Beyond Being There Workshop Beyond Being There Workshop BBTW _315fdde3-c74b-49b6-b3a2-99c123a85e74 722ddb36-c949-42df-9c81-e187062f2953 To provide a blueprint for advancing the design, development, and evaluation of virtual organizations _99d762d9-439a-4197-87df-ff533e7af06b Cross-Disciplinary Studies Encourage cross-disciplinary studies involving both technologists and social scientists working with domain-centered VOs. _e3d0a81f-6043-472c-95b1-842ca636b998 1 To enable such studies, support a matchmaking process so that participants from multiple domains can more easily find collaborative partners. Additionally, NSF could usefully create a clearinghouse for information about existing technologies to prevent the needless duplication that can result from the lack of technological experience and awareness on new projects. Furthermore, require participants in such studies to feed lessons learned back into the project so that the VO benefits. 75b0c0ca-60b1-4a41-ac1a-3c008f61e19f 08d234ee-4fdb-4837-b954-c1bd7d4f7d9c 9c08ea06-6ca0-489a-b1b7-914a62661a75 Research and Practice Framework Combine knowledge from multiple studies to put forward a framework that can inform further VO research and practice. _5a8d4691-ab6c-4daa-b1a1-28b33783e88f 2 Facets of the framework might include the following: what constitutes a VO,where VOs come from, how VOs are governed and structured, how VOs operate, how technology supports operation, how needs (social and technological) shift over time, and how VOs grow most effectively. 01b1e83a-0786-49e7-b25d-e0532b1065cc ed31e9ec-b5a8-43d1-a00c-b41566c5aaf6 aa210434-2b1c-4fdc-9f63-d7f530887411 Feature Checklist Develop a checklist of necessary VOs features—technological, social, organizational, and so on—to ensure that new VOs start off on the right track. _9f8f205f-7767-4caa-85bf-150e30c053fe 3 VOs need to be designed deliberately from the beginning. To fully understand the system of virtualization, all inputs need to be quantified. Research supported by NSF should result in models and research systems that represent a basic level of effectiveness for distributed collaboration. 23b9af3f-37f0-453d-9d13-b49281d7613f c36e855c-9a4d-4b15-9498-0ebd24549b46 db39c11d-82bb-49cf-9398-8bc3a930a029 Instrumentation, Metrics, and Evaluation Design instrumentation, metrics, and evaluation as part of a VO from the beginning rather than adding measurements systems postmortem. _6bb35631-a2cb-4f22-b76e-2a0e4da01c13 4 Doing so should motivate the inclusion of social scientists in these projects. It would also increase the return on money invested in VO projects, producing both domain-centered and VO-centered research outcomes. 3c19469a-1dbc-4c02-adc7-3d8f1ab9eeaa 0ae65d96-dcef-4f5d-a70d-060c2c5f1fef b84bb148-961e-4469-acd0-2620edbc2907 Human Capital Support human capital development around VOs. _cc9bf859-2ae3-4437-a307-902e6389a490 5 To build a pipeline of qualified experts who understand and can support VOs requires education initiatives such as workshops, summer institutes,and even computational science concentrations at colleges and universities. Such efforts would build more of an institution and a professional community around VOs. (Consider, for example, the OGF [], which sponsors education events, distributes publications and presentations online, and supports shared-interest communities as part of their mission of “providing an open forum for grid innovation and developing open standards for grid software interoperability.”) b06d02a8-6d5d-4ae1-9e77-3911b4b1c127 bee611d1-81da-48db-8f44-5ece952d2366 2c5af929-e4fa-458d-909c-395469358646 Standardization and Commoditization Investigate whether technological and organizational factors that support effective virtualization can be standardized or provided as commoditized infrastructure. _1b8f34cf-3fe8-4ba6-a265-5b1965a7f66a 6 Commoditized, on-demand computational and storage systems may offer more practical and economical solutions for certain types of VO. e548afe9-9818-41ff-868d-63f38d3bc759 b1484f83-7a98-4718-be3e-b5e7d1afbdc9 58bbe1c4-34c0-40ba-a8f7-c66bc4d65bf2 Community Services Offer awards for supporting community services at all levels, including the development of new scientific applications, operation of technology infrastructures, and ongoing maintenance of these services. _90f54e60-765c-4513-8fa6-24849d5e4d96 7 Such funding would make VOs more viable for the long term. 8ac56ed0-133e-43ad-8290-4117f92ded94 6765fdf4-933a-4a1b-9a67-22be7b769f66 f0abbb07-bd14-4301-979a-98a6244c5aba Incentives and Rewards Identify incentives and offer rewards for metacontributors to VOs—that is, the people who build or reorganize features to make it easier for others. _07fd1376-7514-4802-855d-ecae071c3f76 8 Because there is currently no scientific merit system for rewarding those who build a VO—despite the effort that it takes—there is a chicken-and-egg problem of how to entice people to join a VO if they think it will not be productive. 6536e48f-4f55-40c5-bd30-ff8da4bc1c5c aaf4f0e0-b1c9-40bf-a85c-11b43bcff2f2 ac552008-33ec-4bf9-9f72-3912a738e422 Tools and Protocols Support the development of hardened common tools and protocols for sharing knowledge and data. _e8f79c5e-4030-456f-a466-102099e86208 9 These development projects need to involve both technology experts and social scientists or human-computer interaction specialists because technological and organizational issues are inseparable and effective solutions must integrate them both. 8e295ed2-7dad-4c15-8624-5d4a3593a87e c4be180a-2974-484e-a59c-c57f046986e2 d4d25386-f88c-4b8d-a4bc-7ec3833f194d VO Infrastructures Create proposal funding models that support the use and reuse of VO infrastructures. _e7a9efaf-5709-419a-ba37-5c598e2a70ce 10 This type of funding would offer a mechanism and incentive for developing features that certain infrastructurepackages do not have. f166d5bb-8fb2-46ee-8b8b-954a8a2c297a 8b8b2bd9-501d-400d-a564-03e2c44c226d 6a23b0b3-650a-4938-896a-ba62ea4209c2 University Investments Encourage universities to support VOs with substantial, complementary investments. _b2836b23-60e7-4a76-816f-ed10f5afcb5d 11 NSF is not mandated nor adequately funded to support all the VOs they help to initiate on a permanent basis. University support would help build localized, stable communities of computational science expertise. bc9c8f7f-b78f-435f-bc13-da61390b2629 ba1cab65-a215-4973-93cb-90d5ac983f54 1bd1233f-d4b9-4ed5-b514-9255f4be7661 Cross-Directorate Funding Establish cross-directorate funding opportunities that could more appropriately evaluate and support projects that unite social scientists, computer scientists, and domain scientists. _58688e5a-9c22-4849-a033-be2232fc4ca6 12 As most funding currently stands, awards are typically siloed within a single directorate. This makes it more difficult for VO participants to apply in unfamiliar domains because panel members are not accustomed to evaluating the merits of proposal content outside their area of expertise. 85ac23b3-b41c-4b8c-8063-d9a38f33648b eb86f55a-5675-4e45-9a0f-a37be5cf70db 385fb705-462d-429b-adce-2eb8bdbaf243 2008-06-12 2010-02-08 Arthur Colman ( Submit error.