Our Mission Our ... research over the last couple of years has documented a surprising gap between what the science is saying and what friends, family and neighbors typically believe about mental health. As a result, those facing something as burdensome as depression can experience the added burden of a story about depression that is, well...depressing! You deserve better than that. By broadening the conversation and making the most current scientific information available to anyone-with-internet, we hope to equip individuals on their own unique path to mental and emotional wellness. We are currently pursuing this mission in three main areas: Research, Education, and Community All of Life AoL _98494ec4-b65c-11e2-829a-8d1be3f52354 Jacob Hess Jacob is Co-founder and President of All of Life. He holds a doctorate degree in Clinical-Community Psychology from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and was psychology department valedictorian at Brigham Young University. Jacob has recently worked as Research Director at Utah Youth Village, a non-profit for abused children in Utah. In his spare time, Jacob enjoys promoting liberal-conservative dialogue with Phil Neisser (State University of New York) - a collaboration recently featured on NPR's This American Life. Jacob has authored 12 peer-reviewed articles and one book. He is married to Monique Moore and has one 22 month-old boy who makes sure his daddy smiles at least 9 times a day. Thomas McConkie Tom is Co-founder and Executive Director at All of Life. He holds a B.A. in English Literature and recently took his degree to Asia to fight sweatshop labor. Seriously. Tom is fluent in Mandarin Chinese, Spanish and all things mindfulness. With 14 years of practice in attentional skills training (did you know that attention is a skill?), he is currently leading All of Life's efforts to incorporate mindfulness into mental health education. From managing multiple projects and teams to public outreach and business development, he still finds time to do his favorite thing: nothing at all. Jeffery Lacasse Jeff is Co-founder of All of Life. While Jeff requested being called the Grand Poo-bah of the organization, he didn't secure enough votes for the honor. So instead, he was relegated to Vice President of Research. Jeff has guided our process of reviewing the risk factor literature and will assist in documenting long-term outcomes. After spending several years teaching at Arizona State University, Jeff will be starting a new position at Florida State University this fall. Jeff's research focuses on mental health treatment among vulnerable populations. He also knows scary amounts about recovery in mental health and barriers to the flow of knowledge concerning psychiatric diagnosis and treatment. He has published 18 peer-reviewed articles, and maintains his svelte build by adhering religiously to the "Caveman Diet." Patrick Jennings Patrick is Director of Video Production at All of Life. From video and sound editing, to overseeing artistic aspects of the presentation, his full-time job is to put lipstick on the research pig. Through 2012 and into 2013, he spent tireless hours weaving the All of Life narrative into an accessible, engaging online experience. Patrick is good-humored about his awesome stature and patient when people mistake him for Paul Bunyan. His friends call him "Mountain." _984953a6-b65c-11e2-829a-8d1be3f52354 Setting people loose on their own unique path to enviable mental health. _984954c8-b65c-11e2-829a-8d1be3f52354 Research Develop and test empirically-based, creative public health approaches to addressing psychological problems. _98495540-b65c-11e2-829a-8d1be3f52354 1 Individuals Families For over a century, public health has embraced a comprehensive approach to intervention centered on risk-factors - and leading to dramatic advances in the collective health of society. Mental healthcare, however, has been slow to adopt a similar approach. In spite of vast numbers of studies on risk factors for depression, anxiety, ADHD and other mental disorders, for instance, there seems to be very few successful efforts to translate that knowledge into practical applications. As a top priority, All of Life aims to develop and test empirically-based, creative public health approaches to addressing psychological problems on a larger scale. So far, we have found that simply making current research findings accessible to those facing these problems can be a powerful intervention itself - helping individuals and families think for themselves about their own unique path towards healing. _984955ae-b65c-11e2-829a-8d1be3f52354 f78b4065-b0bf-485a-91cc-0b0d034bff36 Education [Conduct] classes that showcase resources available to people who are navigating and working through mental emotional distress. _98495644-b65c-11e2-829a-8d1be3f52354 2 People in Emotional Distress In 1960, a study of the mental health system commissioned by the U.S. Congress concluded that we will never have enough direct treatment professionals to put a dent in the scope of serious mental and emotional problems facing the nation. Since that time, many have explored what, if anything, could reach more people and amplify the impact of existing services. Our own efforts center around high-quality classes that showcase the many resources available to people who are navigating and working through mental emotional distress as part of this rich, very personal journey called "Life." _984956b2-b65c-11e2-829a-8d1be3f52354 0bb8b526-9c8b-455f-b351-247ce9e185f1 Community Connect students with the network of support available online and in their own community. _98495720-b65c-11e2-829a-8d1be3f52354 3 Students Scholars Scholars who have faced serious mental or emotional challenges. Practitioners Practitioners who have faced serious mental or emotional challenges. Experts Experts who have faced serious mental or emotional challenges Our classes draw on insights from hundreds of research studies and include the voices of scholars, practitioners and the true experts - those who have faced serious mental or emotional challenges. Alongside this collective wisdom, we aim to help connect students with the rich and growing network of support available online and in their own community. Here, among peers and professionals, we can explore together many ways to rediscover legitimate hope and move towards meaningful recovery, one step at a time. _984957ca-b65c-11e2-829a-8d1be3f52354 f94292c5-2f9d-4ded-ade0-157d268f8b2a 2013-05-06 http://www.alloflife.org/Our-Mission/ Owen Ambur Owen.Ambur@verizon.net Submit error.