Blueprint for Fiscal Reform A plan to balance the budget, cut spending and secure America’s future Democratic Blue Dog Coalition DBDC _9d6d5b4e-94e9-11df-a267-59487a64ea2a The Democratic Blue Dog Coalition is a group of conservative Democratic Party members of the United States House of Representatives committed to financial and national security, favoring compromise and bipartisanship over ideology and party discipline. Rep. Stephanie Herseth Sandlin (SD-AL) Blue Dog Co-Chair for Administration Rep. Baron Hill (IN-09) Blue Dog Co-Chair for Policy Rep. Jim Matheson (UT-02) Blue Dog Co-Chair for Communications Rep. Heath Shuler (NC-11) Blue Dog Whip Kristen Hawn Communications Director _9d6d5d9c-94e9-11df-a267-59487a64ea2a To balance the budget, cut spending and secure America’s future _9d6d5edc-94e9-11df-a267-59487a64ea2a PAYGO Restore Pay-As-You-Go budget rules. _9d6d5fae-94e9-11df-a267-59487a64ea2a 1 The first step we can take to ensure that government does not spend beyond its means is to restore the proven, bipartisan pay-as-you-go (PAYGO) rules that effectively brought about budget surpluses in the 1990’s. _9d6d604e-94e9-11df-a267-59487a64ea2a 815ebc71-173c-4ede-9d58-f20e0eef0c1a 51429c36-5798-402a-869f-e867ff7310b5 Federal Spending Put the lid on federal spending. _9d6d60e4-94e9-11df-a267-59487a64ea2a 2 In addition to balancing the federal checkbook, Congress should set limits on discretionary spending. Just like American families who make tough decisions every day, Congress must learn to live within its means. _9d6d6184-94e9-11df-a267-59487a64ea2a fe702cff-8b7e-4eed-b7ad-824b55bab210 3ed74b89-f9a8-4417-a1f9-1c0f8f831149 Program Cuts Cut programs that don’t work. _9d6d6224-94e9-11df-a267-59487a64ea2a 3 Congress must work with the Administration to identify and cut programs that don’t work. A commonsense budget enforcement tool, “expedited rescission” was passed by the House with bipartisan support in the 1990’s. _9d6d62ce-94e9-11df-a267-59487a64ea2a 1333384b-f5df-4def-8399-9421981cd5e4 503f9c71-b6d2-40a6-a379-2dc7f7829bae Deficit Reduction Reduce the deficit. _9d6d6382-94e9-11df-a267-59487a64ea2a 4 This tool forces Congress to live within its means by keeping our federal budget on setting a path towards balance. Congress would be required to cut spending to meet these targets, effectively reducing the deficit over time. _9d6d6436-94e9-11df-a267-59487a64ea2a bfc0af68-0ef1-4672-915e-0f1be5e7cde1 7d4f8e97-a8ad-4c7d-a2bc-f639fc4efd8d Balanced Budget Balance the budget. _9d6d64f4-94e9-11df-a267-59487a64ea2a 5 A critical component of the plan, a constitutional amendment would require that Congress balance the budget by 2020. _9d6d65bc-94e9-11df-a267-59487a64ea2a 4f68a659-930b-4ea6-bc5f-ee813ff1b2da dad7c1b0-2f69-45e9-9e0b-b6dfa6a4a089 Fiscal Honesty Be honest about our long term fiscal obligations. _9d6d6684-94e9-11df-a267-59487a64ea2a 6 Congress should be required to produce an honest and open assessment of the government’s long-term financial obligations as part of the budget resolution every year. _9d6d674c-94e9-11df-a267-59487a64ea2a 77713332-e4bf-43c9-8a96-7e4e01eb7749 b4416f1a-d06b-4b16-bc6f-23fad5efcb0e Fiscal Commission Establish a bipartisan fiscal commission. _9d6d681e-94e9-11df-a267-59487a64ea2a 7 A fiscal reform commission should be established to force Congress’ hand in making the tough decisions necessary to put the country back on a fiscally sustainable path. _9d6d68fa-94e9-11df-a267-59487a64ea2a 4f172350-7a92-4353-888b-231cfdab68b2 06ca365b-1d26-4561-9946-e0b0afa7f238 Transparency and Accountability Improve transparency and accountability. _9d6d69d6-94e9-11df-a267-59487a64ea2a 8 Congress has a responsibility to hold government agencies accountable for wasteful spending. This measure would reduce the estimated $98 billion that is wasted annually when a federal agency pays too much or pays twice for a product or service. _9d6d6abc-94e9-11df-a267-59487a64ea2a e1f4d3a6-66af-475b-9a96-6cc8a4b40103 838cd458-4f15-485c-805e-2049095068e8 Performance-Based Budgeting Establish performance-based budgeting. _9d6d6bac-94e9-11df-a267-59487a64ea2a 9 Performance-based budgeting is a results oriented budget tool that sets goals and performance targets for agencies, and measures their results, much like a small business. It is a commonsense policy that has been successfully implemented on the state level for many years. _9d6d6cce-94e9-11df-a267-59487a64ea2a 80ff2aa0-8b6a-4c76-944b-0d911abaf137 708d7841-eb42-402b-99b6-431f5cc41a40 Waste, Fraud and Abuse Eliminate waste, fraud and abuse. _9d6d6dc8-94e9-11df-a267-59487a64ea2a 10 Research shows that for every $1.00 we put into “program integrity accounts” that identify and eliminate waste, fraud and abuse in government spending, we get $1.50 back. The authorization levels for these programs should be increased. _9d6d6ecc-94e9-11df-a267-59487a64ea2a 145d972f-f256-4179-9f3d-0b380b6e00f9 fad718e1-5700-4f69-9a69-53e60b3aa47b Accounting Account for every dollar. _9d6d6fda-94e9-11df-a267-59487a64ea2a 11 Evaluating every dollar spent on our national defense is not only good fiscal practice; it is a matter of national security. Like all other major federal agencies, the Department of Defense should be subject to annual audits. _9d6d70de-94e9-11df-a267-59487a64ea2a ba907a7d-c82d-40ee-8b12-69ed2b64a2e4 ce8542fb-24d1-4ed8-b7bb-52e63402a195 Tax Loopholes Close tax loopholes. _9d6d71f6-94e9-11df-a267-59487a64ea2a 12 It is critical that the federal government continue to identify and report loopholes and inefficiencies within the current tax system. We can expand on these reports to reflect the total revenue lost and to identify inefficient tax subsidies. _9d6d75d4-94e9-11df-a267-59487a64ea2a 4e1d8773-c41f-47e1-92d8-1c5c572873bc 47da8a39-9303-43a1-8fb8-da964dbbba3b Nonpartisanship Take the politics out of the equation. _9d6d7750-94e9-11df-a267-59487a64ea2a 13 In order to promote efficiency and eliminate undue political pressures, this provision would transition the Joint Committee on Taxation to an independent, nonpartisan legislative branch agency. _9d6d78ae-94e9-11df-a267-59487a64ea2a fd901be4-44eb-48ec-9fc9-7e7482a225b1 c6e240d0-b0b7-430c-b4ea-3e8fdaf765dc Duplication and Inefficiency Eliminate duplication and inefficiency. _9d6d7a52-94e9-11df-a267-59487a64ea2a 14 Government programs that are duplicative or inefficient can be a substantial drain on the federal budget. Establishing an independent, bipartisan commission to recommend reorganizational changes to the federal government would help to streamline these programs and save taxpayer dollars. _9d6d7b9c-94e9-11df-a267-59487a64ea2a fc2c390f-6915-4313-802f-62efe743dbf7 9ca2d6a4-c68b-4ffc-bee6-d32f382b59dd Program Review and Termination Review and terminate unnecessary federal programs. _9d6d7ce6-94e9-11df-a267-59487a64ea2a 15 A “Sunset Commission” should be established to conduct regular reviews of federal programs and agencies, and make recommendations as to those which should be terminated. _9d6d7e26-94e9-11df-a267-59487a64ea2a 0dfe5e74-32d0-4d71-b13f-4957486d0e2e 48ba201c-4638-43ee-a04e-17a3ba446093 2010-07-21 Owen Ambur Submit error.