American Society of Access Professionals American Society of Access Professionals ASAP _e0fde161-518a-4893-b7ab-9022b08a3fde fcbee6a7-9d05-475b-998f-ca5dd44e2cf9 f5d12e0b-eafb-40bf-9e61-c65761737fd2 Education, Information, and Training Provide to the public education, information and training that enhances awareness and understanding of statutes pertaining to the availability and management of government records or information _b63166c0-bd86-40b2-a7fc-1d39ad6201ff 1 ASAP is the leading organization providing quality professional educational programs. ASAP draws upon the highest caliber of government FOIA and Privacy instructors along with known experts in the public requester field to teach and discuss common problems in an open-dialogue forum. Tremendous insight and education are attained by both sides as each learns from the perspective of the other. 5c1686e4-e727-484e-82fd-eaef4c4fb1d6 426e7f5d-3b24-4e62-beb7-c7e5cc4de490 cd10d61a-dc26-4bdf-96cf-a87c3211b4dc Interaction Among Access Professionals Promote improved liaison, communication and cooperation among persons who use, administer, interpret or implement these "access laws" (i.e., freedom of information, privacy protection, open meetings, fair credit reporting, etc.) _e09a3e02-3c83-431e-ac31-93fd42875d7b 2 ASAP was founded as a professional forum dedicated to bringing government FOIA and Privacy Act personnel in touch with the requester community. The requester community includes private citizens, law firms, businesses, media and nonprofit organizations; it is not a government agency. d6bbef8e-f209-4e8c-90b6-eaa1d5e5aa70 5bd3f27e-db74-429b-8e77-2c88c48f2657 83c50587-1405-4ba9-b613-597da9ab7cc6 Fair Information Practice Foster understanding and appreciation of principles of fair information practice _e08da1e6-d08e-490d-9a6b-eb09fd1fdd34 3 df73c660-ee1f-45e6-a34d-dea0c4cbb919 2401e675-d390-4d88-9eaf-8ff2bd296368 2a38880a-3702-4124-97da-4c5f43d50ccb Issues Related to Access Laws Cooperate with government agencies, private organizations, and congressional committees in seeking creative solutions to problems inherent in such laws or legislative proposals _6a2d3aab-4c41-4448-92e7-0e4f5fd0c5ce 4 The American Society of Access Professionals (ASAP) is a nongovernmental, independent, educational, not-for-profit association. It was founded in 1980 by concerned federal government employees and private citizens working in the fields of information access through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), the Privacy Act (PA), and laws and regulations. 3c39edfc-444f-4d47-b288-68b91941f65f 61d4ab08-9924-4665-a6b8-16a03c4047e3 02eb3cdd-80dc-4bdb-b955-c65b95e218ee 2010-02-08 Submit error.