American Society for Public Administration American Society for Public Administration ASPA _23e2704f-0b61-47cf-88e1-ea33cfa2ac28 b4099204-2d48-4056-a9eb-ffde2193fc5c ASPA is the leading public service organization that: • Advances the art, science, teaching, and practice of public and non-profit administration. • Promotes the value of joining and elevating the public service profession. • Builds bridges among all who pursue public purposes. • Provides networking and professional development opportunities to those committed to public service values. • Achieves innovative solutions to the challenges of governance _340e0cb6-957b-439f-b58e-b6466bc70b4b Good Governance Public Administration achieves public value by improving and supporting good governance. Be Member-Focused ASPA will serve all of its membership equitably and effectively with a specific focus on practitioners. _9b0adf43-a1c5-422b-b81d-eeafbda16f27 1 Outcome: ASPA is the professional community of choice for practitioners, students, and new professionals with a high satisfaction level related to benefit, service and engagement. Implementation Strategies and Tasks: (to be determined each year by staff and volunteer leadership) Program Interventions Design, plan, and implement program interventions to attract, serve and retain practitioners in ASPA. _eb17e020-2a3c-4130-9b65-d3bd223e72e2 1.1 769823ae-00c6-40b0-9be0-a39aab46d1eb c025c7ad-529b-47a2-9e28-8a04b034047c Annual Conference Develop critical specifications for redesigning and recasting the annual conference for the purposes of increasing practitioner-oriented content and programming. _c840a6e3-2800-4187-9083-ff543fe3cf2a 1.2 0ee495ad-574b-415e-8108-9a9899369768 0a742d8e-5dc5-4967-ad78-7c7a062f5378 Content Coherence Create higher content coherence, incorporating the perspectives and needs of students, new professionals, and practitioners in new product and service development, the annual conference, and leadership development. _e5b741c2-57db-4f8f-bd81-9fd74e43d2f4 1.3 8593a6c1-ec81-443b-a4b5-86f6fcb55167 72bb093a-4987-4bd9-b8ac-e8041c59d242 Data-Driven Organization Become a data-driven organization, responsive to the composition of our membership and the larger public administration community, both in our programs and within our leadership. _c1fb0f43-bffa-4af3-a03f-d12812612f11 1.4 31c045aa-8746-411c-95c7-41c3ff048630 1e73811e-2d0f-4ebc-9623-4355532df836 Align Component Services ASPA will strengthen its components, with a focus on chapter and section revitalization, through a shift in staff alignment, program content and delivery mechanisms. _2f655c3b-1cf9-4840-9d4b-b3d325047038 2 Outcome: ASPA’s major components and affiliates experience a high level of measurable service, programming and engagement. Implementation Strategies and Tasks: (to be determined each year by staff and volunteer leadership) Chapter and Section Support Design and deliver new approaches to chapter and section support services, in terms of content, delivery, staffing, and volunteer support. _9a6ac0cb-2fde-4e54-ab1d-e2ac39883faf 2.1 7b202cc3-fba3-4725-a508-24b71e6c6fdb 00c3cd5a-6036-4f4f-b401-4b14744c4c55 Collaborations and Partnerships Expand collaborations and partnerships at the local and regional level in support of chapter and section development. _520a1b9e-0213-4305-af02-d84073efb576 2.2 6596be74-034d-4632-b6c7-5d875802934d f005c32c-595f-4c66-8aaa-2ed72f44cc27 Strategic Alignment Align ASPA’s financial, staff and volunteer resources to support chapters, sections, and other affiliates, aligning related decision-making against these priorities. _4a23ac70-7986-4549-a7b0-69ef22a2b7ea 2.3 0c8d337e-8372-4c35-b8d0-c403e6f012c6 612b0db7-67b8-4192-969d-77a0493b2a6a Connect to the Future ASPA will implement services specifically designed to attract, serve, and maintain student and new professional members. _94ef6dbf-fa1f-457e-9372-5cea5222fc51 3 Outcome: Higher levels of participation within ASPA from new and emerging public service professionals, such as contractors and consultants, students, and new professionals. Implementation Strategies and Tasks: (to be determined each year by staff and volunteer leadership) Volunteerism, Communications, and Content Serve students and new professionals through the following venues: volunteerism, communications, and product content. _16d7d380-ab46-4486-a32a-054715bc4606 3.1 0037eb71-4400-4821-b466-1df0fd79dbd1 1a4aac82-56c2-4431-9ba6-82cdd18a566e Student and Professional Engagement Create new opportunities for the engagement of students and new professionals within ASPA programs, services, and governance. _b4a12e4e-6f69-46a8-ac75-6d6ee86212e9 3.2 d7439fa5-2081-431c-8ca5-9b7a4833ffb5 9812bdf6-5bd5-4089-84cf-726a4cd2c44b Network through Technology ASPA will communicate, serve, and govern itself using new technology infrastructure. _6df6454e-1d35-442f-a891-89aa6cc1264c 4 Outcome: ASPA has implemented a new and/or improved technology infrastructure, which boost service efficiency, member engagement, and public awareness. Implementation Strategies and Tasks: (to be determined each year by staff and volunteer leadership) Volunteer Networks Deliver products, services, and volunteer leadership using new technology and methods that require transformation in how we communicate, transact business, and manage volunteer networks. _f73b4fed-4777-402a-9714-7698c602a1f2 4.1 22d06467-3275-4b34-8fb6-cec989efb7a3 35d4aa01-d8da-44af-8ec7-b4edbf7ba558 Networked Communities Integrate web-based capabilities to expand service delivery to members and in corporate new tools and techniques for building networked communities. _f212e579-2227-46e1-94bc-c7b5fac62079 4.2 fe8fc6e3-a8f2-473f-b4d6-193031409704 9038abee-5762-46c7-9095-f3c659be5817 Website Enhance website capabilities to effectively deliver conference program content to support chapter revitalization and other professional development programs. _9fc09723-9895-47cd-b357-d4ce8df05a42 4.3 e6d20046-d75b-4646-9cf7-fc8255d2f088 804bf43c-8d4f-48e3-b0dd-ab29088a6915 Reorganize for Change ASPA will reorganize its staff management and volunteer governance processes to align effectively with its Commitment. _d1142da2-4636-425f-9c83-e9811f5a8830 5 Outcome: ASPA delivers services, products and leadership activities aligned effectively with our PURPOSE and provides an efficient return on investment. Implementation Strategies and Tasks: (to be determined each year by staff and volunteer leadership) Strategic Imperatives Re-conceptualize and restructure existing services to meet our strategic imperatives with a specific focus on the following priority areas: Annual Conference, ASPA Awards Program, and Publications. _db60a821-1e56-4b4a-a220-4fc5243b7d5a 5.1 4326243d-3318-4f51-a2a8-5cb253608d14 1f16044f-3b17-47bc-af6f-ee741cccbadc Core Constituencies and Affiliates Realign the national office focus and reorganize staffing structures to effectively serve underdeveloped core constituencies and affiliates (i.e. chapters, and practitioners). _16e90c06-ca9f-4e29-b8aa-8e5c702487dc 5.2 d6ae2f45-d0a7-4965-854b-98374b386fae 749ed416-c2d9-4426-a62c-8d25a9a75fc7 Governance Structures and Activities Re-conceptualize and restructure ASPA’s existing governing structures and activities to support effective governance. _73a7ed52-8cf3-448d-9fda-c9c9968c5160 5.3 25aa15cc-8917-4d71-ad8f-4eba140371e9 bb6ea9e0-d451-48d6-8c60-4af4434c586a Strategic Deliberations Elevate National Council deliberations to a strategic level that provides meaningful results worthy of our volunteer leadership investment. _4cbd63e6-9244-4373-9834-73287c2d5ab9 5.4 43d0d779-5afb-4960-abb6-70a8cc685b8d 0850c10b-a7fa-45f5-a09e-f6a52042e323 Partnerships and Collaborations Capture the latent potential that ASPA holds as a high-performing organization in the field through an organizational focus on partnerships and collaborations, nationally and internationally. _6ae3f8c9-9d7c-4ffe-a231-5aff970172fc 5.5 65f2dfb9-37c4-4998-8de6-fcaf612c826a b96ace61-3187-44e7-9d38-2d40c538efce 2008-01-01 2010-12-31 2010-02-08 Arthur Colman ( Submit error.