Benefits Realisation Management Benefits realisation management (BRM) (also benefits management or benefits realisation) is one of the many ways of managing how time and resources are invested into making changes that people want to see happen. The popularity of BRM has grown recently in the UK with the inclusion of BRM by the UK Government in their standardised approach to programmes, Managing Successful Programmes (MSP). The idea behind BRM is that an investment is only successful if the benefits stakeholders were hoping to get are actually realised (actually happen). As with all project management methodologies BRM has clear roles and responsibilities, processes, principles and deliverables. BRM is used to manage the investment by organizations in procurement, projects, programmes and portfolios. BRM is also used to ensure the organization maintains a benefits focus during continuing business operations. Outcomes are changes identified as important by stakeholders and can be strategic or non-strategic. A benefit is a measurable positive impact of change. A dis-benefit is a measurable negative impact of change. Successful BRM requires accountable people, relevant measures and proactive management. BRM BRM _60ff4046-3c9e-11e2-a942-a52274e3672e UK Government ... benefits stakeholders were hoping to get are actually realised. _60ff478a-3c9e-11e2-a942-a52274e3672e To manage how time and resources are invested into making changes that people want to see happen. _60ff4866-3c9e-11e2-a942-a52274e3672e Outcome Identification Identify the investment outcomes _60ff48de-3c9e-11e2-a942-a52274e3672e 1 Outcome Map Create a pictorial view of the outcomes of interest on an outcome map. _60ff4956-3c9e-11e2-a942-a52274e3672e 1.1 A technique used in 'identify the investment outcomes' is the creation of a pictorial view of the outcomes of interest on an outcome map (also called a results chain, benefits dependency network or benefit map). This technique supports agreement of the outcomes sought as it shows the outcomes and relationships between them on a single page. They can be agreed upon and communicated clearly as a result. 5f700aea-6b19-41fb-b110-7c79d748e649 Metrics Define benefit measures for each outcome _60ff49c4-3c9e-11e2-a942-a52274e3672e 2 _60ff4a3c-3c9e-11e2-a942-a52274e3672e 585aa148-3650-4375-9e64-cd7fcef9ea3b Data Collect current benefit measure data to have a quantitative basis for decision making _60ff4ab4-3c9e-11e2-a942-a52274e3672e 3 Data can ... be captured either separately or within a suitable modelling tool for each outcome that will include the benefit measures used for each, ownership and accountability information and information to support realisation management. _60ff4b2c-3c9e-11e2-a942-a52274e3672e f132f7a0-8b26-4af6-ba88-7ed12b691f30 Tailoring Agree a tailored BRM approach for this investment _60ff4bae-3c9e-11e2-a942-a52274e3672e 4 _60ff4c26-3c9e-11e2-a942-a52274e3672e f3b39e44-a217-46ff-960b-b23bacf58207 Capabilities Plan Plan the new or changed capabilities necessary to realize the benefits _60ff4cbc-3c9e-11e2-a942-a52274e3672e 5 _60ff4d48-3c9e-11e2-a942-a52274e3672e 6074c863-4940-481b-a9da-d88f8a5f52c8 Investment Plan Plan the investments needed to make the changes necessary to create or change the capabilities _60ff4dd4-3c9e-11e2-a942-a52274e3672e 6 _60ff4e60-3c9e-11e2-a942-a52274e3672e 75961c5c-0ad4-46d3-abac-eaa2d96ab4eb Optimization Optimize the plan to reduce waste and have acceptable levels of resource, risk, cost, quality and time _60ff4ee2-3c9e-11e2-a942-a52274e3672e 7 _60ff4f64-3c9e-11e2-a942-a52274e3672e 600386db-3880-43e2-8301-615efc9dc529 Implementation Implement the plan _60ff4ff0-3c9e-11e2-a942-a52274e3672e 8 _60ff507c-3c9e-11e2-a942-a52274e3672e 699f4efc-a610-4208-ac8c-6097d51f8ecf Impact Review Review the impact of the plan implementation on the Benefit Measures and use insights to improve _60ff50fe-3c9e-11e2-a942-a52274e3672e 9 _60ff51bc-3c9e-11e2-a942-a52274e3672e 2f740330-c1bf-4b91-bc66-23b91258fdae Sustainment On completion of the plan, ensure BRM continues to sustain the capabilities and realisation of benefits _60ff5252-3c9e-11e2-a942-a52274e3672e 10 _60ff52e8-3c9e-11e2-a942-a52274e3672e 8d219595-e5f6-44ca-8790-3cf68c3612a7 2012-12-02 Owen Ambur Submit error.