About Us Bellanet Alliance BA 8653808c-6839-4206-b19c-0a3da60a8af5 The Bellanet Alliance is an international network of organizations working to foster global and regional collaboration through a more effective use of Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs) and Knowledge Sharing practices. Operating as an independent and self-sustained alliance of social entrepreneurs in four well established regions of the world, Bellanet is proud to champion a strong south-south and south-north partnership based on trust, shared values and quality of work. The Bellanet Alliance members are Sula Batsu in Costa Rica, SAP International in Nepal, Aitec in Uganda and Groupsia in Canada. Social Entrepreneurs Sula Batsu in Costa Rica SAP International in Nepal Aitec in Uganda Groupsia in Canada Bellanet FUNDERS International Development Research Center (IDRC) and Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) are funding the current phase of Bellanet Alliance. IDRC IDRC is a Canadian Crown corporation that works in close collaboration with researchers from the developing world in their search for the means to build healthier, more equitable, and more prosperous societies. Click here to know more of IDRC. SDC SDC is Switzerland's international cooperation agency within the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA). In operating with other federal offices concerned, SDC is responsible for the overall coordination of development activities and cooperation with Eastern Europe, as well as for the humanitarian aid delivered by the Swiss Confederation. Bellanet Alliance of Social Entrepreneurs (BASE) is a model for people and organizations that want to form self-sustainable alliances. 4a03069c-b62e-4998-b9bf-a299c05e4cd4 Bellanet has evolved into the Bellanet Alliance of social entrepreneurs - an international network of people and organizations harnessing regional and global expertise on Information and Communications Technology tools and Knowledge Sharing practices. Our goal is to broaden collaboration, increase participation and transparency of action and diffuse lessons learned. c1621256-813f-406d-ba8d-e85099204229 Sustainability Bellanet is not a network for network sake sustained financially, but rather a business alliance that seeks to strengthen each of its individual partner organizations and associates through shared business opportunities and shared financial resources and documentation. Bellanet is more consistent with successful learning networks that work together because of interest and desire to learn from each other rather than financial resources. It also moves away from the current model of donor dependency which drains valuable organizational resources in proposal writing and reporting, and working in areas of interest to donors that can be inconsistent with the interests of Bellanet partners. Flexibility Bellanet allows flexibility for each partner to innovate and carry out the mission of the local organization while at the same time building upon the existing relationships and trust that has been fostered over the last 5 years. This model simplifies the process of engagement. Rather than focusing efforts on creating joint program lines of the alliance, it focuses on creating joint projects when opportunities exist. The model creates less dependency on 'Bellanet' as a vehicle for donor support of individual partners. In this model the alliance can be agile and use resources when there are mutual benefits. In this model there are opportunities for bilateral projects, global projects, or local projects. Shared Resources The alliance works together to share resources surrounding promotion, administration and meeting. By working together it creates more attention towards local projects and programs of individual Bellanet partners. In this model partners are required to share: this strengthens the learning of the whole alliance. All Bellanet partners work in the area of ICT or KS or both, and so the sharing of resources, handbooks, multimedia, knowledge on trends, services, processes, and methodologies as well as face to face discussions create a real reason to work together. Global Social Entrepreneurship Bellanet is in a unique position. It already has well established partners that are known and trusted. Many of the partner organizations are flexible and have a strong interest in entrepreneurship and innovation. These partners are also comfortable working together despite the great distance between them, and all have both the social and technical skills to work effectively together in the emerging business environment. Strengths & Collaborations Help organizations understand their strengths and create vibrant collaborations 5e38c040-6ce7-45c7-80fc-7af35fd9dbb1 1 Organizational and network strengthening: we work to help organizations understand their strengths and create vibrant collaborations. 48cb2254-c3b1-4ffd-854f-d1eb5762ab80 e3f887fd-fe35-4bea-b37f-36f356b76367 Partnership Tools Host dialogues, web platforms, as well as social media research and solutions that help to strengthen partnerships. ddcbd18a-54bf-4c46-97d2-5602ed0faf8a 2 International Groups International Organizations International Networks Technical Assistance: we specialize in hosting dialogues, web platforms, as well as social media research and solutions that help to strengthen partnerships amongst international groups, organizations and networks. d04d11f2-bb44-480b-8b18-419d64b766e9 337291f6-1a5f-4bf0-9a23-ad17616cd6d6 Open Development Foster open standards and open source projects. 03e9770e-9f3c-4066-b1ed-48c0b6e343c8 3 Open Development: we believe that openness fosters stronger collaborations and transparency amongst organizations. We help to foster open standards and open source projects that provide additional tools for international organizations. 09008550-2b0f-4875-806c-91d038188aaa 14cdba0f-0e0f-4047-a9a0-fe5e1d87bdec Research & Advice Provide research into new emerging ICT and communications media. 1926da9f-900f-4547-9873-a46eecc46875 4 ICT Research and Policy Advice: we provide research into new emerging ICT and communications media that can increase transparency and strengthen the impact of development programming a48c4a65-1b87-4044-8249-9a65678188b0 2c369040-815d-410d-b0eb-3b0a93eb552e 2013-06-30 http://bellanet.org/content/about-us Owen Ambur Owen.Ambur@verizon.net Submit error.