A Blueprint of AGB A Summary of the Strategic Plan of the Association of Governing Boards of Universities and Colleges, 2006-2011 Association of Governing Boards of Universities and Colleges AGB _2f5d16ca-9742-11df-a4c5-47817a64ea2a _2f5d19a4-9742-11df-a4c5-47817a64ea2a The Association of Governing Boards of Universities and Colleges strengthens and protects this country’s unique form of institutional governance through its research, services, and advocacy. AGB is committed to citizen trusteeship of American higher education. _2f5d1ae4-9742-11df-a4c5-47817a64ea2a Support and High Expectations AGB is guided by its support for the men and women who hold higher education in trust, with respect for what has come before and high expectations for what will come in the future. Dedication Dedication to higher education and its system of citizen trusteeship Responsiveness and Quality Responsive and high-quality service to members Respect Respect for members and colleagues in all interaction Teamwork and Collaboration Teamwork and collaboration within AGB and with other organizations Communication Effective, accurate, and timely communication within AGB and with constituents Commitment to Research Commitment to research to undergird AGB’s services, advocacy, and communication Research Agenda AGB will develop and implement a robust research agenda that will inform the association’s services to members and position the association as the primary source of information on higher education governance. _2f5d1bc0-9742-11df-a4c5-47817a64ea2a 1 Research Function Establish a research function to ensure that information and current data inform the association’s communications, publications, and programs. _2f5d1cce-9742-11df-a4c5-47817a64ea2a 1.1 9fbe82ad-5233-4fdc-8fb8-f37c6dc7af65 aad9b7b6-57cf-4e87-831a-f4d202c6f24d Annual Report Develop an annual research-based report on governance. _2f5d1d82-9742-11df-a4c5-47817a64ea2a 1.2 053ea53b-770c-440c-848a-7fd5f963634f f2f084da-9317-4085-ae64-8832c27fd8a7 Senior Scholars Develop a cadre of senior scholars who contribute to the knowledge, experience, and credibility of AGB through their research, writing, and speaking as AGB representatives. _2f5d1e36-9742-11df-a4c5-47817a64ea2a 1.3 9d9f0f3e-6719-4979-b7fc-6d6cc751cbb9 39d0846c-f062-4ba9-9bc9-fc2a8e31fa1b Web Site and Resource Center Enhance the Web site and the Zwingle Resource Center to make information easily available to members. _2f5d1eea-9742-11df-a4c5-47817a64ea2a 1.4 84d8d69b-82bb-4222-94a6-1c88442b1c14 e64c2e87-717e-45ec-9ed3-66074a54c176 Feedback Strategies Develop strategies for gathering feedback on governance from members and others. _2f5d1fa8-9742-11df-a4c5-47817a64ea2a 1.5 b4adc9df-7afc-4d11-b38b-951d09b788c6 9a8dbf64-a60d-4e49-8a4e-b71b6b86a620 AGB Press Create The AGB Press to publish and brand the association’s research and raise the profile of publications. _2f5d2066-9742-11df-a4c5-47817a64ea2a 1.6 ac1db4f7-446a-4c10-9d27-18b5c268e3c5 95c2065e-ee80-410d-9213-5f550b720191 Programs and Sevices Membership in AGB will be highly valued and essential for university and college boards and presidents because of new and strengthened programs and services. _2f5d212e-9742-11df-a4c5-47817a64ea2a 2 University Boards College Boards University Presidents College Presidents Governance Institute Develop a governance institute, co-branded with a highly selective private university, that will offer a range of programs for presidents and trustees: an academy for presidents, offering programs focused on governance, finance, and related topics; a mentoring program for new presidents on governance-related issues; workshops for board members focused on governance issues; and a research function focused on higher education governance. _2f5d220a-9742-11df-a4c5-47817a64ea2a 2.1 4f0884db-961c-47ee-8f18-906ef8d1f70c d11c5bb7-04fe-4f10-b619-1f81bbd6fcf7 Consulting Services and Educational Programming Develop consulting services and create greater flexibility in existing board education programming. _2f5d22f0-9742-11df-a4c5-47817a64ea2a 2.2 dc0d6546-198d-4a88-95d3-b923aee1e0ed c8bc9448-a408-4e60-85cd-766708dfe3ca Communications Strategy Develop and implement a new communications strategy for the association using print and electronic vehicles to enhance AGB’s brand recognition, add value to membership, strengthen messages, and provide useful, timely information to current and prospective members and other important constituencies. _2f5d23e0-9742-11df-a4c5-47817a64ea2a 2.3 9a718401-1889-4f88-a808-1c149063accd 27ad9a87-5982-4535-93fd-6943c06f7dff Special Program Develop a special program for boards of highly selective institutions. _2f5d24c6-9742-11df-a4c5-47817a64ea2a 2.4 Highly Selective Institutions 618da35d-a5a5-4c11-a0d3-3cd16d43506a 04ac2be7-ce73-428e-bae4-f1a19e245197 Meeting Schedule Develop an annual schedule of short meetings for public and private members. _2f5d25c0-9742-11df-a4c5-47817a64ea2a 2.5 9b66eb1b-86d0-43ba-853d-2aeaae5d49fe a7b14485-54f8-4669-b677-2f668c26a2c0 Foundations Build on the success of AGB’s work with foundations to enhance programming, services, and research initiatives. _2f5d26ba-9742-11df-a4c5-47817a64ea2a 2.6 Foundations a01723a0-fa5d-4c3b-aa24-5e62395651d0 792a9126-41de-43b1-8544-2fe61634d514 Ingram Center Extend the work of the Ingram Center for Public Trusteeship and Governance by developing new programs and contributing to the research agenda of the association. _2f5d27be-9742-11df-a4c5-47817a64ea2a 2.7 4d6d0683-76d2-40c5-a870-83d14e1c5580 46634a0e-3de0-4b49-92ec-9841fb2942c8 Call In Service Create and market a “call in” service for presidents and board chairs needing quick, confidential phone consultations. _2f5d28cc-9742-11df-a4c5-47817a64ea2a 2.8 3a14c870-8a58-410f-8367-d1bcd4a7a840 2ede9e85-3ec6-4937-b934-93514a1a60c2 Information Make valuable information available to members at no charge through the Web site, the Zwingle Resource Center, and electronic communications. _2f5d29d0-9742-11df-a4c5-47817a64ea2a 2.9 7eae556e-df46-493e-bd14-0e52e93c16f0 dd29d290-6ed1-403d-9d8b-f3a70bd70fab Trusteeship Publication Ensure that Trusteeship remains the leading association publication in the area of governance, serving as a key benefit of membership by becoming more timely, content-rich, responsive to current needs, and focused on emerging issues and trends. _2f5d2ade-9742-11df-a4c5-47817a64ea2a 2.10 40b30918-c844-4457-9e5e-6d7ed36c24d4 e0b652dd-5361-4a2d-b3f8-cbbc3a80d1d6 National Conference Continually strengthen the National Conference on Trusteeship to ensure that it serves members well and continues to grow in attendance and reputation. _2f5d2c00-9742-11df-a4c5-47817a64ea2a 2.11 d6dc0cca-6d76-438d-81cb-7d4a5dd5ca2e bffea548-c686-4e44-848c-9c436ee3bfd2 National Advocacy AGB will be the national advocate for citizen trusteeship of colleges and universities. _2f5d2d4a-9742-11df-a4c5-47817a64ea2a 3 Citizen Trustees of Colleges and Universities It will be the leading voice on issues related to higher education governance with state and federal policymakers. Trustee Advocacy Network Establish and utilize the AGB Trustee Advocacy Network on those public policy issues appropriate to AGB’s mission. _2f5d2e80-9742-11df-a4c5-47817a64ea2a 3.1 e4f40374-3d18-4519-b126-ccb42f1b9575 a0db21a3-0fda-4819-a0b6-3b3e44163bc0 Partnerships and Collaborations Build partnerships and collaborations with other organizations and associations where appropriate to advance AGB’s public-policy agenda. _2f5d2fca-9742-11df-a4c5-47817a64ea2a 3.2 c814abac-8505-436f-8ec5-fd73c8ff8b0e f544caa6-2a22-4d84-866f-d18d9c3979f6 Task Force Recommendations Promote the recommendations of AGB’s Task Force on the State of the Presidency in American Higher Education, calling upon state public policy makers to strengthen public trusteeship. _2f5d310a-9742-11df-a4c5-47817a64ea2a 3.3 State Public Policy Makers c69255d2-017f-4877-9430-065a922dfdf4 073454ae-17f4-41e9-a5e9-18b153b019a8 Legislation, Policy, and Dialogues Monitor state and national legislation, policy changes, and public dialogues affecting higher education governance. _2f5d325e-9742-11df-a4c5-47817a64ea2a 3.4 42694d9b-bc24-4d80-b35f-bf9c70c0c708 86f38b18-634d-4ba6-8536-ce53a1fa95bc Trustee Reform Use the Ingram Center to extend AGB’s work on a trustee reform agenda into targeted states, working in partnership with other organizations, where necessary. _2f5d33a8-9742-11df-a4c5-47817a64ea2a 3.5 58ff1bf8-48ee-462d-a343-45a9c128dc27 9bd9cf1a-b2f5-4967-8389-10c6ba3c86b5 Statement on Accountability Broadly disseminate the Board of Directors’ forthcoming statement on accountability. _2f5d34fc-9742-11df-a4c5-47817a64ea2a 3.6 Educate governing boards about its contents, purposes, and relevance to the new work of boards. a1d94c9c-c860-433c-8f29-52cc64a6e2ab 1ac40071-de1b-4d94-91b6-b6d8b2392d96 Operations and Practices AGB’s internal operations and practices will be strengthened to ensure the success of the overall plan. _2f5d3664-9742-11df-a4c5-47817a64ea2a 4 Organizational Structure Implement an organizational structure that aligns functional areas with strategic objectives. _2f5d37d6-9742-11df-a4c5-47817a64ea2a 4.1 73c86457-5885-4746-9e95-db6bd95eee5e 90c6dbd8-b45c-4660-9421-7a404dd333c2 Communications, Entrepreneurship, and Problem Solving Improve communications, entrepreneurship, and problem solving within AGB so the first three priorities can be successfully achieved. _2f5d3948-9742-11df-a4c5-47817a64ea2a 4.2 2f502d8f-2a5e-4f99-855b-260f21ea040b 08152d20-4153-47be-af9c-8e59cb87e4c8 Staffing Ensure that AGB has a diverse and able staff focused on the association’s core values. _2f5d3ae2-9742-11df-a4c5-47817a64ea2a 4.3 aa74367c-bcab-4ccd-99da-1c3ad6f7cdde 31a5a798-79c1-4f05-bfa4-c8383f61fb84 Revenue and Pricing Continue to seek appropriate balance in the pricing of services and membership in order to provide necessary revenue while remaining sensitive to member needs. _2f5d3c4a-9742-11df-a4c5-47817a64ea2a 4.4 b05b3be5-dfb3-419c-8c0b-6e53ad85ed20 3ee13b42-588d-4f75-9598-c29e2fedcc76 2008-01-01 2011-12-31 2010-07-24 http://www.agb.org/system/files/u3/Blueprint_for_AGB.pdf Owen Ambur Owen.Ambur@verizon.net Submit error.