Alliance of Nonprofit Management Alliance of Nonprofit Management ANPM _04f1e11a-a599-417e-93d4-1437e541de26 a9522af4-72f6-480f-9f7f-d6eefb34050a To increase the effectiveness of individuals and organizations that help nonprofits build their power and impact. _cca4d916-9528-4072-88f4-377fce989cfd Quality Promoting increasingly higher standards throughout the practice of nonprofit capacity building. Collaboration Building on mutually beneficial working relationships with an array of community, business, and government partners and stakeholders. Inclusiveness Fully including the diverse mosaic of society's cultures in our membership, leadership, and staff. Capacity Building and Organizational Effectiveness Developing and strengthening the skills, instincts, abilities, processes and resources that organizations and communities need to survive, adapt, and thrive in the fast-changing world. _96fe0d8e-6bac-425b-823b-821318e55017 1 The Alliance for Nonprofit Management brings together the many different actors in the field of nonprofit capacity building, forming an interconnected professional community that builds and shares knowledge. Networking Opportunities Host annual conference, E-mail and Web forums, and affinity groups and provide membership directory. _5e420712-28de-4113-bc9e-3c71bb102306 1.1 c47dc5d8-ec7f-4650-8d2e-ae6fbaf57918 2dd3c576-f6d2-49dd-95e7-00aa4fd537a5 Product and Service Market Maintain consultant/service provider directory, event calendar, career bank, and on-line store for publications. _6f225ac0-4de1-4e33-9d68-4b533032f7e8 1.2 828faa1f-197e-4aae-b0c8-b098648bd9ee 4f67379e-8a81-4a97-95ad-33a59b9c09c1 Information and Resources Publish monthly Insights and weekly Grants Insider e-newsletters; commission research, and support on-line document library. _d9714ab6-9f9a-45d0-a02e-bdc457c612d1 1.3 9dde53a3-d1a6-455e-9057-5438958674f8 a0a56e9a-4006-4815-85d4-d75c64330a1f Affinity Groups Create a space to meet and exchange experiences with others who share interests or identities. _e3f38d82-3459-4294-82f5-56970f9b10d8 2 Alliance members may join an affinity group and learn more about its activities via the member area of the Alliance website or write to Board Governance The Board Governance affinity group will provide a forum within the Alliance community to forward creative thinking in the field of board governance and development, including the generation of new approaches and models for community–based organizations. _f340a4a1-76c1-47c1-8bed-9f8125f545d9 2.1 Through sharing of new approaches, practices, and research among a diverse group of consultants, MSO’s and researchers, the affinity group hopes to not only further the field, but also to increase the knowledge base, generative thinking, and consulting skills of its members. 477b6a49-76c6-402d-adca-be58043644e1 10bdc8cf-bddd-4011-a091-aea0a8db7add Executive Transitions Bring together capacity builders who focus on strengthening nonprofits during times of executive transition. _78759aeb-676c-48b5-91d0-90dadae4c899 2.2 Search consultants, interim executive directors, researchers, MSO leaders, and other organizational development professionals share experiences in the wide range of issues facing this relatively new field. Helping the organization think about more than the hiring process – especially about the development of healthy processes and structures during the search – can mean that a new executive director has the chance to truly succeed. This affinity group is leading the way in defining the critical issues facing this important field and offers collegiality and support for professionals who focus on the many aspects of executive transitions in nonprofits. a4fa5a2c-34e9-4915-b09c-92b8a271240f 37f6fd50-dcde-4772-aa22-0c867df69fc8 Faith-Based Capacity Builders (FBCB) Provide a forum to unite Alliance members working with faith-based organizations and institutions for the purpose of knowledge and resource sharing, skill development, networking and promoting promising practices within this sector of the nonprofit community. _439ae57a-7b28-482b-8831-8abaf9ec4715 2.3 The FBCB Affinity Group helps members share knowledge and resources that contribute to the increased efficiency and effectiveness of faith-based organizations and institutions served by Alliance members. Currently, there are limited places for faith-based capacity builders to share their experiences, thoughts, ideas and concerns about this emerging field. Having an opportunity to network by the email/web forum, newsletter, and conference calls between the national and regional conferences helps Alliance members remain connected with their peers. 8781a2ac-79bf-4d18-9b3e-4079479f0452 21065bb7-695a-44db-a139-314ceffd1b28 MSO EDs Provide a support group and a leadership cohort for executive directors (EDs) of “management support organizations” (MSOs). _da5f94b8-fc10-4b6b-abe7-709a402127f8 2.4 A thriving nonprofit sector is one that embraces dynamic change—the kind fostered by high quality capacity building. Among the people best positioned to ensure capacity building and expand a constituency for change are executive directors (EDs) of “management support organizations” (MSOs). MSOs—nonprofit organizations that offer ongoing learning activities, broker or directly offer consulting services, and bring a pool of resources to capacity building and to nonprofits—need knowledgeable, innovative, determined leadership. The MSO EDs meet to exchange information and renew themselves—offering a support group and a leadership cohort. Given turbulent times economically, socially and politically, the group brings people together to share about the latest challenges, trends, experiments, and successes. Currently, an emphasis is on identifying how to expand the MSO’s own funding base, long-term sustainability, and responsiveness to the times. It is carrying forward many conversations over the years that have made a valuable difference in how well MSOs are able to practice what they profess about nonprofit effectiveness. ccfafb10-4149-40a8-a77c-e6691822e43d 3571b531-4438-4a6a-ac69-225ef5b45ac6 People of Color (POC) Offer a forum for capacity builders of color to share experiences and work to expand the presence of people of color in the Alliance and in the field, as well as catalyzing change in the field, the nonprofit sector, and ultimately the larger society. _c08ee187-6490-40b8-9015-0a05b533777e 2.5 The POC group is currently in the process of defining and advancing “cultural competency” in nonprofit capacity building—which will result in a book, professional development activities, and peer exchange. By gathering people of African, Asian, Latino, Native/American Indian ancestry, and other people of color, the POC group accelerates peer learning, challenges business as usual, and generates ways and means to honor the journey of these groups in the Americas through capacity building practice. Recognition, resources, multi-ethnic collaboration, mentoring, marketing and partnership are all tools. In so doing, the group seeks to transform nonprofit capacity building into a force for progressive social change. da71f4c1-d727-4266-a6d2-edc0a2fb5631 a20697ed-895e-44b9-a288-aa2cefeeaaee Young and Emerging Professionals Provide a forum for learning across different levels of experience—glimpsing insights that might otherwise come only over a much longer period of firsthand experience—and for comparing professional systems so as to continually improve our own. _cea2abb8-1f49-45d1-ab86-cbc8e10b0072 2.6 The group supports members who wish to identify and pursue career paths, make connections, form relationships that offer two-way mentoring, and contribute as leaders who bring fresh energy to the nonprofit sector. The affinity group also attracts members whose capacity building is mainly through higher education and professional development—the people who offer teaching, training, or research with a focus on the new stream of talent coming into the field. ff8a5e52-fcae-43a7-a320-69b2e02e78bb b460100a-5e06-49d3-84ab-96cc2a732118 Best Practices Awards Offer specific awards for excellence in "best practices" in capacity building and nonprofit management throughout the nonprofit sector. _30878f71-bb57-45ba-97c9-90a2483acea0 3 These awards confer special recognitions on members, corporations, and constituent organizations that have distinguished themselves in the nonprofit sector, the community, the capacity-building profession and the Alliance. 391c68be-2ab3-4372-854b-bcf9647f27bd 5c216c7c-fb98-4477-8b3b-afe00498db91 7af2becb-b53d-4854-bf54-99f177cb8c82 2010-02-08 Arthur Colman ( Submit error.