for their review and input. The Plan contains a worldview of the fisheries future, revised AFS mission and vision statements, and three goal statements with objectives and suggested strategies under each goal. The three overarching Plan goals cover: 1) Global Fisheries Leadership, 2) Education, and 3) Values of Membership. The Plan does not include specific actions. Rather, it is suggested that the annual operational plans of the Society, and each of its subunits, include development of specific actions to implement the Plan. In short; we must plan for the unpredictable, seize opportunity and thrive on change. We will use our collective intellectual capacity to the fullest to achieve our goals. It is recommended that implementation of the new Plan include an on-line reporting system where AFS unit leaders can report their accomplishments under each objective and share their unit’s ideas for implementing the Plan. This new Plan builds on the many successful and popular activities that AFS already engages in, such as our annual meetings and publications, and emphasizes topics the Committee believed could be improved upon. Among the many topics included in the Plan, innovative ideas are presented for: increasing workforce and member diversity, expanded use of electronic communication technologies, additional fisheries resource policy promotion, and increasing retention and recruitment of members. American Fisheries Society AFS _4c696ede-a6a9-11e2-9ad9-7b9ecc429512 The members of the American Fisheries Society (AFS) envision a future where world-wide fisheries production is optimized and sustained while structural and functional conditions of marine, freshwater, and estuarine ecosystems are maintained. AFS will be the premier organization of fisheries-related professionals that: 1. Supports recruitment, training, and retention of fisheries professionals with a diverse array of technical skills to meet the needs for workforce continuity and adaptability. 2. Promotes sound, science-based research, management, and aquaculture practices for the conservation of fisheries populations, aquatic communities, and their habitats. 3. Functions as an intermediary for evaluation, interpretation and transfer of high quality fisheriesrelated information using the best available communications technology. 4. Prepares and positions fisheries information to inform society on how social, economic, and political decisions alter the world’s rivers, lakes, estuaries, and oceans, and the fisheries resources that depend on those habitats. 5. Provides forums for effective discourse contributing to the identification of science-based solutions to local, national and global fisheries-related issues. 6. Supports an integrated network of AFS Units that collaborate to fulfill the Society’s mission. 7. Promotes diversity in the natural resources workforce to reflect the broad range of perspectives and skills needed to address complex fisheries issues. 8. Builds partnerships with other natural resource professional and scientific organizations to achieve common goals. 9. Supports adequate and stable funding for fisheries research and management. _4c6970aa-a6a9-11e2-9ad9-7b9ecc429512 The mission of the American Fisheries Society is to advance sound science, promote professional development, and disseminate science-based fisheries information for the global protection, conservation, and sustainability of fishery resources and aquatic ecosystems. _4c697168-a6a9-11e2-9ad9-7b9ecc429512 Global Fisheries Leadership AFS will be a global leader providing information and technical resources for the sustainability and conservation of fisheries resources. _4c69721c-a6a9-11e2-9ad9-7b9ecc429512 1 Science & Networking Promote fisheries conservation throughout North America and the world, at all levels of government and society, and among all levels of AFS by supporting sound science and networking opportunities _4c6972c6-a6a9-11e2-9ad9-7b9ecc429512 1.1 (see also Objective 3.4) 96cbf2de-236f-4067-892d-42f0b371b1b7 Conferences & Meetings Continue to host and sponsor excellent conferences and meetings at local, regional, and international levels of AFS to provide the platform for managers and scientists to exchange ideas. _4c697384-a6a9-11e2-9ad9-7b9ecc429512 Strategy 1.1.1 96b61be1-9d17-4b52-b2fa-689d152799dc Organizations & Videos _4c697456-a6a9-11e2-9ad9-7b9ecc429512 Strategy 1.1.2 6bf9a0c9-6fb4-4dcb-ab52-7a6b5c8967d1 Co-Convention Suggestion: Meetings and conferences will be convened in cooperation with other _4c69751e-a6a9-11e2-9ad9-7b9ecc429512 Strategy 1.1.3 2425aaaf-3244-40c9-8879-facaac6ab621 Environmental Responsibility Suggestion: Ensure that AFS meetings are as environmentally responsible as possible. _4c6975dc-a6a9-11e2-9ad9-7b9ecc429512 Strategy 1.1.4 984ede4b-081f-4416-8afb-631f3ea4869c Remote Participation Suggestion: Encourage remote participation via electronic media including web casts _4c69769a-a6a9-11e2-9ad9-7b9ecc429512 Strategy 1.1.5 e1ff5d02-c442-47d0-98dd-e66fde8acfc3 Publications Maintain and improve the excellence and expedience of AFS publications. _4c697776-a6a9-11e2-9ad9-7b9ecc429512 Strategy 1.1.6 76463eab-7fe5-47ca-b206-3c663a65e85f Promotion & Cooperation Identify and network with global professional and conservation organizations to promote mutual goals of conservation and encourage cooperation among professionals of different scientific societies. _4c697848-a6a9-11e2-9ad9-7b9ecc429512 Strategy 1.1.7 Professional Organizations Conservation Organizations e8a1826c-fa76-4795-913a-47e09031c8f9 Knowledge & Conservation Help lead the World Council of Fisheries Societies and strive to unite fisheries scientists worldwide to improve knowledge and conservation of the world's fish stocks. _4c697924-a6a9-11e2-9ad9-7b9ecc429512 Strategy 1.1.8 World Council of Fisheries Societies 1f45ec49-0fbe-429f-b375-1bacab865382 Funding & Endowments Work closely with interested foundations and agencies to increase funding and create endowments to support programs within AFS. _4c697a46-a6a9-11e2-9ad9-7b9ecc429512 Strategy 1.1.9 Foundations Fisheries Agencies bde54d9e-e93f-4c2d-a78c-e717a8799863 Program Funding Encourage support for increased funds to support state/provincial, federal, academic, and tribal fisheries programs, particularly critical research and monitoring. _4c697b36-a6a9-11e2-9ad9-7b9ecc429512 Strategy 1.1.10 State Fisheries Programs Provincial Fisheries Programs Federal Fisheries Programs Academic Fisheries Programs Tribal Fisheries Programs e0346ec4-90c4-4bb9-8125-f22081accf3a Partnerships Build stronger partnerships with fisheries-related stakeholders, such as anglers, commercial harvesters, aquaculturists, watershed groups, and local governments, to promote benefits to fisheries among the array of competing demands on aquatic resources. _4c697c1c-a6a9-11e2-9ad9-7b9ecc429512 Strategy 1.1.11 Anglers Commercial Harvesters Aquaculturists Watershed Groups Local Governments Commercial Harvesters Aquaculturists Watershed Groups Local Governments 1f29ee9a-19a8-472f-ae5d-0fec62123ac6 Comments & Input Suggestion: Solicit and document annual comments and input from external resource stakeholders _4c697d16-a6a9-11e2-9ad9-7b9ecc429512 Strategy 1.1.12 de75b414-f8fd-4ad0-bf7d-28dde1b50de0 International Relationships Continue to pursue international relationships and establishment of additional units as needed worldwide. _4c697e56-a6a9-11e2-9ad9-7b9ecc429512 Strategy 1.1.13 5d3c2022-78c8-4ccb-a06a-81f17564b391 Interactions Increase science-based fisheries conservation by increasing interactions with AFS members and government policy makers. _4c697f50-a6a9-11e2-9ad9-7b9ecc429512 1.2 AFS Members Government Policy Makers fe50159d-f2ad-4b5f-8934-692ff072adf1 Guidelines AFS headquarters and all Units use established guidelines for responsible science-based advocacy activities. _4c69805e-a6a9-11e2-9ad9-7b9ecc429512 Strategy 1.2.1 AFS Headquarters AFS Units 1580d78a-1269-4d4b-9afa-3f7c3206fb70 Aquatic Stewardship Communicate AFS goals for aquatic stewardship in resource advocacy more effectively through the use of sound science as it relates to fisheries conservation. _4c698162-a6a9-11e2-9ad9-7b9ecc429512 Strategy 1.2.2 2dcdc84c-4a28-499e-8cb4-cf538cff5860 Policy Activity Increase policy activity by producing additional science-based position statements, conferences, books, and symposia on important fisheries topics while maintaining and updating current position statements. _4c698266-a6a9-11e2-9ad9-7b9ecc429512 Strategy 1.2.3 540ccdc7-75d3-4c0e-b586-071cbeaed48d Topics Suggestion: Topics could include global overfishing, oxygen-depleted "dead zones", climate change effects on fisheries, toxic lead in the aquatic environment, and many others. _4c698388-a6a9-11e2-9ad9-7b9ecc429512 Strategy 1.2.4 e610521b-4cb7-4d83-8971-2eee4f69aa63 Sampling Methods Suggestion: Develop and support standard sampling methods for population and assemblage assessments to enable greater exchange and comparison of data within and among institutions. _4c698496-a6a9-11e2-9ad9-7b9ecc429512 Strategy 1.2.5 377a47a9-a31e-4018-9e14-684db0deb942 Online Communication Promote fisheries programs and research by focusing on how AFS can accomplish interaction through use of more online communication tools. _4c6985a4-a6a9-11e2-9ad9-7b9ecc429512 Strategy 1.2.6 16c72560-ad9a-4090-8c70-f5a37daca930 Policy Statements Collaborate with leading fisheries organizations and consultants to facilitate the preparation of background documents for AFS policy statements. _4c6988f6-a6a9-11e2-9ad9-7b9ecc429512 Strategy 1.2.7 Fisheries Organizations Fisheries Consultants 94c28f53-d28e-4b74-b309-4e98ba237686 Communcation Communicate to key government leaders, NGOs and the private sector the importance of fish and their habitats to the extent that they give high priority to dedicated, sufficient funding. _4c698a40-a6a9-11e2-9ad9-7b9ecc429512 Strategy 1.2.8 Government Leaders NGOs The private sector NGOs The Private Sector 01eccfb0-560c-47c0-b853-fe023e05625e Network Develop an effective network to promote best-science-based fisheries conservation and aquatic habitat protection and restoration, targeting local, state/provincial, regional and national legislators. _4c698b62-a6a9-11e2-9ad9-7b9ecc429512 Strategy 1.2.9 Local Legislators State Legislators Provincial Legislators Regional Legislators National Legislators 19d99748-26e1-4797-9fd9-ac47a4a72aa1 North American Agenda for Aquatic Resources Suggestion: Such as the North American Agenda for Aquatic Resources _4c698ca2-a6a9-11e2-9ad9-7b9ecc429512 Strategy 1.2.10 067b8a91-a959-4803-865f-a20ff2dd62fe Outreach Promote fisheries conservation through development and dissemination of public outreach materials. _4c698dce-a6a9-11e2-9ad9-7b9ecc429512 1.3 (See also Objective 3.4) bdde8c62-02b9-4345-a264-bcf1c8f1bb7d Outreach Materials Increase the emphasis on fisheries science and aquatic conservation-related outreach materials produced for non-scientists, teachers, and the public through diverse media. _4c698f04-a6a9-11e2-9ad9-7b9ecc429512 Strategy 1.3.1 Non-Scientists Teachers The Public Media e21059b9-7b96-43f5-a16f-f55c7a70270a NOAA & OWA Suggestion: Work with NOAA, Outdoor Writers Association and others _8b926e0e-a6ad-11e2-af96-32c0cc429512 Strategy 1.3.2 NOAA Outdoor Writers Association 25bc0daa-c4f5-4d25-a5f4-cac4bd6271ef TV, Radio & Articles Suggestion: Media could include TV and radio shows, articles for popular outdoor periodicals _8b9271ce-a6ad-11e2-af96-32c0cc429512 Strategy 1.3.3 2fa1ec82-be79-46b4-abd1-fb88c3f5f1c4 Outreach Collaboration Collaborate with other groups to develop and disseminate outreach materials. _8b92739a-a6ad-11e2-af96-32c0cc429512 Strategy 1.3.4 Anglers Teachers Fisheries Conservation Foundation Sea Grant Program Suggestion: Groups may include anglers, teachers, Fisheries Conservation Foundation, Sea Grant Suggestion: Materials could include pamphlets, fellowships, and workshops Increase attention to marine and estuarine issues by working with members and appropriate Units to address top priorities. bdf617fd-7f97-44ca-822a-1dcd97ced194 Education/Continuing Education AFS will facilitate life-long learning through world-class educational resources at all academic levels and provide training for practicing professionals in all branches of fisheries and aquatic sciences. _8b927674-a6ad-11e2-af96-32c0cc429512 2 Practicing Professionals Practicing professionals in all branches of fisheries and aquatic sciences Academic Programs Encourage educational institutions at all levels to maintain excellent academic programs in fisheries sciences and related disciplines to assure recruitment of fisheries professionals that meet the needs of employers. _8b9277d2-a6ad-11e2-af96-32c0cc429512 2.1 Educational Institutions Fisheries Professionals Employers 74fb3185-e5e0-47df-aa40-218942c0d9d3 Curricula Guide colleges and universities to maintain, modify, or develop curricula of the highest quality for both undergraduate and graduate students that provide an array of courses and experiences needed to effectively manage and conserve fisheries resources and meet the needs of employers. _c5cd46c2-a6b0-11e2-a550-df97cc429512 Strategy 2.1.1 Colleges Universities Undergraduate Students Graduate Students 93f806d3-ab23-4e1b-abe9-e90317fee2f7 Diversity Encourage colleges and universities to strive for diversity among students in fisheries sciences and related fields reflecting the composition of society. _c5cd4ad2-a6b0-11e2-a550-df97cc429512 Strategy 2.1.2 Colleges Universities 713bc9ba-fbcc-444c-88f3-838f77494a12 Excellence, Leadership & Youth Development Promote and encourage academic excellence, public leadership, and youth development in fisheries through science programs at all educational levels. _c5cd4cc6-a6b0-11e2-a550-df97cc429512 Strategy 2.1.3 0899a668-1453-4a74-845e-097112b2d75a Certification Ensure that the fisheries professional certification program reflects the integration of many sciences relevant to fisheries while ensuring its recognition as a mark of scientific excellence and expertise. _c5cd4e56-a6b0-11e2-a550-df97cc429512 2.2 0fab6e8b-ff94-4eb7-b4c2-42a95ee4be70 Promotion Promote the professional certification program and the benefits of certification to universities, AFS members, other fisheries-related professions, and law professionals. _c5cd5018-a6b0-11e2-a550-df97cc429512 Strategy 2.2.1 Universities AFS Members Fisheries-Related Professions Law Professionals add4140d-05c3-491a-a2c4-fc4bac247147 Relevance Suggestion: Review the professional certification program to make it relevant to the array of disciplines represented by AFS members and employers. _c5cd51a8-a6b0-11e2-a550-df97cc429512 Strategy 2.2.2 AFS Members Employers d5f9ac6f-1f39-4501-9200-da28208b37a1 Fees & Administrative Costs Suggestion: Evaluate the fees and administrative costs of the AFS certification program relative to other professional societies. _c5cd534c-a6b0-11e2-a550-df97cc429512 Strategy 2.2.3 28a6b2a1-bdae-42a8-a884-818af54b28a2 Continuing Education Provide a wide array of continuing education opportunities using innovative methods to reach the widest possible audience of fisheries professionals. _c5cd5536-a6b0-11e2-a550-df97cc429512 2.3 4afab8a4-a041-481b-8ff2-05ef43da2fb0 Coordination Coordinate continuing education activities among all levels of AFS using cost-effective and user friendly means. _c5cd56da-a6b0-11e2-a550-df97cc429512 Strategy 2.3.1 095e2d15-69cd-4ef2-a0f2-01b492e4767c Topics & Means Offer continuing education courses on a wide array of topics that are pertinent to AFS members by a variety of means. _c5cd5914-a6b0-11e2-a550-df97cc429512 Strategy 2.3.2 AFS Members 496c5eb4-22c2-4d49-b194-7aa026c921a3 Distance Education Develop effective distance education methods by researching those used by universities and other professional societies and determining costs and benefits associated with various strategies. _c5cd5afe-a6b0-11e2-a550-df97cc429512 Strategy 2.3.3 Universities Professional Societies e3b707de-50cf-4f0d-a5b5-79558f3a84f4 Training & Classroom Materials Provide training and classroom materials for instructors aimed at the public, fishers, teachers, and K12 students. _c5cd5cb6-a6b0-11e2-a550-df97cc429512 Strategy 2.3.4 Instructors The Public Fishers Teachers K12 Students 342a771b-a8cf-493b-bd81-b76194655207 Value of Membership AFS will serve its members and fisheries, aquaculture, and aquatic science constituencies to fulfill the mission of the Society. _c5cd5e78-a6b0-11e2-a550-df97cc429512 3 AFS Members Fisheries Constituencies Aquaculture Constituencies Aquatic Science Constituencies Needs & Opinions Determine and respond to the needs and opinions of AFS members. _c5cd6062-a6b0-11e2-a550-df97cc429512 3.1 AFS Members 7623e2e2-18a3-40b6-8129-b9e2babc4903 Surveys Regularly survey members to identify their needs and opinions on a broad range of AFS issues. _c5cd621a-a6b0-11e2-a550-df97cc429512 Strategy 3.1.1 baea5899-7143-42cf-b3c0-341bb0b818ad Membership & Officers Suggestion: Maintain updated records of membership and unit officers to allow for easy polling _a68e855a-a700-11e2-900e-ad93cc429512 Strategy 3.1.2 1ac417c6-1090-4f54-a91d-1a73b35be245 Web-Based Forums & Surveys Suggestion: Information can be gathered via web-based forums, surveys, or other means _a68e8a32-a700-11e2-900e-ad93cc429512 Strategy 3.1.3 5d2aec2e-3319-47c6-ba1f-c472e9c103a1 Communication Provide a web-based forum for members to communicate with each other and the AFS leadership. _a68e8c9e-a700-11e2-900e-ad93cc429512 Strategy 3.1.4 AFS Leadership AFS Members 52b16ede-4bc2-4937-b945-a4c11181856b Committees Utilize standing and special committees at multiple levels of AFS (e.g., Chapters, Divisions, Sections and Parent Society) to effectively respond to membership concerns. _a68e8e9c-a700-11e2-900e-ad93cc429512 Strategy 3.1.5 a08f562a-601f-4014-a853-88258ee76349 Guidance & Plans Consider survey results and feedback from the Membership Concerns Committee when developing AFS guiding documents and plans (annual plans of work/operational plans, the AFS Strategic Plan, etc.). _a68e90c2-a700-11e2-900e-ad93cc429512 Strategy 3.1.6 f2ad44f4-4da4-4908-a4d9-9470e85f2b34 Information & Training Maintain a leadership role in providing information and training to enhance salaries commensurate with training investments, safety, and working conditions for fishery professionals. _a68e92c0-a700-11e2-900e-ad93cc429512 Strategy 3.1.7 Fishery Professionals bae9620e-a45e-4b3d-8a54-c90743d7cdc6 Communication Communicate to employers the value of leadership, planning, collaboration, and communication skills that employees develop through active involvement in AFS. _a68e94b4-a700-11e2-900e-ad93cc429512 Strategy 3.1.8 Employers Employees cc10f7e2-c6ed-48a3-9980-4d8183f3409a Agency Support Suggestion: Agencies can also support their staff in serving as officers and by sharing the cost of membership and professional certification. _a68e96e4-a700-11e2-900e-ad93cc429512 Strategy 3.1.9 c97e2b19-0994-4b93-b086-3c1519b3195f Affordability & Benefit Ensure AFS services and products are affordable, viable, and beneficial to members. _a68e98e2-a700-11e2-900e-ad93cc429512 Strategy 3.1.10 AFS Members e5b4821c-c72c-4475-a30e-31be5167181a Recognition Encourage recognition of volunteer contributions to the success of the Society at all levels through awards and other mechanisms. _a68e9aea-a700-11e2-900e-ad93cc429512 Strategy 3.1.11 Volunteers a3024a10-5959-4c44-bd55-9ccc39b6290f Information Management & Communication Provide quality information management and communication services to all members. _a68e9d24-a700-11e2-900e-ad93cc429512 Strategy 3.1.12 AFS Members e44139ca-d230-49b8-8aa3-8dada216c7d3 Jobs Bulletin Suggestion: For example the AFS Jobs Bulletin _a68e9f2c-a700-11e2-900e-ad93cc429512 Strategy 3.1.13 ff1fb8cc-9648-4972-8491-5a2a6986927a Membership Software Suggestion: Use most up to date software to maintain membership lists _a68ea1e8-a700-11e2-900e-ad93cc429512 Strategy 3.1.14 e90dc841-a4d0-4292-90a3-2afcd3842a81 Students & Professionals Enhance participation of students and professionals at all levels of the society to assure recruitment, retention, and leadership development into the future. _a68ea436-a700-11e2-900e-ad93cc429512 3.2 Students Fisheries Professionals 05fe12f0-55b3-4da8-bf99-74fce2c0cf04 Experience & Benefits Provide a wide array of opportunities for college and university students and professionals at all levels to participate in AFS and experience the benefits of membership. _13e6f1a0-a706-11e2-a144-9c96cc429512 Strategy 3.2.1 College Students University Students Fisheries Professionals 353b3242-b789-40a1-8ba4-a0524b1a9f00 Internships, Grants, Scholarships & Registration Fees Suggestion: Internships, travel grants, scholarships, reduced registration _13e6fa24-a706-11e2-a144-9c96cc429512 Strategy 3.2.2 0053e642-34af-42d1-81e6-29377dfa7248 Mentoring & Guidance Suggestion: Mentoring and guidance on mentoring to provide consistent experience _13e6fdd0-a706-11e2-a144-9c96cc429512 Strategy 3.2.3 a99a5945-c58a-4018-b850-ae8610972a88 Organizational Capacity Provide services and guidance on building organizational capacity in AFS units. _13e6ff7e-a706-11e2-a144-9c96cc429512 Strategy 3.2.4 AFS Units 4c6fe51d-7737-42bc-a84a-754215689d90 Training, Web Development & Fundraising Suggestion: Leadership training, web development, fundraising, relationships within AFS hierarchy, congress of AFS leaders _13e700fa-a706-11e2-a144-9c96cc429512 Strategy 3.2.5 b12829b8-759e-4e4d-9fe9-81ffe1c0e60d Marketing Plan Develop a marketing plan for increasing college and university faculty and student participation in AFS. _13e702bc-a706-11e2-a144-9c96cc429512 Strategy 3.2.6 College Faculty University Faculty College Students University Students eb24ad81-4f77-42c8-8840-9c05d828aed2 Sponsorships Suggestion: Faculty sponsorship of students _13e7042e-a706-11e2-a144-9c96cc429512 Strategy 3.2.7 Faculty Students 13949357-1e78-480a-913d-25ae2fb1cf5e Diversity Promote diversity within AFS and the fisheries profession. _13e705aa-a706-11e2-a144-9c96cc429512 3.3 74d6eddb-8b58-42a9-a534-a9191629b430 Participation Remove obstacles to full participation of under-represented groups (including women) in AFS meetings, publication activities, and governance. _13e70762-a706-11e2-a144-9c96cc429512 Strategy 3.3.1 Under-Represented Groups Women 8b106ca4-f377-4d4b-b942-7f17c6883f27 Mentoring & Childcare Suggestion: Mentoring program for female members, childcare and family friendly activities at annual meetings _13e708e8-a706-11e2-a144-9c96cc429512 Strategy 3.3.2 b8323f11-a434-4239-8cfc-878c63b10afc Education & Engagement Educate and engage the AFS membership in diversity related issues. _13e70a64-a706-11e2-a144-9c96cc429512 Strategy 3.3.3 03f41237-7b71-424a-8989-a00ac8ff4fd8 Visibility Increase the visibility of fisheries and natural resource sciences, environmental awareness, and career opportunities to under-represented populations, especially in minority-serving institutions. _13e70c26-a706-11e2-a144-9c96cc429512 Strategy 3.3.4 Under-Represented Populations Minority-Serving Institutions a9451878-eacf-4277-b4bb-f09d5f8412ba Professional & Academic Organizations Support efforts of professional and academic organizations involved in increasing diversity in student and professional populations in fisheries and natural resource careers. _13e70dac-a706-11e2-a144-9c96cc429512 Strategy 3.3.5 Professional Organizations Academic Organizations b0696d2a-e5fc-4687-919a-535db559c082 Scholarships Develop scholarships for under-represented groups at all college and university levels to facilitate recruitment into AFS and the fisheries profession. _13e70f28-a706-11e2-a144-9c96cc429512 Strategy 3.3.6 Under-Represented Groups Colleges Universities 87f94471-19bd-4cb6-b83c-936b73665d97 Hutton & J. Frances Allen Scholarships Suggestion: Opportunities similar to Hutton or J. Frances Allen scholarships _13e710f4-a706-11e2-a144-9c96cc429512 Strategy 3.3.7 d341c671-ddfb-4ba0-84ad-845b02225e08 Collaboration Collaborate with indigenous peoples of the Americas to identify and address common concerns within the fisheries profession. _13e7127a-a706-11e2-a144-9c96cc429512 Strategy 3.3.8 Indigenous Peoples 3f0f4486-f4a6-40aa-b9be-a36678d7748f Reciprocal Membership Foster reciprocal society membership with members of the World Fisheries Council to increase international participation in AFS. _13e713f6-a706-11e2-a144-9c96cc429512 Strategy 3.3.9 World Fisheries Council 20e07f26-30e3-4520-91b7-aea325d544fd Information Develop innovative and cost effective methods to make fisheries science and management information readily available to AFS members and all levels of government entities worldwide. _13e715cc-a706-11e2-a144-9c96cc429512 3.4 AFS Members Government Entities 93dd49f5-3de5-4fe6-9915-754aa7433ee8 Publications Pursue open access formats for publications. _13e71752-a706-11e2-a144-9c96cc429512 Strategy 3.4.1 52ed5f4d-1ae7-4d2b-a1e4-9d3b615bbdee Broadcasting & Dissemination Develop cost-effective means to broadcast AFS meetings and disseminate information to AFS members at all levels. _13e718e2-a706-11e2-a144-9c96cc429512 Strategy 3.4.2 4db1b6fd-a2c8-4cd4-82a8-cd52b397e317 Electronic Media Suggestion: Electronic media including web casts and videos _13e71ae0-a706-11e2-a144-9c96cc429512 Strategy 3.4.3 03f9068f-5179-417c-b52f-0fd1b5c56323 Remote Participation Suggestion: Increase remote participation _13e71c8e-a706-11e2-a144-9c96cc429512 Strategy 3.4.4 5603ee0a-50e9-412b-9aa4-5a9da1382933 Regional Meetings Encourage development of regional topic-oriented meetings separate from the annual meeting. _13e71e46-a706-11e2-a144-9c96cc429512 Strategy 3.4.5 b96809be-f403-4977-b66b-e0a6df9eeb71 Centers of Excellence Develop online virtual centers of excellence to tackle issues of concern to fisheries professionals. _13e72094-a706-11e2-a144-9c96cc429512 Strategy 3.4.6 b8dfc744-bd71-4c34-bc4c-18675ab18a62 Online Forums Foster online forums to encourage member communication. _13e722a6-a706-11e2-a144-9c96cc429512 Strategy 3.4.7 AFS Members 8e7b1e3f-cdaa-412e-a922-957c8f07015f Online Journal Forum Suggestion: New online marine journal web forum _13e72454-a706-11e2-a144-9c96cc429512 Strategy 3.4.8 dd1599c3-95f0-40e1-a94b-742efe0f0d1f Technical Reports & Gray Literature Develop a method for state/provincial and federal agencies, consulting firms, and other employers of fisheries professionals to make technical reports and gray literature electronically accessible. _13e7265c-a706-11e2-a144-9c96cc429512 Strategy 3.4.9 State Agencies Provincial Agencies Federal Agencies Consulting Firms Employers of Fisheries Professionals b774ed14-ff9e-46a1-b3b0-7a98c2872154 Governance & Management Practice good governance and organizational management. _13e7280a-a706-11e2-a144-9c96cc429512 3.5 2765e0ca-955a-4395-83c1-a4e82f79bb9b Transparency & Continuity Improve the transparency and continuity of governance procedures and Society decision-making. _13e729ae-a706-11e2-a144-9c96cc429512 Strategy 3.5.1 5c44b5b3-9d4e-43ef-97df-ee73c3d31901 Meeting Minutes Suggestion: Governing board meeting minutes on AFS website _13e72bac-a706-11e2-a144-9c96cc429512 Strategy 3.5.2 28328eb5-9bf1-4ab7-8ca6-2bd441309110 Society Practices Suggestion: Updated documentation of society practices _13e72d6e-a706-11e2-a144-9c96cc429512 Strategy 3.5.3 b394f3e0-6ff4-4402-b923-932b831dbad4 Membership Information Develop cost-effective and efficient means of managing membership information that will allow for better organization and governance of AFS units. _13e72f26-a706-11e2-a144-9c96cc429512 Strategy 3.5.4 AFS Units cd300c5d-fc74-47f5-9baa-80e9cfdef49a Access Suggestion: Access for unit leaders to recent membership information _13e73124-a706-11e2-a144-9c96cc429512 Strategy 3.5.5 AFS Unit Leaders f2e85fad-640f-4159-ba16-f738d611ca6a Institutional Memory Develop a universal process for all units to preserve the long-term institutional memory of AFS by archiving important documents and other communications and making archives available to AFS membership. _13e732d2-a706-11e2-a144-9c96cc429512 Strategy 3.5.6 8962599b-d073-4b23-b33e-f04a759ad4c4 Financial Security Ensure that AFS remains financially secure. _13e7346c-a706-11e2-a144-9c96cc429512 Strategy 3.5.7 b5dc3206-6f84-4271-b2e3-50fdf2e65b00 Implementation & Reporting Implement this Strategic Plan, including an online process for reporting progress. _13e73674-a706-11e2-a144-9c96cc429512 Strategy 3.5.8 12048202-336d-4b31-b428-ea140102a78b 2009-11-10 2014-12-31 2013-04-16 Owen Ambur Submit error.