Ballston Improvement District (BID) The Ballston Business Improvement District (BID) is a 25-block neighborhood of commercial and residential properties in Arlington, Virginia. The Management Office is conveniently located at 901 N. Glebe Road, Suite 806, Arlington, VA 22203. It is Arlington's hub of science and technology, and contains the nation's greatest concentration of scientific research agencies, anchored by the National Science Foundation (NSF). It is a compact environment with a neighborhood blend of urban residences, national and regional corporate and association headquarters, upscale hotels, shopping, restaurants and green spaces. The Ballston BID is a vibrant, pedestrian-friendly mix of business and pleasure. See map of Ballston BID area in Arlington, Virginia ( BID Governing Board BID Ballston Improvement District Governance: The Ballston BID was approved by the Arlington County Board in December 2010, and was authorized in August 2011 to operate under a Service Agreement with Arlington County from July 1, 2011 to June 30, 2016. It submitted its application to the IRS to be recognized as a 501(c)(6) organization in January 2012. The Ballston BID is governed by a Board of Directors of 21 members, representing commercial property owners and various constituencies located with its District, and two representatives appointed by Arlington County. The Board develops BID policies, oversees all activities, and prepares an annual Work Plan and associated budget, which is submitted to the Arlington County Board for consideration and approval. Arlington County, Virginia Dweck Properties, LTD The JBG Companies The Shooshan Company Bean Kinney & Korman Westin Arlington Gateway National Science Foundation (NSF) Washington Capitals Advance Global Solutions, Inc. RESI Management Corporation National Rural Electric Cooperative Association Forest City Commercial Management, Ballston Common Mall Nixon & Vanderhye, P.C. Fred Schnider Company Brookfield Properties Ballston-VA Square Civic Association Bluemont Civic Association SWOT Analysis - Strengths Ballston Improvement District (1) Businesses: Research, science and technology, government agency and defense businesses, educational institutions, and lower taxes and operating costs compared with Washington. DC. (2) Attractions: Washington Capitals (3) Accessibility: Underground Metro, access to Route 66, proximity to DC and Tysons Corner. Parking. Not congested, and very walkable and bikeable. (4) Lifestyle and Community: Restaurants, sports (ice skating, tennis, swimming, running and bike trails), mixed-use parks, hospitals, doctor and rehab facilities. Good school system. SWOT Analysis - Weaknesses Ballston Improvement District (1) Business: Lack of diverse retail; Arlington County Approval process and regulations; Not as close to DC as competitors. (2) Design: Nondescript aesthetics; Uninviting streetscapes; Weak signage. (3) Lifestyle: Lack of higher-end restaurants; Lack of arts and culture. (4) Communication/Marketing: Lack of image/category; Many area benefits remain hidden. SWOT Analysis - Opportunities Ballston Improvement District (1) Good destination for Business: Leverage and attract more research and high technology; Attract more companies interested in teleworking (like Accenture); Attract more international business. (2) Build a community: Create or define a central gathering place (epicenter); Improve retail offerings; Bring more of the arts (theater, art, music, culture); Become a place where young people want to work, play, live. SWOT Analysis - Threats Ballston Improvement District (1) Market forces and changes: BRAC (Base Realignment and Closure)-shifts in office space vacancies; GSA rent cap; Weak economy. (2) Competitive: Competition from adjacent Fairfax County; Tyson's Metrorail Silver Line expansion; Sub-markets in Rosslyn, Crystal City, Columbia Pike. Trends Ballston Improvement District (1) Entrepreneurs and incubators; (2) Adoption of technology (mobile, apps, wireless cities); (3) Younger demographics (avg. resident age of 36); (4) Increase of renters (vs. owners); (5) Increased emphasis on fitness as an attraction; (6) Increasing avg. household income; (7) Declining emphasis on a SF per person basis for commercial office space; (8) Passion for pets as part of the family. Ballston will be widely recognized as the destination of choice for business, entertainment, education, and living. Ballston Improvement District The Ballston Business Improvement District (BID) will preserve and enhance Ballston as a vibrant, innovative, and attractive urban place to ensure the competitive success of its existing and future commercial properties Ballston Improvement District 1. Center for Research, Innovation and Discovery Ballston is home to a cluster of science and technology organizations, such as the National Science Foundation (NSF), the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), Virginia Tech/IBM's Center for Community Security & Resilience, Accenture, Applied Predictive Technologies, CACI, as well as the Ballston Science & Technology Alliance. The BID has the highest concentration of workers in science and technology in the Washington, D.C. region. 2. Strong Presence of Higher Education Virginia Tech Advanced Research Institute, Marymount University, George Washington University, and nearby George Mason University. 3. Convenience and Access Ballston is a mixed-use, live/work community offering the benefits of Smart Growth living. It is a regional hub, strategically located just minutes from major destinations, including easy access to both Tyson's Corner (10 miles) and downtown DC (4 miles). BID Marketing and Branding (1) Develop branding, strategy, logo, and collateral materials; (2) Develop BID website; (3) PR, media, ads. Ballston Improvement District Marketing and Branding Ballston Improvement District 42e274b8-285d-4f13-b684-423a77380273 Website Ballston Improvement District 42e274b8-285d-4f13-b684-423a77380273 Events Marketing Ballston Improvement District 42e274b8-285d-4f13-b684-423a77380273 Community Events (1) Arts Market; (2) Farmers Market; (3) Innovation Summit; (4) Taste of Arlington Ballston Improvement District 60e10354-e0b8-46da-894e-502baa1ad384 42e274b8-285d-4f13-b684-423a77380273 Physical Enhancements (1) Supplemental beautification mobility enhancements; (2) Placemaking Plan; (3) Short-term physical/landscaping project. Ballston Improvement District Placemaking Plan Ballston Improvement District 42e274b8-285d-4f13-b684-423a77380273 Beautification and Improvements Ballston Improvement Disctrict 42e274b8-285d-4f13-b684-423a77380273 Management, Finance and Administration (1) General and administrative expenses; (2) Personnel; (3) Strategic planning; (2) Other fees, appeals, organization costs, and contingency reserves. Ballston Improvement District 0f54fb56-fb8b-463f-a07e-8002f6b86ac9 42e274b8-285d-4f13-b684-423a77380273 2012-07-01 2013-06-30 2012-10-01 Submit error.