About the Belfer Center Through publications and policy discussions, workshops, seminars, and conferences, the Center promotes innovative solutions to significant national and international challenges. Belfer Center BC 017a4f06-db36-4a79-af99-9b6e65ada5bd The Belfer Center is the hub of the Harvard Kennedy School's research, teaching, and training in international security affairs, environmental and resource issues, and science and technology policy. Harvard Kennedy School Paul Doty Building on the vision of founder Paul Doty, the Center addresses serious global concerns by integrating insights and research of social scientists, natural scientists, technologists, and practitioners in government, diplomacy, the military, and business. Social Scientists Natural Scientists Technologists Practitioners in Government Practitioners in Diplomacy Practitioners in the Military Practitioners in Business Harvard Faculty The heart of the Belfer Center is its resident research community of more than 150 scholars, including Harvard faculty, researchers, practitioners, and each year a new, international, interdisciplinary group of research fellows. Research Fellows 0df5b850-b528-403a-b2e7-21c7d674b791 To promote innovative solutions to significant national and international challenges. 49aeda04-fe30-4aad-a9da-45c4e90e496f Leadership The Belfer Center's leadership begins with the recognition of science and technology as driving forces constantly transforming both the challenges we face and the opportunities for problem solving. Science Technology Leadership Provide leadership in advancing policy-relevant knowledge about the most important challenges of international security and other critical issues where science, technology, environmental policy, and international affairs intersect 86306e73-dc25-495a-85a8-15ab8d83c727 1 Scholarly Research Conduct scholarly research. 55285412-d8df-4001-b080-f79fb3d1f77f 1.1 Belfer Center Researchers Center researchers not only conduct scholarly research, but also develop prescriptions for policy reform. Faculty and fellows analyze global challenges from nuclear proliferation and terrorism to climate change and energy policy. 101c6bca-e9db-42bd-8ce1-1c13a028823e Policy Reforms Develop prescriptions for policy reform. 44454877-3e5a-4b0e-aac0-b6729ff42642 1.2 125fadc9-e1e2-49f4-9705-d6c916e5e257 Future Leaders Prepare future generations of leaders for these arenas. 1d4f2951-5bdb-4bb5-826c-d7aaf49ddf69 2 Future Leaders 481fc43f-dd39-4dd9-94b7-0d343a8eb48e cf989a53-9cbd-415a-8ab0-7a824f026c2c 2013-10-27 http://belfercenter.ksg.harvard.edu/about/ Owen Ambur Owen.Ambur@verizon.net Submit error.