American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers ASHRAE _c0c89919-c2fe-443b-81b9-d34c8c4f795f ASHRAE will be the global leader, the foremost source of technical and educational information, and the primary provider of opportunity for professional growth in the arts and sciences of heating, ventilating, air conditioning and refrigerating. _5481c124-a77c-464c-9903-c58c7bcfd36f To advance the arts and sciences of heating, ventilating, air conditioning and refrigerating to serve humanity and promote a sustainable world. _0667ef5b-69cb-49b8-91b1-167f71488a7e Advancement We are committed to the advancement of the arts and sciences of HVAC&R for the benefit of society through research, technology development and transfer, and education and training. Leadership We are committed to providing leadership within our industry, and developing leadership qualities in our members. Integrity We are committed to honesty in the practice of our profession as embodied in the ASHRAE Code of Ethics. Service We are committed to service to our members and to the public. Excellence We are committed to the achievement of technical quality and excellence in our programs, publications, courses and other activities. Sustainable Buildings ASHRAE will lead the advancement of sustainable building design and operations. _1ae9f506-c429-4e0b-ba1e-b65c88f97ee5 1 Rationale: Building sustainability effort is critical to our global environment and society. Leading the building sustainability effort is both competitively essential for ASHRAE members and will motivate the next generation of leaders in the field. ASHRAE and its membership have unique building performance expertise that sets them apart from others. The focus on energy efficient buildings continues to increase as energy costs rise, fossil fuel sources are depleted, and environmental impacts increase. In general, building operation and maintenance account for 60-80% of total cost of ownership, and building performance typically decreases after the first year of operation. Tools are needed to help owners operate and renew buildings in a sustainable manner thereby reducing their impact on the environment. Indoor Environmental Quality Develop design guidance to integrate indoor environmental quality (IEQ), energy efficiency and other aspects of sustainable building performance. _7d80acc1-5f9c-4934-9f31-0327041b6c99 1.1 812009bc-5313-4f76-a34c-c6e37f226c8c ff19d0a8-3c00-47bc-99ed-ba0ad3224ddc Net-Zero-Energy Buildings Lead the drive toward the design, construction and operation of net-zero-energy buildings through research, publications and education. _8468c44a-1789-42c0-8cf5-a1dc6be00dbd 1.2 8fb47b88-4dfa-412c-bf7e-cd707dbdb8ea ca9bda74-4eb6-415c-a56c-cce4da00f19d Performance Metrics and Ratings Develop performance metrics and rating systems to certify operational performance of buildings for energy efficiency and IEQ. _6ae75f03-b636-4189-888e-723d9cd1d15c 1.3 db45d215-792b-47df-886e-d1bd77ebf983 a1f87e10-e5a5-49a0-9f31-f071f48444f5 Training, Guidance and Tools Provide training, guidance and tools for building operators. _9347b5f6-efb9-4f19-9ab3-387d15c56901 1.4 ccda8d38-45dd-492b-85a6-31f389497db0 2aedc3af-33a1-458b-8179-52c7a7db5b26 Maintenance Procedures Conduct research and develop guidance to enhance the effectiveness of maintenance procedures. _8149631e-6899-4bbc-95ca-476d97e37676 1.5 d4aaa537-4a46-4792-bb4d-7db169024944 3ad0e6e7-20d9-4123-abec-bdf072d579cb Life-Cycle-Cost Analysis Promote the use of life-cycle-cost analysis to building owners that will encourage sustainable building construction, operation, and renewal. _a044f938-4c21-4890-be41-cbb6ae85faae 1.6 69f2feb8-c0fd-4a4d-9451-993d73d70bfb 38b35178-602a-4bc0-b297-15d3680a19fc Collaboration Collaborate with other organizations to integrate HVAC&R systems with other building systems to enhance the effectiveness of Total Building Design and Integrated Practice. _3b603df0-dbc0-48fa-bd1c-c815483ccd0b 1.7 790f1427-f86e-4f6f-8840-35e16df5199e 3558a8c2-e05c-4984-95eb-fe7d8c0cce79 Research Promote research leading to the development of equipment and systems that support sustainable buildings. _6b686a39-e3ad-4c25-947d-c49e14f4937b 1.8 67485ff5-04bd-4d85-835f-c505a617590e ef6fa41a-fb76-4bd8-92a3-669a6ac3bf64 Education and Certification ASHRAE will be a world-class provider of education and certification programs. _f19b0f66-74a6-4649-bc33-db6100efaba7 2 Rationale: Education is an ongoing need of ASHRAE members and the industry and provides an opportunity for membership growth. Membership and industry surveys show that there is a demand for ASHRAE certification programs. ASHRAE has the expertise and the credibility to design and deliver education and certification programs. Rapidly changing technology and issues such as sustainability, energy cost, and indoor environmental quality and security have created heightened expectations for timely delivery of diverse education content for life-long learning. On-Demand Education and Distance Learning Provide accessible on-demand education and distance learning to members and other customers. _043ea88e-d362-4393-80ab-896a96877da1 2.1 af1d4b7f-e361-4029-9d48-6f57159ae568 1ef0dc32-5cc6-41ab-8586-b0c917542070 Education and Certification Infrastructure Expand and sustain ASHRAE’s education and certification delivery infrastructure. _ca1fd149-cb43-49ef-94e6-3e45fe1f8c39 2.2 af2b9458-a84a-45a3-b4a0-20235b939913 b4ec9b86-f9b9-438a-9244-9ba6ff30bb3d Certification Programs Develop and promote certification programs for the HVAC&R industry. _6460b5e1-81f2-4edc-9ba0-2baeac593804 2.3 031e829f-8cf7-4ac0-9a79-147dd554cb87 d8806a3a-5c31-4627-b7e0-1ff44783f68c Educational Programs Create educational programs that can be offered by ASHRAE chapters. _fead7779-998f-44e2-b61d-34c680384181 2.4 0ce472b0-42c0-4626-9e91-44d9e9db28df e58cb2e5-68b7-4375-a1d6-c5c441c81d89 Partnerships Partner with organizations that have expertise in the development and delivery of education and certification programs. _ba9ba02a-5a5f-478d-a941-6b98e9b0dd1e 2.5 41d47533-60c4-4171-af03-7ad849bfee38 a15d0a1c-56cf-4d98-af04-5113e41d6d1e Learning Institute Promote the ASHRAE Learning Institute brand and the value of life-long learning. _baec180b-c49d-42d0-b8b3-51422fa252de 2.6 654240ca-bd8d-49b7-9ab4-2cc78eecf610 ffda94c6-dae3-4fc0-9f10-2745c4e36aba HVAC&R Expertise ASHRAE will position itself as a premier provider of HVAC&R expertise. _97537826-d4e5-43d5-8af2-53fb0c35ad93 3 Rationale: Public interest in HVAC&R related issues is growing and ASHRAE has the technical knowledge to meet this need. Policy makers and the general public need to be aware of ASHRAE’s expertise. Increasing competition requires ASHRAE to distinguish itself as the leader in the field. Image and Marketing Aggressively market ASHRAE to enhance its image with the industry, policy makers, and the general public. _b8e86d5a-8990-45e1-9b4d-1337107a9e83 3.1 dc07289c-d1b4-461d-a483-f9c185994997 4a52185c-343c-445d-bf28-d6158d8a5c10 Communications Infrastructure Create an effective communications infrastructure for marketing and public relations. _44c0c707-efc0-467a-a3b4-42a32729e764 3.2 4a6c9052-2f33-4d6e-abaa-f0daa5f975fd edd6ed22-fc9c-407c-bfc5-5d92d9c0c117 Products and Services Make ASHRAE’s products and services useful, desirable, and accessible to both existing and prospective customers. _478c0efc-e418-484d-995b-b9cffb629eba 3.3 9396d79b-7d93-4bf7-95e7-137be2a0c319 c3ef295c-c80b-4103-a9e3-806091208fa4 Outreach Tools Provide tools to enable chapters to become a local focus for education and community outreach. _bad5ee43-be13-4906-8ec3-d162946e2703 3.4 fc140bd9-b74e-4820-9e2b-ccd5fcb6ed05 05916545-4254-4ed2-8929-9c5892db4d0d Global Leadership ASHRAE will be a global leader in the HVAC&R community. _fa185962-1c23-4d8a-87df-8778b00af879 4 Rationale: The world has evolved from independent national economies to an interdependent global economy. Markets in developing countries present significant growth opportunities. The developing global HVAC&R community is impacting ASHRAE members. Technology developed outside North America can enhance ASHRAE’s knowledge base. Chapters and Regions While ASHRAE’s chapter and regional structure shall be the backbone of ASHRAE’s structure globally, it shall be flexibly applied to serve our membership. _350cdf84-4f84-4d71-91c0-13160e9d1e68 4.1 aeed7ac9-0576-4f8e-a72f-d25595b0d194 b8c45a14-ebbe-46cb-8f0d-15354c8149c1 Associate Alliances ASHRAE will cooperate with organizations with shared objectives and strengthen the ASHRAE Associate Societies Alliance. _f1f0723a-b747-4bfb-9f2d-fc77550111c2 4.2 2be2a0c6-696a-447a-ab76-031996de2d87 5d0c9958-a74a-4864-b9cb-189cb2e84c38 Membership Cost and Benefits The cost of annual membership dues will be balanced with the cost of providing membership benefits and services in different geographic regions. _7e455346-9fe0-4059-a00f-97f6d54daa5e 4.3 9a415bc2-1d45-4204-b27f-5026db115315 793f94e6-28ae-451a-ad92-6714ed14746a Publication and Educational Pricing Publications and educational products will be priced so they are within reach of ASHRAE’s global membership but will not be priced at less than the cost of providing them. _281ff4ed-73b6-40a4-be02-8cc121020ee3 4.4 ac5eac3d-fc82-45d7-bfa4-7d2abbd870b7 7475d697-df02-48a1-9709-5e90ce0365ff HVAC&R Technical Expertise ASHRAE will develop its expertise in HVAC&R technologies to embrace whole building sustainable design and be one of the most valuable global resources for publications and educational products related to sustainable HVAC&R technology. _2fed569c-9437-4a2b-86b8-eb91ac39faff 4.5 497607e6-6536-423a-87f8-70119da251f2 b08f9883-6403-4df7-abf1-0cabf1e0894d Multi-Lingual Publications ASHRAE will pursue opportunities and processes along with translation to publish its literature in various languages. _da7d7b83-6ca7-46f7-a053-ef064f769c6d 4.6 c55eade8-af9f-43dc-a3fc-77dc0912a3dd 050a4064-4996-4c90-b71d-62c8cb0a2c25 Volunteers and Electronic Communications Volunteer participation obstacles will be overcome through meeting planning and organization that is sensitive to global participation and that benefits from electronic communication technologies. _06868646-995c-4abf-bc81-b4d9581eaf86 4.7 b4ce9a6b-19c0-4ca3-a09c-844e37a821d8 1ac34bac-3bd8-4b7b-9eeb-af2b91d9e4dd International Credentialing ASHRAE will support, in cooperation with national associations, a uniform, international standard for credentialing in the disciplines and practices of HVAC&R. _dfee4bf7-88ee-4826-b04b-79a40c495ebd 4.8 c9b6ed7f-b1bf-4b67-8e92-d400fc01bc7a 3c9fbb3c-4370-43c8-b5c2-5b3d60a193ab International Standards ASHRAE will actively support and participate in international standard development activities. _260eb93f-4b44-417f-b28d-b2a529f155fa 4.9 d456f2a0-fad6-4562-bb53-10dc5ed9a8dd f9517d03-e32b-44f6-ada5-2e6ff93d7e6f IPR ASHRAE will actively protect its intellectual property rights. _950fef1f-a3d4-408b-b6a3-944c1ee6a5aa 4.10 460c0732-fae5-48c6-aafe-9eb953020dcb fd52204d-3f38-46a2-8f7a-ce75870890b6 Staffing ASHRAE will provide enhanced staff support outside of the United States. _f43e5c82-d543-49db-b392-c7d9ffd2c34c 4.11 7dcfe23d-7f4e-4900-860f-2b7b200989d2 01ef31a0-9fc0-4e3a-b440-9519fde1fa1c Global Business Practices ASHRAE will align its business practices to better serve members globally. _0294bf5f-a1c6-4124-b720-4526128fff02 4.12 797de0aa-59fe-406f-91b5-a788fbccb85f f61dc1d7-e9a7-4c45-92fe-f6a1a0465a5d International Conferences and Exhibitions ASHRAE, in cooperation with national societies or independently, will pursue conferences and exhibitions outside North America. _26463ee4-d66f-4bd0-9b40-a79c96e18d6f 4.13 793caed7-af52-4083-a6cf-4e2ec1da1c68 0eeb96e6-ba97-4890-bf1d-bc8a7776257c ASHRAE Brand The ASHRAE Brand will be strengthened to reflect a global strategy that serves the needs of all members. _53b0ba0c-1a63-44e3-a864-95723e6978d1 4.14 32c24fad-829a-4174-bb7b-1f3b13502587 20de570c-727e-42b5-9d34-8a6515d37d15 2006-03-20 2010-02-08 Arthur Colman ( Submit error.