Academic Pediatric Association Academic Pediatric Association APA _50991b11-4b5d-4097-a97a-d575dbdd3a31 The APA will be a leader among child health professional organizations in optimizing the health of all children, adolescents, and young adults through: • Education of a diverse group of child health professionals • Research and dissemination of new knowledge • Patient care, with measurable improvements in quality and health outcomes • Advocacy for an equitable children's health agenda _f997bb4b-1d86-48d3-83a8-773d5e49dd2f The APA is dedicated to improving the health of all children and adolescents through leadership in education of child health professionals, research and dissemination of knowledge, patient care, and advocacy, in partnership with children, families and communities. _b64a16d9-de70-473e-8335-c09918cc5097 Scholarship Scholarship, with dedication to academic excellence in education and research, with commitment to the effective dissemination of new knowledge. Inter-disciplinary Collaboration Inter-disciplinary collaboration, achieved among diverse professional groups, including primary care and subspecialty providers and other individuals and disciplines dedicated to the improvement of child health and well-being. Diversity Diversity, of ideas, disciplines, racial and ethnic backgrounds, and other critical characteristics of our members to reflect the multiplicity and richness in child health professionals. Professional Development Professional development of members, including faculty development of child health professionals from a variety of disciplines, and career development of fellows, residents, medical students, doctoral students, and students at a variety of levels of training. Whole Child Focus Focus on the whole child, in a social context that includes family, community, environment, and society. Optimal Health Optimal health for all children, both nationally and internationally, through pursuit of an equitable children's health agenda. Member Services Serve our members better _176329c4-7043-4e23-a054-84185c1b8299 1 Identity and Direction Clarify our identity and future directions _46f3eaf9-e416-48e9-9947-dc75b181fc41 Core Enhancements 1 Re-evaluate the APA’s name, mission, vision, and core values da5177c5-26dc-4889-ae4c-1bdc2f5d935b 5d9b17fb-f2b5-45c5-89bf-392c16d3632e Organizational Effectiveness Improve organizational effectiveness _2d210864-d63e-42e1-82e6-b232845673f9 Core Enhancements 2 Develop and implement an organizational communication strategy. Re-evaluate board member activities, board structure, liaisons, key constituents. Support the development and maintenance of major new programs 5d226eb6-5a7c-4b67-8e0d-724efb651554 3ccd0116-2e14-44bb-a6fc-b084facd92fe APA's Journal Continue to enhance the impact of the APA’s journal: Ambulatory Pediatrics _b4469fd1-713d-4ebf-81e7-92b1ed5aaaf9 Core Enhancements 3 b976e4ba-8424-4830-98bd-7723093bf4a5 68425656-5cbb-48f9-82e2-b11981bdc3b8 Board and Central Office Grow board and central office infrastructure to meet evolving programmatic needs _f179e77f-e5e1-4ed3-adb9-6db49c476167 Core Enhancements 4 bda91ffe-8108-456f-8c45-24d16a784dcc 1b775f4d-f0fe-425e-9e44-5e8b2f7bccd3 Academic and Professional Needs Support the academic and professional needs of the membership _4428f5f5-b46a-4861-9c73-49ed0e1070f2 Core Enhancements 5 e286791e-0be2-43dd-a139-5642b2d45f1c 15b56a50-434e-4d8d-9184-3daf595ce9ed Data-Driven Services Serve the membership better through a data-driven approach _a78d6a0b-3251-4bad-a626-e623d3e4f171 Member Needs 1 d2d7901d-7003-454a-91ce-4b9c3f4395aa ac2f4c97-e407-444a-9879-d9a9ce4093da Spectrum of Disciplines Support a broad spectrum of pediatric disciplines _336f94f6-0dfb-4bbe-8420-af4a2e334c0b Member Needs 2 c2005618-edc8-4a0b-88d3-e2dc51f7d678 23123285-5495-4ef6-a022-ba5b296547f4 Membership and Commitment Increase APA membership and strengthen the commitment of current members _ce0348f1-f8d0-4ea1-9644-e86d5474e7dc Member Needs 3 e4fa5c9a-fa1d-4d9f-bc5f-cc7051c1469f b9f5984c-dff8-488a-801b-e550c490745f Committees, Regions and SIGs Promote activities of the Committees, regions and SIGs _f5774953-6131-4bcf-8e74-a5b795855b37 Member Needs 4 a5831667-0ee7-46c6-8536-bd330737b01f a18bf598-5ca6-43d0-ad81-a29bbec4de5e Activities Maintain and develop activities supporting the needs of new APA members _41189214-2824-425c-a39d-d03ccf55d61d Member Needs 5 e401369b-e1d9-4d26-babb-53b1f9f6073a c551dee7-348e-4bf8-ae0e-45b9d5cbbebf Scholars Program Continue the Educational Scholars Program _335cd0ec-69d5-476b-b609-398a1e549def Professional Development, Research, and Scholarship 1 9207ef74-8fe9-45ef-8f05-40d706de4e67 e92cac8c-f037-4aaf-8737-8a7bfeb7e548 Leadership Conferences Develop and implement strategies for national leadership conferences _1f4bab38-0ee0-4f27-a7e9-23cb559d4d3a Professional Development, Research, and Scholarship 2 c7f57617-1d99-4989-a550-5bffeaee2f23 d5bec65f-b23a-4eb5-9ed0-1fe287ded6d6 Diversity Increase diversity of future academic pediatricians by maintaining and enhancing the New Century Scholars program _c4f123cd-ca7f-412b-9bb8-f3c824fe237c Professional Development, Research, and Scholarship 3 4d68c867-dd71-444c-9f03-f04da2b413b1 cc36b318-3840-4a1a-8329-5fc57909680f Fellowship Accreditation Implement an Academic General Pediatric Fellowship Accreditation Project _44d35262-5800-4026-a4b8-5b3fbbf60d0a Professional Development, Research, and Scholarship 4 6f8d455e-ab16-4dae-97d5-e98342442537 4027b062-21cf-42d3-9c9a-3b6b6983f07b Young Investigator Grants Continue to expand the Young Investigator Grants _454d8358-9e0a-41e9-bdc8-955bbc3e13cf Professional Development, Research, and Scholarship 5 577fd9db-9afa-4435-a185-dbfef7967aa4 22a54818-4ac5-4229-91d8-cc3496c12db3 Educational Summit Explore concept of an educational summit _450b8a69-8c9b-464a-bd42-8cb6bf6369e4 Professional Development, Research, and Scholarship 6 82bca224-988c-4e06-8c74-d4ed7c3a1474 0bd42ecd-6f63-46da-8f78-3ead761a88b5 Community Pediatrics Scholarship Foster scholarship in community pediatrics _24963aaf-16be-45e9-b4ba-f507ae99db0d Professional Development, Research, and Scholarship 7 d0b2fb09-2d2d-4429-aa8d-a176a258da8f a5bc6ae2-1f47-4591-95e2-10103be6afe1 Research Continue and enhance APA-sponsored network research activities _3551e477-720a-440c-b541-d61c3ff4a1d5 Professional Development, Research, and Scholarship 8 53d4a0ce-c229-4253-addd-2e7d8bdf15ba ec96f546-41ea-44fc-ab5d-cc8f3f603fbd International Collaboration Enhance the APA’s role in international health collaborations _81efcd47-9615-47fb-98c5-88fbf0c153c5 Professional Development, Research, and Scholarship 9 e4ca9e30-3345-4750-93b1-7684a74b50e8 97447646-3e3b-4a8d-a625-5493d37ba65d Pediatric Academic Societies Continue as a partner in the Pediatric Academic Societies _284ca73f-d09f-4943-b6cc-6ca7f05b7156 Professional Development, Research, and Scholarship 10 7083928a-a11e-46c6-bee3-7465c78fa08c d5825af5-0a9b-4574-8b7c-65a97ff43b8e Children and Families Improve the health of children and families _42f8e1bc-c243-400b-a127-17e966ef35b7 2 Policy and Advocacy Intensify the APA’s policy and advocacy activities _97e88dcb-dcea-4ad6-a0be-a0eddebdb4ca Children's Agenda 1 dbd85198-4677-410c-a1dd-956d09ed5981 a431633a-de3a-492f-9c98-49c7e7890e90 Health Care Financing Advocate for adequate financing of health care for all children and adolescents _32c5b64b-e7ac-4895-a8eb-d8978d9d12c8 Children's Agenda 2 bc5c300f-aeb3-4a3a-a866-909ce250059c bef7dc58-71af-41fa-8bf2-df0905d37e32 Funding for Training Advocate for sustained funding of pediatric training programs _cbed3589-4345-46fb-9444-639187187e7f Children's Agenda 3 a226d94a-b74b-48c9-bf6b-785a6e1f9bd3 814ee2a3-25b8-432c-a92c-eb58488765d0 2008-05-01 2012-12-31 2010-02-08 Arthur Colman ( Submit error.