ARMA International ARMA International ARMA _9cc0255e-8cc9-444e-b03b-aaae7581551e ARMA is recognized as the leading worldwide authority and advocate on RIM, and a vital resource for RIM professionals.ARMA is successful when:Organizations build their information management systems embracing RIM best practices; Organizations place RIM professionals in strategic, influential, and decision-making roles; RIM influences organizations’ decisions; Organizations’ naturally consider RIM practice a part of their jobs; The association influences and advocates information management, legislative, regulatory, and developing standards globally _fb2eb55f-f686-4031-beea-d00ad9f95c29 The mission of ARMA International is to provide education, research, and networking opportunities to information professionals to enable them to use their skills and experience to leverage the value of records, information, and knowledge as corporate assets and as contributors to organizational success. _b0cfff0e-4f28-4858-a9d8-34329e9ec6a9 Member Focus Put members first in everything we do Transparency Make transparent decisions, take transparent actions Information Sharing Maintain an information-sharing ethic and culture Educational Excellence Make educational excellence foremost in programming Diversity and Inclusiveness Be vigilant about diversity and inclusiveness Awareness Raise awareness of the vital role of records and information management in all organizations _e3401a89-afad-4030-af38-1e3913efeec5 1 869cc625-b6cd-4a2d-97be-111b076c8a08 30322771-650d-43f4-946e-67b95ecc4aa2 cf39df02-100d-49aa-8d34-599a73ea37b9 Competencies Improve the competencies of records and information management professionals _10c44d09-f0f5-495f-9da2-33b3c4d3cf0a 2 d6bc3c4d-8ea2-48f1-ad4c-df2ca80eb991 763119cb-6ef5-4c04-a181-6367319537fa d8fa296d-f697-4624-867c-0ac25a9e13b2 Consensus Building Provide a forum for consensus building on issues affecting RIM and, from that, serve as the preeminent source of information on records and information management standards and practices _b254b09d-9426-40d3-8bb9-532767fd03c3 3 56289485-e5a0-4329-9ea0-bb929e381e13 645d3636-e1ad-4b5f-a9f4-96bdc2894c0e 394c798d-259f-44d9-8ee3-010ef03711eb Public Policy Influence public policy based on professionally recognized RIM principles and considerations _df1c0e02-2c2b-4118-8947-63ad6af85835 4 705316ed-e6c4-4a94-9f0b-039570a2b709 e32b6dcc-dc48-4dfb-809e-d6b7fa7bfef5 22caaeca-b80f-4d94-b5a0-dc17a75e3113 Governance Ensure effective governance processes to achieve strategic objectives and advance delivery of services to members _5481453f-1fc3-4327-8f93-281b0e7493d5 5 1a948cea-d07a-41ff-9d55-ff77033056d5 0aabf3af-0111-4d22-94c2-868dde481349 b939a0b7-71da-432d-a747-3d526ed1b983 2010-02-08 Arthur Colman ( Submit error.