Corporate Principles The eight goals documented herein have been copied from ALL's bylaws, as amended on November 18, 1992. American League of Lobbyists ALL _bc607860-9a5c-11df-8391-51837a64ea2a The League is the only national professional association dedicated exclusively to representing the educational and professional interests of all public policy professionals. The League pursues its mission of increasing the level of public policy discourse through enhanced professionalism among public policy professionals. _bc607a86-9a5c-11df-8391-51837a64ea2a To enhance the development of professionalism, competence and high ethical standards for advocates in the public policy arena; and to collectively address challenges which affect the First Amendment right to 'petition the government for redress of grievances'. _bc607b6c-9a5c-11df-8391-51837a64ea2a Diversity Commitment to Diversity - The League represents public policy professionals and seeks to advance public policy processes. In pursuit of these objectives, the League seeks leadership and membership of persons representing both the diversity of the public policy arena and the personal diversity of public policy advocates. Ethical Practices Commitment to Ethical Practices - The League recognizes an obligation to undertake its activities in accordance with the highest principles of business ethics. Thus, the League recognizes, accepts, and supports responsibilities to its members, the public policy community, and the public welfare. Exchange of Experience and Opinions To provide opportunity for the exchange of experience and opinions through discussion, study and publications. _bc607c02-9a5c-11df-8391-51837a64ea2a 1 Public Policy Professionals _bc607c8e-9a5c-11df-8391-51837a64ea2a 8e7c05de-46a8-4a21-98e3-2bbc879487b6 e7d879e6-c12e-4511-bb04-80e8cd234d95 Promotion and Education To promote the art and science of lobbying and to educate members and the public in the advancement, improvement and function of lobbying. _bc607d24-9a5c-11df-8391-51837a64ea2a 2 _bc607db0-9a5c-11df-8391-51837a64ea2a 841ee093-a0cf-480b-8740-d3957898307c cf54fa4a-8851-4042-b975-418d0c57bbf6 Competitions and Awards To conduct competitions and make awards for outstanding ability in this field for services to the public and our profession. _bc607e46-9a5c-11df-8391-51837a64ea2a 3 _bc607ee6-9a5c-11df-8391-51837a64ea2a 5f245668-4d00-4d06-ae8a-f49a26469146 322b86fe-8d8d-4152-abce-3e834eac19f9 Personal and Professional Standards To develop and encourage the practice of high standards of personal and professional conduct among lobbyists. _bc607f86-9a5c-11df-8391-51837a64ea2a 4 _bc608030-9a5c-11df-8391-51837a64ea2a 805846da-a271-4dab-90d7-c0f8fd573723 bdf5e249-875e-4929-8905-f253a1e062c5 Courses, Meetings, and Conferences To conduct and cooperate in course of study for the benefit of persons desiring to fit themselves for executive and administrative functions in the profession, to hold meetings and conferences for the mutual improvement and education of the members. _bc608120-9a5c-11df-8391-51837a64ea2a 5 _bc6081de-9a5c-11df-8391-51837a64ea2a 6690c1c3-114e-4f0a-aded-4523cc7ce6b3 0d75987e-6c8c-44d8-afef-84710ff54dc9 Data and Information To acquire, preserve and disseminate data and valuable information relative to the functions and accomplishments of the profession. _bc60829c-9a5c-11df-8391-51837a64ea2a 6 _bc60835a-9a5c-11df-8391-51837a64ea2a 3037b7c9-eda0-4019-b097-311e373a553c 47bfe1be-1ed9-49a0-8806-75e7cbe57c22 Local and Regional Groups To cooperate in local or regional groups of lobbyists in the common endeavor to advance lobbying as a profession. _bc60842c-9a5c-11df-8391-51837a64ea2a 7 _bc6084fe-9a5c-11df-8391-51837a64ea2a 0d494c93-95ed-4ce5-95b6-0d35ef5561b5 4061dc3d-e71a-4028-958f-86dbf4a352cb Promotion of the Profession To promote the purpose and effectiveness of the profession by any and all means consistent with the public interest. _bc6085d0-9a5c-11df-8391-51837a64ea2a 8 Subject to prior approval of the Board of Directors, the League may take a position and express an opinion on issues directly and generally affecting the profession as such; provided however, that no action shall be taken on such matters as clearly fall solely within the purview of individual segments of the membership. _bc6086ac-9a5c-11df-8391-51837a64ea2a 365e41a0-d9a4-4e3f-a70c-8e756c039fb9 9005353a-6048-4a2f-8037-af51735c175b 2008-12-02 2010-07-28 Owen Ambur Submit error.