U.S. Arctic Research Commission U.S. Arctic Research Commission Arctic _b7a99ec4-1b06-4be5-8142-d0b98cc12827 ad87cf57-c1f7-493b-b395-15db5d996beb The Commission’s principal duties are (1) to establish the national policy, priorities, and goals necessary to construct a federal program plan for basic and applied scientific research with respect to the Arctic, including natural resources and materials, physical, biological and health sciences, and social and behavioral sciences; (2) to promote Arctic research, to recommend Arctic research policy, and to communicate our research and policy recommendations to the President and the Congress; (3) to work with the National Science Foundation as the lead agency responsible for implementing the Arctic research policy and to support cooperation and collaboration throughout the Federal Government; (4) to give guidance to the Interagency Arctic Research Policy Committee (IARPC) to develop national Arctic research projects and a five-year plan to implement those projects; and (5) to interact with Arctic residents, international Arctic research programs and organizations and local institutions including regional governments in order to obtain the broadest possible view of Arctic research needs. _6ed23737-b754-4e53-8da3-2fe83fa02245 Research Policy Develop and recommend national Arctic research policy. _512c32ec-c760-4483-a6de-3f3e2c6117a1 1 2930efde-b490-48da-9b09-ebe212bc376f 4008e6ac-443c-4a0a-82b4-2308bb2bb36f 62afd69a-6761-41bf-9b1b-7165813b3c4e Arctic Research Plan Assist the Interagency Arctic Research Policy Committee in establishing a national Arctic Research Plan. _88bb26a1-82e0-4b0d-82ff-2444c447d39b 2 Research Program Review d5d6a142-db50-4a01-a125-54e1f91d3aca 4fd5ecc8-2314-4e67-a739-919ff1645eef 6410d303-9358-4e36-a48a-04ebe05d33eb Required content not provided Review federal research programs in the Arctic and suggest improvements. _52330909-8218-4887-97f1-bc9411d791a2 3 b9a95d68-0a9d-46ce-842a-b907453b85fb 3ae27d50-63d9-42fd-a9d9-71da1699175c 91aecbb5-2a47-4e86-87ba-f2346c6335de Budget Review Review the President's budget request and report to Congress on the adherence to the Arctic Research Plan. _fbe59d92-405b-486c-8d06-3bf0a5977b6c 4 8515488d-93f9-4432-a223-6edc42a120b0 4f6fb8df-c3da-4b44-9606-58025f45d234 5c0d8fd8-7864-4096-80e4-770147f56d64 Intergovernmental Cooperation Facilitate cooperation among federal, state and local governments with respect to Arctic research. _998efda4-6f3b-4675-8424-c51d393abbca 5 a5585605-97f3-4870-8794-546754d54736 67959447-a722-4426-a3b0-f1e411f2929f a535789c-13f3-4336-9c2a-ab6aa2a78a73 Cooperation with Alaska Cooperate with the Governor of Alaska with respect to Arctic Research policy. _411bbd82-29c8-4721-8d81-a242a0659468 6 2e85329f-3bf7-4583-b6fc-6befdc61a946 ddc1e2e5-acdf-4694-9c73-3425c397cdf2 37727f8b-ceae-465f-aebd-6c5c8a2f28ae Logistics Planning and Support Recommend improved Arctic research logistics planning and support. _4a5ce1e4-78f9-47a2-922d-6400c2557210 7 35a4df17-dab1-4b55-853e-3908c4fc86a7 db45c89f-bd0e-4103-a8a3-3aa2ab7e21a9 f9ab8567-5b91-46c3-8e08-456e7843a95d Data and Information Sharing Recommend improved sharing and dissemination of Arctic data and information among public and private institutions. _5ef4cf09-ad9d-4193-9953-30d0bca3f8d9 8 fbc86098-b71d-48c4-a3ed-ee29562688c3 9c4b53db-188a-4bb1-95b4-99bbf812c585 49ad8f39-5101-4eb6-a39f-8cca9d7e131a Research Goals and Objectives Publish a statement of goals and objectives to guide the Interagency Arctic Research Policy Committee. _a7a9007a-d174-4890-ac61-d77ceb990585 9 438c4aa9-99ac-4ad9-aca0-6ab893f918ee 0087bdac-d621-419e-aa7e-cf859da6dad8 ad291767-7cae-4be8-861e-b83e0328bb2f Annual Report Publish an Annual Report to the President and Congress. _e42e9caf-b6e2-4242-b5ad-14154a7eb7eb 10 3a6c4761-a7d4-4447-9eee-a330880a2436 da907a2a-281e-455b-a18e-2fd5e8b4252b 203c5f78-0907-454a-996e-50fa43b2de35 2010-02-08 http://www.arctic.gov/about.htm Arthur Colman (www.drybridge.com) colman@drybridge.com Submit error.