X12 Government Subcommittee, Accredited Standards Committee X12 Government Subcommittee, Accredited Standards Committee ASCX12G _163ec32b-b262-479b-9096-6e98c869191b 6def1862-603e-489b-94e8-5b0281d55820 To offer representatives from all levels of government the opportunity to influence the design and development of standardized data exchange transactions to conduct the business of government. _ac70db2b-c4c0-451e-93df-3c83a49909d4 Governmental Transactions Develop governmental transactions to electronically exchange information among and between agencies at the local, state, and federal levels of government and with their private sector constituents. _f6df15ef-3026-4f7c-9ede-c0ffaeeb7e1c Transaction types ranging from contracting to commercial vehicle reporting, to revenue reporting and voter registration information all come under the purview of this subcommittee. 74cff21b-9b20-4a6a-8e55-3ed03ee0530c f7266389-c965-48a4-b373-d7d1ff77f5d3 72f75d4a-93f3-4a7c-9fd0-548dae15a2de 2010-02-08 http://www.x12.org/x12org/subcommittees/sc_home.cfm?strSC=G Arthur Colman (www.drybridge.com) colman@drybridge.com Submit error.