Strategic Goals The AKOMA NTOSO model has been informed by the following strategic goals. Akoma Ntoso AN _9ba03936-54db-11e1-aa16-f8477a64ea2a Akoma Ntoso fulfils the citizens' right to access parliamentary and judiciary proceedings and legislation by providing "open access" and advanced functionalities like "point-in-time" legislation through standardised representations of data and metadata in the parliamentary and judiciary domain and mechanism for citation and cross referencing of legal documents to also improve data exchange and document life cycle automation. _9ba03af8-54db-11e1-aa16-f8477a64ea2a To develop a number of connected standards and languages and guidelines for parliamentary, legislative and judiciary documents _9ba03bca-54db-11e1-aa16-f8477a64ea2a Lingua Franca To create a “lingua franca” for the interchange of parliamentary, legislative and judiciary documents between institutions. _9ba03c56-54db-11e1-aa16-f8477a64ea2a 1 For example, Parliament/Court X should be able to easily access a piece of legislation made available in AKOMA NTOSO format by Parliament/Court Y. The goal here is to speed up the process of drafting new legislation, writing sentences, etc. by reducing the amount of accessing, re-keying, re-formatting etc. required. _9ba03cd8-54db-11e1-aa16-f8477a64ea2a 7b16c6b9-d21c-4e6e-a808-5dbd3b6905ec Long Term Storage To provide a long term storage and access format to parliamentary, legislative and judiciary documents that allow search, interpretation and visualization of such documents several years from now, even in the absence of the specific applications and technologies that were originally used to generate them. _9ba03d64-54db-11e1-aa16-f8477a64ea2a 2 _9ba03df0-54db-11e1-aa16-f8477a64ea2a 43edc096-42c7-4ce2-9166-f92bbd8221ed Implementable Baseline To provide an implementable baseline for parliamentary, legislative and judiciary systems in institutions. _9ba03e86-54db-11e1-aa16-f8477a64ea2a 3 It is envisaged that this will lead to one or more systems that provide the base layer of software “out of the box” that can then be customized to local needs. The goals here are twofold. Introduction To facilitate the process of introducing IT into institutions. _9ba03f1c-54db-11e1-aa16-f8477a64ea2a 3.1 e26d0f40-37cf-4797-9b77-e3a3fc2bbf43 Re-invention Reduction To reduce the amount of re-invention of the wheel that would result if all institutions pursued separate IT initiatives in the area of parliamentary, legislative and judiciary document production and management. _9ba03fc6-54db-11e1-aa16-f8477a64ea2a 3.2 d546b383-c6f5-465c-ae36-1f45667aef62 Data and Metadata Models To create a common data and metadata models so that information retrieval tools & techniques used in Parliament/Court X can be also be used in Parliament/Court Y. _9ba04070-54db-11e1-aa16-f8477a64ea2a 4 To take a simple example, it should be possible to search across the document repositories of multiple Parliaments/Courts in a consistent and effective way. _9ba04160-54db-11e1-aa16-f8477a64ea2a 978ae7b1-3545-4026-b5de-50e0e9aa3615 Resource Naming and Linking To create common mechanisms for resource naming and linking so that documents produced by Parliaments/Courts can be easily cited and cross-referenced -- either by other Parliaments/Courts or by other users. _9ba04250-54db-11e1-aa16-f8477a64ea2a 5 _9ba04318-54db-11e1-aa16-f8477a64ea2a 6b0c7f12-36b6-4e45-9bd9-fca5807e0768 Self-Explanatory To be “self-explanatory”, that is to be able to provide all information for their use and meaning through a simple examination, even without the aid of specialized software. _9ba043e0-54db-11e1-aa16-f8477a64ea2a 6 _9ba044a8-54db-11e1-aa16-f8477a64ea2a e621ba5e-5542-4ebe-9e4d-2910993d8b2c Extensible To be “extensible”, that is it must be possible to allow modifications to the models within the AKOMA NTOSO framework so that local customisation can be achieved without sacrificing interoperability with other systems. _9ba04732-54db-11e1-aa16-f8477a64ea2a 7 _9ba0480e-54db-11e1-aa16-f8477a64ea2a 1edc9def-e443-45c5-a7bb-975f5716614f 2012-02-11 Owen Ambur Submit error.