American Society of Association Executives & the Center for Association Leadership American Society of Association Executives & the Center for Association Leadership ASAE _e2ada6a1-655c-4b44-b0cb-f7a805a24576 To provide exceptional experiences, a vibrant community, and essential tools that make our stakeholders and their organizations more successful. _4456f897-74df-4a73-bcee-7e464d15cee6 To help associations and association professionals transform society through the power of collaboration _ae20832c-b679-4afc-864d-4f797ae1ca57 Ideas Great ideas People Great people Leadership Inspire leadership Achievement Achievement KNOWLEDGE Be the definitive source for ideas, tools, and resources for the association profession. _4baeca8a-b940-4a83-b4e3-301a8fe4e654 1 Outcome: ASAE & The Center are the first choice for knowledge and information for the association profession. Management Tools and Resources Enhance the quantity, quality, and relevance of the association management tools and resources we offer. _0688932d-af70-411d-94d5-7490ffd33433 1.1 5e7a18d7-b4f2-4827-99e2-94d3fdc3e084 42185b58-d595-446b-9b35-d697fa19c6ab Innovation Strengthen our capacity to explore new ideas and approaches for the profession, and foster greater innovation within a global business environment. _884ad113-1166-47eb-84e5-f08a319d03b9 1.2 30227ce2-e278-4896-b646-4fd23b7cbbc9 db70f618-f118-4b0c-9688-7d00bbef794d Collaboration Pursue opportunities for collaboration both inside and outside our community. _ab970415-305e-4630-b12f-db5ab106b254 1.3 e0eebd09-8d59-4c5e-b5a0-2a5bde8709ac 0ac5b2d9-c3db-4fb2-a038-4ab4e06a362e Standards and Best Practices Develop and promote professional standards and best practices. _0e1aebf6-188f-482a-8e54-51f55be5b11e 1.4 408fa73e-f4ed-46f3-8b97-faa068b02f19 3c78ba19-2e33-4ec5-b011-8d0dd1344c90 LEARNING [Through] exceptional learning experiences will enable the association community to consistently produce superior results. _7fb057f6-f766-4b12-87fc-af1c3ad28388 2 Outcome: Those in the association community attribute their enhanced performance to ASAE & The Center’s learning experiences. New Approaches and Best Practices Produce learning experiences that pioneer new approaches and model best practices in adult learning. _99502a3e-b783-45e6-913e-7a014381b83a 2.1 18eda2fd-d087-4f0a-99fb-f662b1393499 d5b7780d-9ffa-4fb1-b35f-e989e53db2e2 Customized Learning Options Offer learning options that can be customized to the needs and resources of a diverse group of participants. _549a0a7f-82ab-4d0e-b49d-00de6a8ebaee 2.2 1f808e9f-66a0-4441-94dd-5de3764d7478 5dc51d5b-16ac-43b4-a3c3-39a239b215e4 COMMUNITY Engage association professionals and industry partners in a diverse, global, welcoming community. _68d5cf1c-4c79-490d-82b2-439fecd844fd 3 Outcome: ASAE & The Center is the professional community of choice for association professionals and industry partners. Connections Help those in the association community connect with others who share their interests. _2c0bed97-6c60-479c-b077-f93e98b50aa7 3.1 a55c9601-c999-4fdb-b332-5e42a8991121 b8bb6d3c-7bd4-46cc-a9f9-1c5ac74fd278 Diversity Promote and nurture a culture that supports diversity in every facet of the organization. _16f6a26a-22c6-4c11-a470-f8469b2f2408 3.2 67966716-2d77-46f1-87f3-81f86b5bb76a 0d350d5c-428a-408d-be65-ac10d749d59c Collaboration Increase collaboration with our regional networks and allied societies. _a928c987-de25-4c6a-801c-334cd98f80c4 3.3 9cf0ddac-da1e-4cf3-b2db-5cf37fd54c9f 8374eefe-104f-4451-85df-d210de9c4ab9 ADVOCACY Advocacy and communications efforts [to] enhance recognition for the profession and result in a positive legislative and regulatory climate for the association community. _f6409a07-15ab-4217-a0bf-7e8d72565dbd 4 Outcome: The legislative and regulatory climate is favorable to associations, and the general public recognizes the valuable role that associations and association professionals play in advancing society. Awareness Increase awareness among the general public, policymakers, and the media of the critical role associations and association professionals play in society. _0df7a869-3688-43c0-9482-5db9090d19f2 4.1 cb2dc377-3ada-4039-a8d8-368b52892eee d02658d1-b56e-4919-98bd-bd6ea60087fa Legislation and Policies Identify key public policy priorities for the profession and work to enact legislation and policies that benefit the association community. _368d25db-b16f-4e94-83bc-0385357e79f3 4.2 04f97329-9e88-4fe4-8e32-1fc76221fee7 67db20f2-ae46-41bc-b8c0-128f3e7b042f 2010-02-08 Arthur Colman ( Submit error.