ASF's Strategic Framework Small-staffed philanthropy matters. It matters to communities. It matters to the field. It matters to ASF. Desired Results for ASF: *Net membership growth *Greater impact in the field Association of Small Foundations ASF ID-cb90b0ec-151e-455a-8bcf-dd381612235b Small-Staffed Philanthropies The needs of small-staffed philanthropy are as diverse as the issues and communities that they support. This is why ASF supports its members across three lines of work, as we guide, connect and champion small-staffed philanthropy. ASF Members Desired Results: *Deeper relationships *More value and better service Communities More benefits, for communities across the country and around the world 32d28cdd-9ce7-4960-86ad-884353a32cbd To strengthen and inspire small-staffed philanthropy by engaging with our members in new and powerful ways. ID-80a936e8-3594-4128-bb8d-cd58b11db0d3 Small-Staffed Philanthropy Small-staffed philanthropy today is agile, responsive and close to the ground. It is rooted in personal passion. It is practiced by tens of thousands of donors, trustees and staff. It is found primarily in foundations with few or no staff. It accounts for nearly half of all foundation giving. It delivers powerful results for countless communities across the nation and around the world. This is small-staffed philanthropy. This is ASF. Agility Responsiveness Personal Passion GUIDE We provide deep and well-researched content, in multiple formats, for staff and trustees to achieve excellence in their work. ID-84b80f48-f2d4-4b4e-9c15-886b5614ed5b 1 Focus Center our work in foundations with few or no staff ID-8fb9f0e1-f790-43df-a509-b8ac5ddba7da 1.1 Small-Staffed Philanthropists Recognize and welcome the increasing ranks of small-staffed philanthropists using other vehicles 376545ee-d741-4aa2-b6f7-23ddc33fa920 Openness, Flexibility & Value Become more open-source and a la carte, delivering value online to customers and visitors as well as members ID-393b6acf-998a-41bb-940e-748637ebac4a 1.2 f2b32edc-2bdc-40f3-9a4b-6d50eabbc35c Trends Track trends in the world and in the field ID-0c29ed78-3a05-4970-afe3-8079b1525d36 1.3 Show what they mean for small-staffed philanthropy 32f48ac4-0515-41c0-b3dc-3b588ba9e8e3 Services Deliver services faster, in shorter and more customized formats ID-4c03e38f-7415-4fad-8d3e-eae0d8ee3b74 1.4 7d4706ca-ce91-488e-b6bb-2b5ecd55957f CONNECT We offer access to a community of peers and experts for learning and networking that goes beyond the basics of good practice, and extends to mastery and leadership. ID-80d7d877-d821-408f-b0ea-ae78fcc02397 2 Member Engagement Engage members around the aspirations and behaviors that drive their work and make it distinctive and valuable ID-ac83d8d0-d009-4393-871e-a9f942f49b8b 2.1 ASF Members 2af8e012-3b69-47cb-ad7d-85af3ed1201c Opportunities Create opportunities with our members to engage with other players in philanthropy ID-d1120106-e371-419d-943d-921c98a42ae8 2.2 948c5749-07ce-4fea-acd7-a59f224813e6 Partnerships & Networks Leverage partnerships and networks beyond members that enhance small-staffed philanthropy ID-8a5601bc-5493-4215-9f16-4901bb85109c 2.3 574f0b02-7f79-4300-b213-12e17ee3dbfa CHAMPION We identify, celebrate and promote the distinctive philanthropy practiced by our members, highlighting the passion, aspirations, and mindset that lead to powerful results, in countless communities across the country and around the world. ID-270006ec-56e7-4e9f-aaad-0c4f37c53c06 3 2b4e40f9-a3c6-4cb5-b093-97afcc8d7594 8ce9c395-5380-4658-a736-45bc4fc831cb 2013-12-27 Submit error.