ASTM International ASTM International ASTM _1e390589-4c6d-42cb-b7c1-efe9a03ff8b0 008616ef-eb73-4d0b-80ca-8056d2cc5224 To be the foremost developer and provider of voluntary consensus standards, related technical information, and services having globally recognized quality and applicability that promote public health and safety, the environment, and the overall quality of life; contribute to the reliability of materials, products, systems and services; and facilitate international, regional, and national commerce. _f839e030-701f-4c09-adf0-68114994f8b5 Standards Development Environment To provide the optimum environment and support for technical committees to develop needed standards and related information. _30c8b57d-cadb-47c6-8fdd-5c30fe0e8229 1 The technical committees are the foundation of ASTM International and maintaining their integrity, diversity, and efficient operations is critical to ASTM's future. They operate autonomously within ASTM regulations and share common needs for support from the Board and staff. They also may have unique needs for administrative, marketing, and other kinds of support. To be certain these needs are met, ASTM will continue to be attentive to ways to improve support services particularly thru information technology, will maintain effective communication channels between headquarters and the technical committees, and will stimulate coordination among those committees whose interests are interrelated. d23f27fa-0288-4cc5-8fbb-9be3a75657bf 74c74cc0-5435-4163-964a-6ed3015ebc26 a6ed1209-2d28-4031-bfbf-a2a4f4dfdd4e Timeliness To ensure ASTM International products and services are provided in a timely manner and meet current needs. _199eae9d-4f53-41b0-b2ef-08a1d2e3e7a0 2 The time required to produce ASTM standards and related information is neither predictable nor fully controllable because of the volunteer nature of the society, the essential features of the ASTM consensus process, and the technologies involved. Nevertheless, in the interest of developing products that are up-to-date and high in quality, the efficiency of the process will receive regular review and will be refined, when appropriate, without sacrificing openness, due process, consensus, or other aspects of quality. In addition, ASTM committees and staff must be alert to the emerging demands for standards so that new activities are initiated to stay current with needs of the marketplace and the development of new technologies. c24d0b01-56ef-4a5d-af8e-40f9a226b92d 4ede0be4-51d3-4703-aa1b-381c495edb9e 10db0c12-a94e-49c9-b7d1-e262ad2dc88f Awareness To increase the awareness of the ASTM International consensus process, the benefits of participation, and the value of ASTM standards and services in the global marketplace. _ab640fc4-d9c1-45f5-ab8e-80d54d6d65c6 3 As ASTM interacts with industry, government(s), academia, the general public, and the standards community, it will aggressively pursue opportunities to promote and provide training in support of the ASTM international process and the use of ASTM standards. ASTM's objectives are to make the world more familiar with the strengths of the ASTM International consensus process, the benefits of participating in standards development, and the value of using ASTM standards. bd59b5c0-2c1f-419e-9cec-2912b8667032 eefb5b16-10e1-4b57-b791-abcd43e8a9e8 f23afd3d-e7fe-4aa2-a46f-0bb9fe5c7a86 Promotion To strengthen the international, regional and national acceptance and use of ASTM products and services. _42b99ec7-29fc-4a47-aaf9-4ecd1c22272c 4 ASTM develops standards that are recognized, accepted, and used by industry and government in the global marketplace. ASTM is well positioned to identify new opportunities to become a more active presence in these arenas and to increase the number of citations of ASTM standards. In the international arena, ASTM will promote those activities that generate standards and services suitable for use in international commerce and will cultivate relationships with international, regional and national trade organizations in order to increase their appreciation of the value of ASTM standards in facilitating trade. The same shall be true for "non-trade" areas pertaining to science and technology such as education and research and development. ASTM will continue to be active in other international standards development bodies and assist the technical committees in their international activities where appropriate. Within the U.S., in conformance with the National Technology Transfer and Advancement Act of 1995 (Public Law 104-113), ASTM will work actively with U.S. federal agencies, both procurement and regulatory, to ensure that ASTM standards are adopted and used in lieu of government standards. The ASTM/DOD program to replace MIL Specs with ASTM standards is a good example of this type of initiative and will be encouraged. ac22bd18-3038-49c5-be10-25c55e401ef5 8c431785-3ffe-4a5e-9360-a8b7b0e0fdae 543866e7-a269-4177-b74a-5f3d34d9b532 Availability To make the ASTM International process, resources, skills, and facilities available to the marketplace to accommodate its changing needs. _90c3c4c6-7b19-42c9-b102-b9d756203f96 5 The ASTM International system for developing and disseminating voluntary consensus standards has broad applicability. ASTM will develop methods for forecasting long term needs for standards within existing committees and for identifying new areas outside the traditional standards arena that would benefit from using the ASTM management system. Promising new activities will be identified, explored with the principal stakeholders, evaluated, and if appropriate, developed. 69c0b42d-7222-44c3-9050-a1730bae4bc9 31c4d047-a79e-479c-b646-d45232d5fb1f 5518ad74-f06f-4627-bd13-c4d8341f44b9 Representation and Participation To ensure the fair representation and participation of key stakeholders in ASTM International activities to secure technically sound, market relevant standards. _0be4618d-f2ef-4e2b-9b6d-e6005471e7cf 6 The vitality of ASTM as an international voluntary standards organization is assured by attracting key stakeholders to become active participants at the technical committee level. The membership base must reflect the technical expertise as well as the balance of interest required to produce meaningful standards that have broad global application. Therefore, recruitment and retention of active members will receive priority attention. This is a function of both the staff and technical committees. 20765f67-803d-4ca4-b314-ac42cf24c628 b8802b64-7fd7-4d22-ac40-af580b7fc846 a90516ee-faba-4d16-837a-336a41e309ef Fiscal Stability To maintain ASTM's fiscal stability in order to fulfill the Society's mission. _ebea8ed2-7b64-4c27-b012-7d5f7d612cee 7 ASTM International will continue to take appropriate action to ensure that ASTM products and services meet the current and future needs of the standards marketplace. This includes identifying and developing new products, services, markets, delivery media, and uses for ASTM standards and related information that reflect the needs of the membership and customers. ASTM International will continue to employ prudent fiscal planning and will take whatever actions are necessary to safeguard and maintain the assets and financial stability of the organization. 1d17b98b-b194-4efc-90ff-b26bd4ff2b6f d60fcf35-7936-417f-841b-e72e96007f74 f19bc477-84f9-448b-8ed1-c8f136abc9a2 1997-10-07 2010-02-08 Arthur Colman ( Submit error.