Board on Research Data and Information Board on Research Data and Information BRDI _d59f13d9-699b-4ff9-a05a-239ce7f25af6 58c6bb9e-fe47-460b-a11a-54ce92e69abe To improve the management, policy, and use of digital data and information for science and the broader society. _b043f075-5e0c-46db-a930-3ae4bb2bf1e6 Surveillance and Initiatives Maintain surveillance of the field of research data and information and propose initiatives that might be undertaken at the National Research Council (NRC), targeted at challenges of national and international significance of particular interest to the board's sponsors. _53261d48-85ba-40b8-9832-7db7b590e366 1 Emerging Issues Address emerging issues in the management, policy, and use of research data and information at the national and international levels. _504dbc6c-0252-4c3a-9d55-ef3f95e57b69 1.1 e12b07c9-d2a4-4317-8cfa-d80f8ec5132e fb0413b9-54cc-4e35-9c39-1a4a45f5c675 Advice, Reviews, and Priority Assessment Through studies and reports of the NRC, provide independent and objective advice, reviews of programs, and assessment of priorities concerning research data and information activities and interests of its sponsors. _b268288e-8452-43de-b65e-7bfb2e95adc4 1.2 5d6ebb2a-97ea-4f77-914b-32f1196174df 22071c9e-9805-4a2c-91b3-17b16d97cffb Collaboration Encourage and facilitate collaboration across disciplines, sectors, and nations with regard to common interests in research data and information activities. _46fbf8fc-94ca-4ecb-be5a-cc7412c9d0d3 1.3 6031a334-1762-4e8b-abc8-b7f1a6be5598 873a1b19-e5f3-4b1c-883c-6de3e4239179 Research Community Positions Monitor, assess, and contribute to the development of U.S. government and research community positions on research data and information programs and policies. _25244de7-2955-4355-9024-cbb04113b03f 1.4 eae60f63-b2db-4628-9c24-c07ee30a697c 700cebc1-7fde-4a15-a78f-9fba6685b138 Projects Engage in planning, program development, and administrative oversight of projects launched under its auspices. _380cf2b1-f3fe-4cc7-a2fe-525e64b47539 2 Studies, Workshops, Conferences, and Activities Initiate or respond to requests for consensus studies, workshops, conferences, and other activities within the Board's mission, and provide oversight for the activities performed under the Board's auspices. _2bbe3674-b55c-4bce-b310-672b04fa4b9a 2.1 75268cc8-8a94-405f-b7bf-98bbc0e7a8ee 4b7994f3-4caa-461e-a452-ce7ea56d0885 Communication and Information Dissemination Broadly disseminate and communicate the results of the Board's activities to its stakeholders and to the general public. _ae8ea598-6ae0-4198-be80-89599e41a71a 2.2 7cff4e5c-ecd8-4bdd-a68c-0dbb2893e5ea a77b0ce0-f68c-48cb-a01e-c358143ab207 2010-02-08 Arthur Colman ( Submit error.