Strategic Goals Association of Government Accountants AGA _c24c3811-56ad-4780-9c74-1b44f46b376d Relmond P. Van Daniker, DBA, CPA AGA's Executive Director -- Van Daniker has worked in the government financial management field for 30 years, including 26 years with associations. Since 2003, he has served as the executive director of AGA. Prior to this, he spent 18 years as the Executive Director of the National Association of State Auditors, Comptrollers and Treasurers (NASACT). Van Daniker is a past national president of the International Consortium on Governmental Financial Management (ICGFM) and was a professor of accounting at the University of Kentucky for more than 30 years. He spent three years as assistant director with the Cost Accounting Standards Board and chaired a task force to develop and implement a new statewide accounting system for the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Van Daniker was also the principal investigator for the National Science Foundation grant to develop generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) for state governments. He is a frequent contributor to financial management industry professional journals and is the co-author of 10 books and monographs. Van Daniker received AGA's Author Award in 1983, and the AGA National President's Award in 2001. A native of Baltimore, Van Daniker received his undergraduate degree in accounting from Loyola College, an MBA in finance and a DBA in accounting from the University of Maryland. He is a member of AGA and the AICPA. Evelyn A. Brown, CGFM-Retired AGA's 2012-2013 National President -- Brown serves as AGA's 2012-2013 National President and chair of the National Executive Committee. With more than 34 years of government financial management experience, Brown retired as Deputy Chief Financial Officer (DCFO) of the U.S. Office of Personnel Management in September 2006. In the DCFO role, she directed the OPM's day-to-day financial management, including budgeting, accounting, information systems and financial reporting. As DCFO she worked with the Chief Financial Officers Council to improve federal financial management throughout government. Prior to joining OPM, Brown was the Chief Executive Officer for the National Archives Trust Fund (NATF) where she directed the investment strategy and portfolio, user fees, and overall polices and procedures. After retiring from federal service, she has worked on special projects as a financial management consultant for Suss Consulting, and has worked with both Deloitte and IBM. She has been active in AGA on the chapter, regional, and national levels. She is a past national treasurer, past Chapter President of the Washington D.C. Chapter and ended her second term in 2011as Regional Coordinator for Chapter Development and Assistance for the Capital Region. She has served on the National Executive Committee and numerous other committees in AGA. Her community service activities include a 14 year stint with the IRS' Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program. She also served as an instructor and counselor for the Department of Commerce's Small Business Development Program assisting minority businesses in the DC area. She has been a volunteer for Habitat for Humanity in New Orleans and Atlanta and is currently active in the mentoring and Early Careers Program for the Capital Region. She continues to be active in Executive Women in Government (EWG) and is completing her fifth term as Treasurer of The International Alliance for Women (TIAW), an organization that links more than 35,000 businesses, professional and entrepreneurial women and their associations in order to provide a global voice for women's advancement. Brown graduated from Howard University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Accounting. She is also an alumna of the Federal Executives Institute. Brown's professional memberships include EWG, TIAW, as well as AGA. AGA is the premier association for advancing government accountability.* _fbe4c4d6-c2eb-11e2-9db6-0e611e244bac AGA fosters learning, certification, leadership and collaboration for professionals and stakeholders committed to advancing government accountability. _fbe4c576-c2eb-11e2-9db6-0e611e244bac Service Accountability Government accountability: A government's obligation to the people for its actions and use of resources. Integrity Leadership MEMBER VALUE AGA maximizes member value through an effective and efficient organization. _fbe4c5f8-c2eb-11e2-9db6-0e611e244bac 1 Regions & Chapters Support and enable the viability of regions and chapters and their activities _fbe4c68e-c2eb-11e2-9db6-0e611e244bac 1.1 a66641ad-a1e6-4eaa-a9db-ccd3d766f6bb Communication Ensure clear and open communication with all stakeholders _fbe4c71a-c2eb-11e2-9db6-0e611e244bac 1.2 030241e5-c50c-4777-8ddf-e0089bee361e Alignment Align members, leadership and staff roles and responsibilities to drive AGA progress and success _fbe4c7b0-c2eb-11e2-9db6-0e611e244bac 1.3 c0190c46-d791-4989-8dad-070e87da6cf4 Human Capital & Infrastructure Continuously invest in human capital and infrastructure to enhance operational efficiencies and customer service _fbe4c846-c2eb-11e2-9db6-0e611e244bac 1.4 9b76a6cd-02b9-4e09-97ba-8aae798aac1c EMPOWERMENT AGA educates and empowers professionals to advance government accountability _fbe4c97c-c2eb-11e2-9db6-0e611e244bac 2 Educational Needs Maintain and enhance AGA's responsiveness to current and emerging educational needs by delivering timely and relevant content _fbe4ca12-c2eb-11e2-9db6-0e611e244bac 2.1 26794d99-274f-400a-b5a0-66fca0092f0c Professionalism Promote professionalism to enhance and expand an individual's capabilities and performance _602af662-c2ed-11e2-9288-9e5f1e244bac 2.2 c5b176b0-c65d-42b2-9b20-f9528516a753 Government Accountability Promote government accountability as a profession and career _602af856-c2ed-11e2-9288-9e5f1e244bac 2.3 de7f86fd-d78a-4df6-87dd-d54874b3d3db CERTIFICATION AGA enhances government accountability by advancing the Certified Government Financial Manager (CGFM) as the preferred professional designation _fbe4cab2-c2eb-11e2-9db6-0e611e244bac 3 Awareness & Confidence Promote public awareness and confidence in the integrity, competence and professionalism of CGFMs _602af914-c2ed-11e2-9288-9e5f1e244bac 3.1 4f296363-1ddb-4f26-81f1-054451d18ca3 Relevance & Value Advance the relevance and value of the CGFM designation in the government accountability community _602af9c8-c2ed-11e2-9288-9e5f1e244bac 3.2 25212f51-e77e-4075-93b6-e2b0d086354e Competency Maintain certification competency through mandatory continuing professional education and strict adherence to AGA's Code of Ethics _602afa86-c2ed-11e2-9288-9e5f1e244bac 3.3 a2882af0-94bc-41af-b8b6-1d43d4a52165 THOUGHT LEADERSHIP AGA is the thought leader and catalyst for change _602afb58-c2ed-11e2-9288-9e5f1e244bac 4 Emerging Issues Identify, monitor, assess and influence emerging issues _602afc16-c2ed-11e2-9288-9e5f1e244bac 4.1 c93298d3-d6a8-499b-9e77-eedab589ad1a Research Enhance research to produce timely, valuable content for key stakeholders _11bcfdf8-c2ee-11e2-9b20-fa9f1e244bac 4.2 ac39ebd8-92dd-47db-a955-d0790618d11f Knowledge & Practices Cultivate knowledge and disseminate effective practices across disciplines and levels of government _11bd001e-c2ee-11e2-9b20-fa9f1e244bac 4.3 781c7583-9c87-441c-9f41-37bfae1f6624 Standards & Policy Provide valued input on standards and to policy-makers _11bd0118-c2ee-11e2-9b20-fa9f1e244bac 4.4 7f0c226a-627d-43e3-8f34-dba1778f8715 COLLABORATION AGA provides forums for collaboration among diverse disciplines, sectors and levels of government _602afcd4-c2ed-11e2-9288-9e5f1e244bac 5 Diversity Attract and retain a diverse membership _602afd88-c2ed-11e2-9288-9e5f1e244bac 5.1 638c2830-9022-4ff7-b0fd-6c447791cc38 Professional Development, Leadership & Networking Expand and enhance professional development, leadership and networking opportunities _11bd01f4-c2ee-11e2-9b20-fa9f1e244bac 5.2 d0889600-df28-422b-b6fa-3d9e710c30d1 Disciplines & Work Environments Attract individuals from a wide variety of disciplines and work environments to participate in AGA activities _11bd02e4-c2ee-11e2-9b20-fa9f1e244bac 5.3 19e4794e-87f7-4614-a613-1fef66ab85df Dialogue & Collaboration Facilitate a neutral platform for dialogue and collaboration _b00d053e-c2ee-11e2-b431-085f1e244bac 5.4 1613ffe5-144b-4944-b901-cfc5f1a74a50 2013-05-22 Owen Ambur Submit error.