About the Institute: Mission Historically, the Institute had two primary lines of business that operated separately: a Seminars Program that recruited executives to multi-day discussions; and a set of Policy Programs that were somewhat independent of each other and the Institute. Both use The Aspen Method of conducting meetings and seminars: a moderated dialogue in a small group setting where participants from various backgrounds and perspectives learn from each other through an interactive discussion of specific readings. In the past, the Institute had minimal public programs or leadership initiatives. In 2004 a strategic decision was made to focus future growth in these two areas in order to increase its reach, bring in new participants and supporters, and integrate a disparate set of programs. Our current principles provide a framework for going forward; however, opportunities for innovation and experimentation that do not fit within our mission will be undertaken periodically if there is the potential for a high impact on society. New initiatives and programs will be evaluated in light of our mission and strategic priorities using the following categories: Definition of the program or activity. Mission of the program or activity. Rationale: Why would the Institute do this? Does it fit with the Institute's mission? Target audience: Whom is the program trying to serve? Sustainability: Will the program be viable for the prescribed time period? Metric(s) of success: How will program be measured? Funding philosophy: Does the program cover costs, make money, or seek a subsidy? Aspen Institute AI _b71a8ee6-ec77-11df-96f0-bf377a64ea2a The Institute is based in Washington, DC, Aspen, Colorado, and on the Wye River on Maryland’s Eastern Shore and has an international network of partners. _b71a918e-ec77-11df-96f0-bf377a64ea2a The Aspen Institute mission is twofold: to foster values-based leadership, encouraging individuals to reflect on the ideals and ideas that define a good society, and to provide a neutral and balanced venue for discussing and acting on critical issues. _b71a930a-ec77-11df-96f0-bf377a64ea2a Growth Continue to grow the leadership initiatives globally and expand public programs. Horizontal Integration Provide opportunities for more horizontal integration across programs by linking public programs, leadership initiatives and policy programs. Environment, education, and health are the initial areas for cross- fertilization. Nonpartisanship The Institute has increasingly become a venue for convening nonpartisan commissions to help resolve specific issues. The Institute will remain open to limited opportunities for convening such commissions where it can make a difference. Incubation and Facilitation Incubate and facilitate action by individuals attending Institute programs. Geographic Expansion Expand the domestic geographic footprint with a focus on programs in New York, Chicago and the San Francisco Bay area. Financial Self-Support The Institute’s general policy is that any seminar, leadership initiative, public forum, or policy program should support itself either through paid public participation, foundation funding, or other donations. Seminars [Conduct] seminars, which help participants reflect on what they think makes a good society, thereby deepening knowledge, broadening perspectives and enhancing their capacity to solve the problems leaders face. _b71a93e6-ec77-11df-96f0-bf377a64ea2a 1 _b71a94ae-ec77-11df-96f0-bf377a64ea2a a2fa69e3-9a12-40bf-a902-16206fd67359 c53e6fad-394e-4c5b-ac7e-bf75dd2dea61 Fellowships [Support] young-leader fellowships around the globe, which bring a selected class of proven leaders together for an intense multi-year program and commitment. _b71a9562-ec77-11df-96f0-bf377a64ea2a 2 Young Leaders Proven Leaders The fellows become better leaders and apply their skills to significant challenges. _b71a9620-ec77-11df-96f0-bf377a64ea2a ac54ebe7-2cb4-4fc5-867e-1125ef59b125 56f8a603-a64c-413b-be14-c0d0dc341818 Policy Programs [Conduct] Policy programs, which serve as nonpartisan forums for analysis, consensus building, and problem solving on a wide variety of issues. _b71a96e8-ec77-11df-96f0-bf377a64ea2a 3 _b71a97b0-ec77-11df-96f0-bf377a64ea2a 2afcdae6-79a4-4e16-8e9d-c93b4a63ef09 a063dba9-e60e-46cf-985f-d9756b540c43 Conferences and Events [Host] public conferences and events, which provide a commons for people to share ideas. _b71a9878-ec77-11df-96f0-bf377a64ea2a 4 _b71a9954-ec77-11df-96f0-bf377a64ea2a 22da26fd-ad2e-4638-8dc7-35d49f736673 3d8c3f0e-b965-46f3-81cf-aa4466254db6 The Future _b71a9a26-ec77-11df-96f0-bf377a64ea2a 5 Reach and Dialogue Broaden the reach; deepen the dialogue _b71a9b02-ec77-11df-96f0-bf377a64ea2a 5.1 Broaden the reach of the Institute and its ideas in a measured way. At the core of the Institute's approach is an emphasis on in-person dialogue. As the breadth of public exposure is expanded, the goal is to encourage new participants to deepen their involvement with the Institute’s programs. f560f83d-3cd9-4a8b-a753-a9b60495ae62 c50316c6-9c09-4fe5-963d-43eb5e948eaa Use of Technology Expand the use of technology _b71a9be8-ec77-11df-96f0-bf377a64ea2a 5.2 Expand the use of technology by creating branded Aspen Institute channels for video clips of activities and an online community that will deepen participation in the Institute. Use the internet community and online alumni network to link participants in various fellowships, seminars, and programs to facilitate ways for audiences to connect with each other to expand their impact on society. e6f518ff-2202-421d-a924-8d007d2cb7b9 bc4fd53f-870e-4598-b609-5e5f4ab9eeef Connections Across Divisions Continue to collaborate within our lines of business in important and relevant areas. _b71a9cce-ec77-11df-96f0-bf377a64ea2a 5.3 Poverty, international relations, arts, and philanthropy are key areas for exploration. 9cc8f2cb-4b03-47ea-9c64-0be6431c9e46 69dce7cc-0079-4a5d-998e-03581b8dcbb5 Aspen Seminar Strengthen marketing, scholarships and the moderator corps to insure long-term viability of the Aspen Seminar. _b71a9dd2-ec77-11df-96f0-bf377a64ea2a 5.4 The Aspen Seminar is at the heart of the Aspen Institute and at the core of the fellowships. 3519c831-961c-4cfb-961d-4ba136d2b0d2 a85b2591-b9cb-4ad9-9719-ebd0eaf514b5 Aspen Global Leadership Network Weave the various leadership fellowships into a cohesive global network and to connect fellows across programs in order to facilitate action. _b71a9ecc-ec77-11df-96f0-bf377a64ea2a 5.5 404454ad-0b49-454a-97c5-aadb43dfae9b dfc9e108-1d4b-413c-93a5-db48a13a6fc2 New Young-Leader Fellowships Encourage careful growth of new fellowships in strategic locations around the world and in new sectors. _b71a9fd0-ec77-11df-96f0-bf377a64ea2a 5.6 fbc5abf5-3afb-4c1e-a7f9-886b52d05f4d ef8c9169-0b3c-4953-b686-272318210f27 2010-11-09 http://www.aspeninstitute.org/about/mission Owen Ambur Owen.Ambur@verizon.net Submit error.