American Society for Information Science and Technology American Society for Information Science and Technology ASIS&T _67ec4fb9-d951-4402-b0f7-4eb76a2a9823 Establish a new information professionalism in a world where information is of central importance to personal, social, political, and economic progress by: Advancing knowledge about information, its creation, properties, and use; Providing analysis of ideas, practices, and technologies; Valuing theory, research, applications, and service; Nurturing new perspectives, interests, and ideas; Increasing public awareness of the information sciences and technologies and their benefits to society. _05a63fdc-37aa-4d11-93ed-2f0d92b49177 The mission of the American Society for Information Science and Technology is to advance the information sciences and related applications of information technology by providing focus, opportunity, and support to information professionals and organizations. _9fd3e578-52e7-45b6-9bc2-e1b3d4985dee Professional Exchange Stimulate participation and interaction among members by affording them an envirionment for substantive professional exchange. _f4052eac-5c56-4228-838d-25f44ad2540d 1 9b714fe3-0e46-4526-9706-3aa1aa5f3acc f183206c-25c8-4540-9973-7a34962fc08d 5f2312d3-8a95-4201-a83a-c63bacc5bdb0 Personal and Professional Growth Encourage and support personal and professional growth through opportunities for members to extend their knowledge and skills, develop and use professional networks, pursue career development goals and assume leadership roles in the Society and in the information community. _c68c6770-0f83-481e-9aae-8c852efdc58e 2 6ecac802-e6d7-45de-b275-1a5645a6e81a f6034b20-6a09-4717-9657-9b31f056f2e2 b0a9d39b-6260-46c8-b9cf-512a0cb96fde Influence Increase the influence of information professionals among decision-makers by focusing attention on the importance of information as a vital resource in a high-technology age and promotes informed policy on national and international information issues by contributing to the formation of those policies. _0860208d-e906-48d3-a7a1-d2661a8fafb4 3 e2964505-2006-4e2c-bd8c-736c08298a2d f4cc8df1-2fc9-4464-b0ea-1ae3c8a5ec5d d8ff657b-9e93-4d2c-a6cb-ee4813a08732 R&D Advocacy Support the advancement of the state-of-the art and practice by taking a leadership position in the advocacy of research and development in basic and applied information science. _a5262c73-55af-480e-a429-7394cfd7172c 4 349c95aa-f461-4ba2-99d6-9187d9c43566 de61808e-c1c3-4d57-9d1d-96f9a6c99937 c1ad2fc0-012c-46b2-96f5-4eedf7d2b861 2010-02-08 Arthur Colman ( Submit error.