American Institute for Conservation of Historic & Artistic Works American Institute for Conservation of Historic & Artistic Works AIC _013ea8a4-b678-40d1-9547-109ae74e08aa The AIC and FAIC envision a world in which the preservation of cultural material is appreciated and supported, thereby encouraging knowledge and understanding of our cultural heritage. _cc3a853b-db67-425b-859d-86ed8720b045 The American Institute for Conservation of Historic & Artistic Works (AIC) is the national membership organization supporting conservation professionals in preserving cultural heritage by establishing and upholding professional standards, promoting research and publications, providing educational opportunities, and fostering the exchange of knowledge among conservators, allied professionals, and the public. _da490434-e8e4-4a3f-8d2e-c62ff79ddb2b Preservation of Cultural Heritage AIC promotes the preservation of cultural heritage as a means toward a deeper understanding of our shared humanity—the need to express ourselves through creative achievement in the arts, literature, architecture, and technology. We honor the history and integrity of achievements in the humanities and science through the preservation of cultural materials for future generations. Advocacy AIC is the voice for cultural materials preservation. We advocate for public policy founded on the enduring evidence of human imagination, creativity, and achievement. Professionalism AIC supports the provision of conservation services by professionally qualified individuals who adhere to a code of ethics and guidelines for practice. Education and Lifelong Learning AIC promotes the attainment of expert knowledge of materials and technologies and mastery of conservation techniques. We promote the understanding of the values and contexts of our cultural heritage and stress informed decision-making in conservation. We are dedicated to service in the field, research, sharing knowledge with others, and continued education. Member Services AIC welcomes any individual, organization, or institution to become a member. We encourage education and networking for professionals, allied professionals, and individuals interested in supporting conservation. We provide and develop services that are responsive to the professional needs of our members. Governance AIC embraces sustained, strategic management of our organization, reflecting our responsibilities to our membership, allied professions, partners, the public, and our cultural heritage preservation agenda. Member Services Enhance Member Services _83e330bc-07bb-4602-aa3d-80c8c8d624c3 I Members As a professional membership organization defined by the tax code 501(c)6, AIC’s primary function is to serve its membership. Professional conservators form the core of AIC and have a major influence on its direction, goals, and activities. AIC members serve in specialty groups, on committees and task forces, and elect AIC’s board. AIC will continue to enhance membership benefits. Membership Increase membership through retention efforts and by targeting new groups, including architects, conservation scientists, archaeologists, and collection managers. _04bcb206-88ce-4cb6-97e7-f6fe05265af2 1 Architects Conservation Scientists Archaeologists Collection Managers a0794648-7591-4ead-84b0-2f8bd89ad7de 0e6ab710-d246-4fb5-9ceb-85639d2ef949 Value and Benefits Better articulate the value of membership and membership benefits by membership category. _42506bc3-cfb8-464b-a017-ec64edea4907 2 6d057f73-2158-4b59-a990-48b7430ffa91 35a667bf-2abd-4115-961a-559c8a591c66 Certification Program Develop a respected, sustainable certification program and a process for recertification. _3073b95f-af22-49ab-9707-45f3f1f09ed0 3 089db329-5ec5-4d67-b159-2861dcd12e98 ff13ec06-7862-4c62-955d-ecbaeb41656d Emerging Leaders Increase commitment to and support of student/younger members by developing an Emerging Leaders group and initiating more interaction with training programs. _01c3a6a8-bd71-4ffb-aaea-06a5d18d2fe3 4 Student/Younger Members efa4815e-df93-41aa-945e-dea6dc2ba960 5fb057df-4856-477b-a1f2-90a888fe7a77 Communications Improve communication with members regarding AIC and FAIC activities and offerings and needs of the membership. _90d36686-bb3e-46fa-9e4c-a06d843659e5 5 The design and use of the new database and website—along with email blasts, surveys, Webinairs, etc.—will provide greater opportunities for interaction. Include IV. B. as part of this initiative. ea41f407-590c-4503-adc5-a2079c9dc430 91f27cae-91be-4c93-afd8-82135bc2f0ce Member Prospect Database Create a member prospect database. _69af8e6e-3814-4f75-8eb9-f373f49c3a3b 6 0c72e48b-9b2c-45ee-a52e-74ef9a34fc51 0d106e36-86f0-4092-aa38-866c1ab0d498 Member Benefits Explore new member benefits. _8e4c3a63-1e90-4b84-9d7d-adcbe8433c39 7 8719cbec-ab79-414f-a348-984fa824e18a f7e02f5a-c0b5-4010-865d-e7d661bd2ee7 FAIC Assist in the Development of the FAIC _9250af9c-9b35-412c-98f9-870972034a44 II To strengthen our organization, the AIC will provide information and support to FAIC board members, serve as a resource for programmatic activities conceived of and developed by both organizations, and implement educational and charitable activities for the FAIC. FAIC Leadership Review nominations proposed by the FAIC board and executive director and elect new FAIC board directors who can provide the knowledge, skills, abilities, and resources to reach strategic goals. _9ff67099-05b7-4fc2-9e33-6acb579958c3 1 5d484e52-8a1d-4cd8-9f6a-ef65c4de5c7a 3d6565e1-42a5-47fd-9fcd-aff7c491b734 Cooperative Agreements Develop, with the FAIC board, cooperative agreement documents that will guide and shape the interaction between the two organizations. _6fd6fc1a-19e4-4b5e-ad23-e29d4694f100 2 a099c0fc-7844-4b4d-9301-7342b2495261 cf520075-23c1-41d3-8eef-3de28aeb357e Education and Support Provide ongoing education and support for FAIC board members as they work to increase the visibility of the field of the conservation and AIC, along with increasing the financial base of both organizations. _4fa2a874-3adb-45ee-ae27-c5fd44588c27 3 94c4150f-9018-4feb-9b70-a7ad0067ef61 9fbe9da5-8a5f-450f-bf7a-7a1c37a64271 Activities Support Plan Develop a plan for support of AIC activities, with specific endowment and funding goals incorporated into the plan. _0c5c6431-1b7a-43d5-a662-e4bbfe1799cd 4 30d3ad7d-3522-4c00-9039-925a18b51459 69741f23-98ff-48bc-965e-4fae86ebba6f Donor Prospect Database Create a donor prospect database. _ffcdd17d-d5a2-41ef-9935-e6039e7f582c 5 7a48fb7c-27af-4e17-a47f-7838404e3ab8 a338fd5b-243d-4ed1-9b2e-db7d675ef89a Stability and Growth Assure Growth and Financial Stability _bc64c361-e472-4cd2-b839-f674ddb84b0a III AIC needs a strong financial base to effectively serve its membership. It will establish a long-term financial plan and collaborate with FAIC to increase funding. Business Plan Complete a business plan to guide operations and meet strategic goals. _4f4fbc9a-cb79-4086-93e2-242e0cd2ad59 1 8944693b-0f43-46c3-be58-cb411b71ea98 b25dc7a3-419e-49d7-a590-20d5fb1f14a2 Data Management Systems Integrate data management systems to provide clear and accurate reports, more efficiently, for staff, the board, committee and task force chairs, and specialty group officers. _d5060efa-2d43-441c-b70c-2023e31bc9b0 2 e20fee9f-0a46-48f7-bde9-9c9051cde1e7 5708f979-2693-4933-8a7e-d658224beb3c Financial Policies and Procedures Define financial policies and procedures, while incorporating the work of the financial advisory and audit committees into operations. _db6ed99f-5ca7-40c1-8870-cfffb2c7a058 3 aa087869-d4a1-4681-8539-82ac785381af ec2a5d70-de9c-4d8f-8545-b4416c9a62e2 Revenue Sources Explore and develop additional AIC revenue sources, particularly through marketing activities for additional sponsorships, Web advertising, and publication sales. _a0525496-50c7-44b1-bcab-e76abf56d300 4 d7f70dc7-0090-417c-937c-05fb2e87a832 e37f17a2-8bde-4f23-ace6-7e8d590e6327 Annual Meeting Review effectiveness of annual meeting structure and costs as the external and internal environment changes. _ae6a7371-050c-4f4b-a538-2456e480fc01 5 Develop options to be considered for meetings four to ten years in the future. eb1005fb-d964-423b-a16e-5ee0246f23ac b553d282-893b-4de2-9ddf-8e5fea2680c0 FAIC Board Support development of an FAIC board of directors. _7cd5621b-d7c3-492c-a876-0f6d07629d10 6 53e5401c-6965-4d58-bbe9-ce86bb47000b 8fb27372-753f-41bb-9397-b9fc1f260ab4 Infrastructure Increase Efficiency through a Strengthened Infrastructure _200db0bb-2ed4-4370-9095-a50f80e83b70 IV AIC will continue to strengthen the infrastructure through the use of technology and support of staff. Website and Membership Database Develop and launch a new AIC/FAIC website (including a redesigned Guide to Conservation Services) in coordination with a new membership database. _a9ed617f-bcff-492a-95be-accc67826a5e 1 fdd16880-c3fb-4200-a482-a15694333d0d 6d60cf77-ff98-43cf-8504-4037855d624a Online Services Integrate online registration, purchasing, and membership renewal capabilities into normal operations; create and execute a membership communications and education campaign as new features are introduced. _bd6b2337-eec9-4582-9917-31da28bb8dca 2 1627f7fb-b1b8-41b5-8e76-db94e3a99fde 78f6ebea-1033-4a00-aedc-4a0bc5fd4d61 New Technology and Search Capabilities Develop a plan for integrating new technology and search capabilities into AIC communications and research. _475d4b5c-489c-4be9-af74-40cd11ecc3ae 3 d6d55a08-64b4-4f82-be2f-1a4d4e0657bd a7fa2a25-5804-4865-921b-0c923c940b11 Web-Based Training Develop web-based training for specialty group officers and committee and task force members. _f85c698d-f812-476b-a724-b17e03d70edc 4 10f416d3-290b-4803-962e-4b6240e1af39 425dd75a-9383-4cde-9c2d-2603c22e1eef Sustainability and Recycling Review sustainability and recycling options in operations. _4fdcb889-304d-4535-99df-4f0e1de8577d 5 67483b4e-8998-456c-9f00-2b9aaa76534d 5ec63940-7655-4e2f-9d83-f02e56036ec1 Educational Opportunities Provide Educational Opportunities to Advance the Field of Conservation _baafbb33-768e-4bfb-8574-6f76d86f237f V An essential goal of the AIC is to assure the well being of the profession through ongoing professional development opportunities for its members. The AIC will review the educational opportunities available within the field and work toward developing, expanding, and supporting such opportunities. The AIC will continue to refine and expand its professional development programs to serve its members and to attract other conservation professionals. Review, Evaluation, Development, and Support Review current continuing educational opportunities; evaluate needs for additional programs; and develop, implement, and support programs that enable members to remain informed of recent advances in the care of cultural material. _9e4e2780-b0a2-4ccf-aefd-855ebb0c12df 1 abccd1fa-42af-4fa4-b41e-55c215286731 b322b182-c8ed-4de9-a43b-ae980adb550f Education Opportunities Provide quality conservation education opportunities nationally with an emphasis on mid-level professional development. _b6dc1893-0ee0-4938-86cf-91ae32b22023 2 ab20af71-8f7a-4878-b52e-f7c7f30e7263 e79c3a07-aea9-4a3b-ba70-8bacd13dac86 Training Methods Develop and support high quality training methods utilizing advanced educational tools and pedagogy to broaden accessibility to participants in a cost-effective manner. _02212f4a-e382-4730-a0fc-54be59541255 3 80c3e40d-cf59-47eb-8faf-938df7f167be 17bce172-d0e5-418f-8345-82c292d0a593 Webinars Develop web seminars to communicate new conservation ideas and techniques. _1f521227-2254-4aae-803b-a9f279691207 4 a55765c2-53ce-4906-b6e4-ca19843ee8ed ecd9d877-bff5-4ffe-9d77-06cfe3df30fb Partnerships Develop partnerships, leveraging resources to achieve maximum impact of education programming through collaborations with other organizations and institutions. _f974ae6f-d6b3-4e27-9e30-bb8d7dc00a05 5 afe80263-77f3-4752-8516-e5d15c38c28d 7e0f50f1-c103-491f-939a-c50da8cce5a3 Business Operations Refine and expand offerings and information on business operations for conservators in private practice. _00161534-e4b3-48c7-8384-9d708bc0e692 6 5ba1026d-e1cf-439d-bbca-870ecc744722 4930490b-cb3b-4e63-ab95-89529c2f1087 Networking Develop a new plan to increase networking opportunities among conservators and allied professionals. _bc80911e-2b0d-4c87-971b-b3897ae700c9 7 acd3bbb7-0ec5-4bf5-8729-16cd2ad3b247 1329061e-f2b9-4dff-8ca3-73a6c7527507 Expertise Provide expertise for developing internal training program for specialty group leadership, as described in IV.D. _36068df6-c913-4027-a7f3-1e2acef8ccb0 8 fc4a5f29-73a9-4a8c-b2cb-5f6872f38313 775161b5-ea84-40c8-9351-3a653ce9bca8 Outreach Explore Ways to Increase Outreach _72804510-a540-4615-8a15-2cd0dd76158b VI AIC seeks to increase appreciation and understanding of conservation and preservation beyond conservation professionals and to strengthen its presence in the allied professions. AIC will explore ways, in coordination with FAIC, to provide educational opportunities targeted to this goal. Outreach/Communications Plan Develop a strategic plan for outreach/communications for allied professionals and the public (including K-12 audience). _e7fef02a-52de-4a1a-9c45-29e84aa045d5 1 K-12 Audience A phased plan will develop strategies for reaching targeted goals over time. f706760a-f381-4fa1-8c98-d17098307157 b445e9b7-4354-4da4-a36a-67f2f1460220 Certification Marketing Develop a certification marketing plan. _742af5de-6493-4474-8b6b-0094a2561664 2 ed83a4ed-1767-4804-b1f1-5a754718381b ea478fb0-b417-473c-a7a7-285735d1664a Emergency Response Position AIC, according to our strengths, in the national emergency response effort. _9799339a-885b-4846-a3a8-a94c40da8a9a 3 Continue to work with other national and state emergency response organizations and funding agencies to address deployment issues. 21968088-0281-4204-8ec5-50043095f125 861e23ce-31b8-4348-9883-f93b46b85c24 Member Participation Encourage and support member participation in outreach activities through a standardized procedure for providing financial support and organizational endorsement to these programs. _9a95a7d1-0aa6-48ef-8d5f-5f14826b10d0 4 d3d11784-e05c-45c1-b663-0c0041ab14d5 7d43d467-005e-4c7e-aac6-2061c10a32d6 Collaborative Relationships Strengthen collaborative relationships with allied organizations to increase stature in the arts and humanities community. _8dd74ac1-b93e-4b25-9bcd-d475190eaae0 5 AAM Heritage Preservation AASLH APT Targeted organizations will initially include AAM, Heritage Preservation, AASLH, and APT. 22f8c50a-00a8-483b-83c4-4d7ae21b72c0 5a209aaf-2d8c-4f4d-90c9-9754cc80a72a Advocacy Advocate for conservation among government agencies and cultural organizations and partner with appropriate advocacy alliances in the arts and humanities. _41d1426f-4a25-4bee-8301-37fc70036a26 6 f26ad682-e026-4e39-8025-ae466941f6f1 2bd91e74-5591-4b81-9fee-14dd0a7ce118 Policy and Programs Participate in national efforts to shape policy and programs that strengthen conservation of cultural heritage. _ea0625e4-b7f0-4317-a8e4-9308bbe93397 7 4fabdea6-a3c8-4c97-9645-1503f33233a4 eac7ea7b-a4b8-4403-b488-6b8a82ed43e1 Cooperative Agreements Explore cooperative agreements with external organizations such as NCPTT, to foster conservation research, and FEMA, to facilitate emergency response preparedness. _1db711ed-b405-423d-ad6e-46d0b4e79688 8 2ae3215f-ba9f-4b81-8ac5-8216b154586e 58a80b2a-65fd-4ab5-9aa9-f460f62ee605 Publications Increase the effectiveness of AIC Publications _20805b8d-60b8-48e6-b020-2336a8aa431d VII High quality AIC publications in both print and electronic format are critical to effectively serve AIC’s membership, attract new members, and maintain credibility in the field. AIC will continue to improve its publications through regular review and adherence to policies that provide consistency, assure quality, and maintain standards. Delivery System Review delivery systems for all publications. _7a6f3d73-f80e-40f6-a2c4-552afa8fb75b 1 343cd73c-a795-4acc-8ff3-b5646c51f502 5cd62cb6-ba28-4f4f-aab6-8220ddba2167 Publications Plan Develop a plan to create publications to serve a broader conservation community, allied professionals, and the public. _b81e4c98-0378-4065-86a3-ba5443bf71ea 2 00842b35-aaa8-453a-922a-c4b42dfae864 ce85dae3-dea2-421c-ab89-e8fb89d8efae Interactive Website Create an interactive website that serves members, the broader conservation community, allied professionals, and the public. _b0315d77-b30b-4308-aa50-cd54920e3199 3 fce7408e-7ed4-4ae3-ad1b-706f5a2f2742 6248fa1a-4e10-40ba-a2f2-11fc3ec966b9 Specialty Groups Support the publishing efforts of the specialty groups with advice and coordination as requested. _f90afefc-8d55-4d5a-b181-c0749eeef34c 4 52624869-e779-425b-9e52-e9818883f9dc e42ced3d-7c38-484b-a78d-13a47d22fe3a Development and Outreach Support publication for development and outreach for AIC activities and in conjunction with FAIC. _42d0913d-603c-4141-9786-817f59e59024 5 06702249-45ea-4c84-b5eb-e08c1bd94d88 2c74d2cd-6a2f-4a31-bb00-e72817cc93ad AIC History Produce a history of AIC for members and the public. _0b1bb286-9088-42d3-b875-121bba1bfe5a 6 cbaca105-e089-4cf9-bc99-afc6a65b1c12 3e7e7b7d-9cb7-499a-9485-fd90c5af1005 Professional Standards Develop and Maintain Professional Standards _d367f5eb-7ad1-498c-8384-05f603598114 VIII As the profession of conservation evolves, the AIC Code of Ethics, Guidelines for Practice, and Commentaries to the Guidelines for Practice become increasingly important documents for the profession of conservation and the broader cultural community. Establishing standards that both define and guide the field of conservation encourages professional growth and assures a major role for conservators in efforts to preserve cultural material. Best Practices Update the Guidelines and Commentaries as required through the development of “Best Practices” documents. _e4a1f7ed-8e90-4188-bb98-0c6234d38f0b 1 8c0d5e48-b04a-4aea-a196-846714cdb28c a77802cc-a8d0-4145-ab9a-0b1796761eb5 Searchable Resource Provide these core documents as an online searchable resource. _a00c3de2-0415-45a0-be2b-2a9464eb4924 2 2047b909-9eea-44c7-b790-d0dbf4561985 196b7a70-8383-41f4-a2ab-e39849e16eae Ethics, Guidelines, and Commentaries Market and distribute the Code of Ethics, Guidelines for Practice, and Commentaries to an audience beyond the membership of AIC. _59fe41f4-fc45-49ed-85c2-fdda196df92e 3 607b8d92-1c7e-4ead-9e39-7e15ffa466cb 19fcce0b-4062-4e12-8ca7-09bd633c912a Changing Practices Develop “Best Practices” documents to provide guidance to members regarding changes in the field. _4803ecaf-7717-4b4a-85f1-7d676031385d 4 f25050ea-8129-4019-b989-783312586e70 58314db4-3218-43ca-ab5a-66f27c92a811 Sustainability Heighten awareness of sustainability in all conservation practices. _f7f27266-a86b-4ab9-8550-93f1ac83ae5f 5 b4d3f75e-d50e-4671-a091-0e992c596631 474bd351-323e-4ac2-841f-310a54ee4176 2008-01-01 2010-12-31 2010-02-08 Arthur Colman ( Submit error.