American Society for Training & Development American Society for Training & Development ASTD _45d8ecc1-8847-42be-a219-47da589f6f3d To be a world-wide leader in workplace learning and performance. _1c07e121-a684-4eb1-a53b-9e096f22a701 Through exceptional learning and performance, we create a world that works better. _bd3a41c1-76b1-4625-9cfd-576baa51c85d Individual Rights and Dignity Recognize the rights and dignities of each individual Human Potential Develop human potential Education, Training, and Development Provide my employer, clients, and learners with the highest level quality education, training, and development Legal Compliance Comply with all copyright laws and the laws and regulations governing my position Knowledge and Competence Keep informed of pertinent knowledge and competence in the workplace learning and performance field Confidentiality and Integrity Maintain confidentiality and integrity in the practice of my profession Peer Support Support my peers and to avoid conduct which impedes their practicing their profession Ethics and Honesty Conduct myself in an ethical and honest manner Public Understanding Improve the public understanding of workplace learning and performance Fairness and Accuracy Fairly and accurately represent workplace learning and performance credentials qualifications, experience, and ability Contribution Contribute to the continuing growth of the profession Resources Provides resources for learning and performance professionals—research, analysis, benchmarking, online information, books, and other publications. _dbf886c7-c852-440d-88bd-c90d17a49576 1 These include: State of the Industry Report – analyzing learning investments and practices annually Benchmarking Forum – convening private and public sector organizations from around the world T+D magazine – keeping readers up-to-date on the latest ideas, trends, and best practices Books – publishing and distributing more than 200 of the best titles on training, e-learning, and performance improvement topics Infoline series – giving short, practical “lifelines” on a range of subjects Learning Circuits – offering online news and features about e-learning Buyers Guide – providing a searchable database of products and services 53fd3881-a9d0-488b-a614-921286ad7cf7 da8af55d-9a17-4ee9-8084-5bd46dda6e06 e3c36925-137f-4ef7-a2f6-611ce0d69057 Gatherings Bring people together—in conferences, workshops, and online _dc0bda78-3493-4ef8-a85f-a3b21af15f12 2 International Conference & Exposition – serving the needs of the worldwide community of workplace learning and performance professionals ASTD TechKnowledge® Conference and EXPO – focusing on e-learning and the use of technology Conferences covering hot topics such as Outsourcing Learning (presented by ASTD and and “Telling Ain’t Training” Nearly 140 local chapters in the U.S. and 25 Global Networks around the world Online discussion forums – bringing colleagues together virtually 1dd75136-888a-4a7c-86d1-3abafc96f5e8 52a9b40f-008a-4aa5-8bcb-9d70cdf2f8ac a6cdcbf2-67c2-4dec-b67b-86fd043e29f3 Professional Development Offer professional development opportunities for learning and performance practitioners _4b74cc46-1af6-49a3-8ce7-7b62ea114d0a 3 Individual Certification – the Certified Professional in Learning and Performance™ (CPLP) credential. ASTD’s 2004 landmark competency study—“Mapping the Future: Shaping New Workplace Learning and Performance Competencies”—laid the groundwork for the ASTD Certification Institute’s pilot certification program for individual professionals in 2005 and full program launch in 2006. HPI Certificate Program – offering a certificate from completing a five-course program in the fundamentals of Human Performance Improvement (HPI) Business Academy Certificate Program (in partnership with the Lake Forest Graduate School of Management) – giving practitioners deeper knowledge of key business core competencies Training Certificate Program – helping practitioners learn what’s needed from trainers today and how to shape their career for the future Designing Learning Certificate Program – complete workshop for designing outcome-based training ROI Skill-Building Certificate Program – two-day program emphasizing the Phillips ROI Methodology and application of the ROI Process Model Measuring and Evaluating Learning Certificate Program – comprehensive three-day program addressing the critical aspects of evaluation E-Learning Instructional Design Certificate Program – providing participants with theory, practice, and application techniques of e-learning instructional design (in conjunction with Michael Allen, creator of Authorware and founder of Allen Interactions) ASTD Job Bank and career resources in the online Career Center ed60d59f-64c3-4ce6-b0c5-4f8da3162604 556e78ad-e0e3-4912-b17a-dd7d07920470 faa59d67-fe6c-4916-8e3f-0a951b797e82 Advocacy Serve as the voice of the profession _29fb4502-741b-4879-b143-36fc85fd05e7 4 The workplace-based view on public policy inside the U.S. Provide the media with insight into the trends affecting workplace learning and performance. Collaboration with associations, organizations, and educational institutions around the world. f0bf1fd8-0ba6-48fc-aac0-fed7b7b27b55 68671ecf-4434-4feb-a8d1-0915e7a7e4bc 7cfee71e-2bd8-4c5e-b6c8-3f5cef2a81ef Excellence and Best Practices Recognize excellence and set the standard for best practices _043303b8-a75f-4050-b7b8-3b8ab1233c58 5 Advancing ASTD Awards – recognizing individuals and teams for their contributions to the goals and vision of ASTD Advancing Workplace Learning and Performance Awards – honoring individuals for their thought leadership in and advocacy for the profession ASTD BEST Awards – honoring organizations that demonstrate enterprise-wide success as a result of employee learning and development Excellence in Practice Awards – recognizing results achieved through practices, interventions, and learning solutions from the entire field of workplace learning and performance ROI Impact Study Award and ROI Measurement and Evaluation Award – recognizing excellence in measurement and evaluation 8167748d-7dba-4181-90ed-bcab283346df 0c4c5c80-a47e-4ead-9b00-30613a7e8d08 b8e2dd0e-aab9-41d8-bcbc-d5c5d88f6af5 2010-02-08 Arthur Colman ( Submit error.