ASP 2013 Strategic Planning Meeting: ASP in an era of constraint ASP will continue to focus on: * Content - Programs | Webinars | Resources and Research * Conference - World class speakers | Exhibitors | Networking * Certification - Body of knowledge | Professional qualification | Learning * Chapters - Local programs | Networking | Energy and enthusiasm Tiger Team Top Initiative Recommendations: 1) Expertly use social media and upgrade ASP's website 2) Provide easy to get and cost effective tools and templates 3) Fix the finances - improve revenue from all sources in line with cost structure 4) Aggressively improve, evolve and leverage the value of certification 5) Learn about and better target our six current customer groups and select for who matches our resources 6) Aggressively advocate for the category of strategic management and the "strategy manager" 7) Actively promote the chapter activities and continuously reinforce that "Membership Has Privileges" 8) Better leverage the value of F2F chapters, annual conference for members-at-large and other revenue streams 9) Match qualified consultant members to those in need via a "Consulting Exchange" 10) Change the name to the Association for Strategy Professionals Association for Strategic Planning ASP _6a6449f8-0e60-4221-9d13-e08ff76abf13 ASP is a non-profit professional society ... ASP Team 2013 - 2014 Neelima Firth President - CA Lee Crumbaugh Vice President - IL Tom Carter Treasurer - Canada Jim Stockmal Secretary - DC Laurie Bacopoulos GA Michael Bischoff IN Beth Branning CA Kevin Center GA Bill Craddock AR Robert Hockin DC Alan Leeds CA Ted Galpin CO Susan Radwan MI Ahmed Samy Abu Dhabi ASP Executive Committee Neelima Firth, Tom Carter, Lee Crumbaugh, Jim Stockmal Ted Galpin Certification ASP Strategic Planning and Operations Committee Jim Stockmal Sunny Kapoor Awards - Goodman Award ASP Conference Committee Sue Radwan, Beth Branning Kevin Center Membership ASP Chapter Committee TBD Lee Crumbaugh Marketing ASP Programs Committee TBD Laurie Bacopoulos Technology ASP Leadership Development Committee TBD The Association for Strategic Planning (ASP) is recognized as the pre-eminent professional association for those engaged in strategic thinking, planning, and action. Leaders concerned with steering an organization through strategic thinking, planning and action know of and turn to ASP for access to knowledge, leading thinking, and for community. bcf66de8-1bd1-4074-8200-a81168601ee2 To help people and organizations to succeed through improved strategic Thinking, Planning and Action. 8a0855be-2f24-45b7-a14c-86b46f805686 Relevancy We have to MATTER to our membership Irrelevant- will not join/renew Needs Meet an ‘unmet' need Connection Connection with the members Leadership Members care about the Leadership Members Members care about other Members Leadership care about the Members Leadership by Example Exhibit the traits that we espouse Strategic Plans Have a strategic plan on the website Websites Expectations Clear expectations of who we are (Brand) Fiscal Responsibility Ability to Execute Execute Organization Create a vibrant organization of strategic thinkers, planners and implementers 4d73e050-2b2e-42a9-a3de-47e4e73af278 1 3b0dea8e-0122-45b8-8fb3-d7221bdd7066 4f5af8c4-c478-46e3-8b4b-a0046c54060c Website & Social Media Upgrade Website/Expertly use social media 72049ddd-f619-4233-947c-04f07b3ab2af 1.1 ASP must tailor offerings to multiple generational cohorts, including a younger cohort that is more used to online activities.  However, we should treat social media not as a replacement for associations but a compliment.  Provide links to the best / most helpful discussions.  We can be a source to help strategy practitioners navigate the overload of content and point to the best. a22c6c3c-fd97-454f-9755-d4a429b7fe70 Website Improve and invest in our website 24ba5fe1-c80c-42ee-a659-81869a8bb447 1.1.1 4efd6e25-bd40-4a03-8ad0-2156e0cfcad8 Searchability Make content easily searchable 2661f825-aa5c-4135-ac9b-90c76f69cbfb 1.1.2 247b862e-a3ac-4e66-bb1d-a4cae9fb294d Social Media Utilize and expand social media a195a28f-0d73-44fc-95f0-1e7640c272db 1.1.3 bd235008-4135-4116-80ef-ac8ded7f8ba7 Membership Expanded membership base 7f71288e-1eb9-43af-812a-843b9b79c2af 2 ASP Members Members recruit Members Value Offer something of value that encourages membership. 4145ddc3-af1c-4233-8ddc-12b23b7b82f3 2.1 In order to fix the finances we must offer something of value that encourages membership. Even in very active chapters, many people attend and pay but do not join. We tout our on-line resources at every meeting as a reason to join, but not until I tried to use them this week did I realize the reality of the situation. We must clean up old and out-of-date offerings, some of which have log-in and password information that has long since expired. 374bf812-1bd3-47ef-91d9-33864a371b9a Certification Aggressively improve, evolve and leverage the value of certification 0facfe26-f692-48ec-9fda-e7c198eea614 2.1.1 This is one of the most unique assets we have, and we have paid a great price to get it (time, effort, internal fights etc.).  No one can quickly duplicate this asset (Strategic Management Society has spent years trying)  The issue is we need to make it more relevant in terms of critical mass of certified people and of organizations that recognize it.  COUNTER INTUITIVE IDEA - Encourage members of other associations take our certification - Become the ONE accepted credential for strategy / strategic planning and have more organizations promoting it.  Let other associations give us input to the BOK.  Many of the other strategy associations are specialized enough that they are not direct competitors anyhow (SMS is largely academics, IE forums are mostly for profit company practitioners, etc).  The BOK is a great start and we are deeply indebted to those who worked so hard to get it this far but it should be a living, evolving document. d37d3de8-dcc3-4caf-b23f-6a384bb090d9 Value Proposition Increase value proposition of certification 3d63e359-956a-4558-a727-64119d9abb7c 621b8565-cbe5-4652-9d77-d217cf2c4c91 BOK Improve the Body of Knowledge f9396d04-4c67-42ec-9618-43bef60d6afe e8a8311a-bdc0-4e4f-9f73-cca72a7d2249 Strategy Community Certification for strategy community 1114e090-634c-4096-8dea-9a5ad3241251 6265d1ca-d373-408a-9ab9-09e5112fd3cb Fiscal Base Stable fiscal base (strong reserves) with adequate funds to experiment and fail ebc50193-b72a-42dd-a78f-351570719d3b 3 Revenue & Cost Structure Fix the finances - improve revenue from all sources in line with cost structure c57aaed8-c9a3-40b7-8a1b-1635c912ba78 3.1 Match revenue to costs at realistic membership levels.  Don't care if it is "revenue problem" or "cost problem," they just have to balance each other out to be a sustainable organization... Support and expand our financial base: Membership value proposition | Pricing models | Conference | Chapters 7b771fb9-42e3-43d7-800a-d92b4fe7657a Infrastructure Infrastructure to support ASP & local chapters fb25f6e6-f585-4fc4-a2bb-798a2067d5e2 4 ASP Local Chapters Meetings ef014f85-e8c9-4c9a-984b-ab83111f2b13 4.1 82a3c3ab-c34a-426b-84ed-bc2cf98ece5b Topics acce4ba3-8b99-4a02-9213-bfc58da92b20 4.2 a8e90e7a-defe-40d9-950c-3c4924e1800d Marketing 0414d9e7-f395-4d79-aaad-a295a337fa78 4.3 1141641f-947a-4fa7-83db-339027811e1e 2013-07-20 2013-10-25 2013 Strategic Plan Communication.pptx Owen Ambur Submit error.