2010 - 2015 AIA Strategic Plan Putting a Plan into Action: Strategic Initiatives -- Moving forward, every AIA component has the opportunity to connect their programs to the 2010-2015 strategic plan. This document offers a framework for planning around common categories of initiatives that enable cross-collaboration and organization of work. Those strategic initiative categories are: * Environment + Stewardship (e.g. Sustainability) * Components + Communities (e.g. Diversity + Inclusiveness, Emerging Professionals) * Technology + Innovation (e.g. Integrated Project Delivery) * Business + Practice (e.g. Global Initiatives) Tools will be developed and shared with the components at Grassroots 2010. The AIA will maintain an ongoing planning schedule so that plans are responsive to changes in the environment and member needs. The strategic plan will be revisited regularly to refine existing strategies and metrics based on organizational performance in implementing the plan. In five years, the plan will be reviewed to determine the need for changes to the goals and strategies as a result of issues identified through the ongoing assessment of the internal and external environments. American Institute of Architects AIA ID-3519b4fb-9d0d-42d1-ac3f-5e69391086c8 Based in Washington, D.C., the AIA has been the leading professional membership association for licensed architects, emerging professionals, and allied partners since 1857. The American Institute of Architects: Driving positive change through the power of design ID-ba180ad1-efa8-42d4-82b9-09bb47c5d272 The American Institute of Architects is the voice of the architectural profession and a resource for its members in service to society. ID-6fe9e8b9-5a4f-400b-89d1-4305c5a656a0 Voice Serve as the Credible Voice ID-0a573bde-1f30-4a40-98da-4ffd46c5dbe8 1 AIA Members Promote the members and their AIA as the credible voice for quality design and the built environment. Advocacy Advance policies about design through political outreach, education, and engagement that are responsive to the public and the profession. ID-7ac07f51-7407-4700-804b-9fb2665c845b 1.1 8da2c399-a3dc-45de-b15c-1bfae988959b Communication Elevate the voice of architects to promote the value of design and to enhance the public's understanding of the importance of architecture. ID-121ae644-5adf-4530-be5b-07f1430a3389 1.2 Architects bd6ce59e-1df7-4334-b1a1-11676b787479 Source Be the Authoritative Source ID-6834504d-cf44-4b04-93b2-95c0ac9e5ca3 2 Profession of Architecture Be the recognized leader for knowledge about the practice and profession of architecture. Knowledge Create, promote, and disseminate interdisciplinary study and research ensuring the AIA's members are leaders in the profession, the industry, and their communities. ID-0c4e2802-de3d-496c-98f9-80073954ab26 2.1 AIA Members 25d4ac42-ccd3-41ed-91f4-cb72e7b0f10c Value Increase Member Value ID-03116c07-497a-4836-977a-2aef3a4999bb 3 AIA Members Increase value to members through programs and services that effectively meet, anticipate, and exceed their needs. Collaboration Align resources and empower networks of members, components, and allied professionals to build teamwork. ID-027dbb21-713c-4077-ae18-5a320560b106 3.1 a74ea651-7557-4422-a628-46e39ed5305b 2010-01-01 2015-12-31 2013-12-27 http://www.aia.org/aiaucmp/groups/aia/documents/pdf/aiab082453.pdf Submit error.