Arca Foundation Arca Foundation Arca _329a1a21-5137-4eea-a523-9888f0985e22 e3b5bb12-5805-4fcf-9a71-6321602951b2 The Arca Foundation is dedicated to the pursuit of social equity and justice, particularly given the growing disparities in our world. Moreover, it has been said before but bears repeating that a vibrant democracy requires speaking Truth to Power. In pursuit of these principles, the Foundation has adopted experimental, strategic and innovative approaches that give voice to the unheard and raise unasked questions. While the Foundation’s specific program focus may change from time to time, we achieve our fundamental purpose by supporting efforts that can affect public policy. Furthermore, we trust that with adequate information, an organized and informed citizenry will make the right choices. _7f768dd1-1d1b-4c40-a821-3fb5fcb6aa6d Empowerment Empowerment of the experts on the front lines Transparency and Honesty Transparency and honesty in government and enterprise Engagement Engagement in affecting public policy Social Justice and Equity Social justice and equity Security and Dignity All persons have the right to a secure and dignified life Media and Democracy Promote a diverse, democratic and competitive media that serve the public interest and provide avenues for expression of First Amendment rights _e1147bff-9d59-4bb3-8d49-a3480029d1c9 1 The role of media is critical to informing and educating the public to ensure that the decisions we make are based on sound information. At the Arca Foundation, we believe that existing media governance and structures contribute substantially to the problem: the consolidation of ownership of television and radio, scaling back of local news content and control, the diminution of investigative reporting and quality journalism, the increased dominance of telecommunications and broadcast industry money in politics, the lack of tolerance and space for independent and diverse thought and dialogue. These and other issues related to media have a tremendous and negative impact on public policy, civic participation, and governance. More needs to be done to ensure a future in which media structures are open, content is diverse, new technologies are maximized, and civic participation is enhanced. Since 2005, the Arca Foundation has supported a new strategic focus on media and democracy, comprising approximately one third of our grantmaking. We fund projects to promote a diverse, democratic and competitive media that serve the public interest and provide avenues for expression of First Amendment rights. Most recently, our grantmaking has focused on policy and content projects: those that fit within a coordinated strategic plan for policy change, projects that create and distribute alternative content, and projects that influence the content and approach of mainstream media. 90e913fe-f083-4fed-9a9c-c40041dfc154 03bb96ff-9da1-4ff6-a4db-582330e81187 5af18d92-ead7-4c78-ba1b-67ccf0e5d6f7 Civic Participation and Domestic and International Issues Promote civic participation and domestic and international projects _e181e3ad-6bd5-458b-94c5-b503e8ca4455 2 In addition to the focus on Media and Democracy, Arca Foundation grants are made strategically to various organizations presenting the ability to promote equity, accountability, social justice, and a participatory democracy. At the core of our grant-making endeavors is the belief that the complex policies of the day demand vigorous public education and debate, promoting citizens’ engagement throughout all levels of society. Reflecting this belief, the Arca Foundation continues making grants promoting civic participation and domestic and international projects, comprising approximately two-thirds of our philanthropic efforts. The domestic and international projects we support range from advancing dialogue and diplomacy in the Americas and troubled regions of the world to supporting efforts to promote government transparency, oversight and accountability. Through our focus on civic participation, we support projects working towards expanding non-partisan voter registration, election protection, and non-partisan get-out-the-vote initiatives. Our focus areas are linked as our comprehensive and integrated grantmaking efforts promote a more informed and active citizenry working towards social change. 39062918-80af-4ef5-9db7-090147465c2e 27b7456e-3183-4ca4-9d2e-158072f3bc7d ac758989-557d-485c-b61f-728de9b669a0 2010-02-08 Arthur Colman ( Submit error.