Business Software Alliance Business Software Alliance BSA _78b3a156-712c-4ef8-9fac-637db18df0b4 5588e931-5868-426e-b517-da06b63ea3c0 To promote conditions in which the information technology (IT) industry can thrive and contribute to the prosperity, security, and quality of life of all people _b0ef5330-726f-4fd9-a63f-1efbe2dbe35b Public Policy Promotes public policy principles and objectives through direct communications with policymakers and influencers, as well as public education and collaboration with interested parties. _61cbb699-ae1a-45b2-87f4-07cd1c9a2393 1 Intellectual Property Inspire creativity and innovation through comprehensive and enforceable intellectual property policies, including copyright, patent, and trademark laws. _18236e20-7198-49b3-a757-f24f79ad60f2 1.1 1462fc5d-0b7e-401a-ae3c-34d9069c4504 44c81918-fb73-4962-8311-367b04f5438f Cyber Crimes Foster an online marketplace where citizens and businesses use information tools with confidence, by making certain that laws effectively prohibit and punish cyber crimes. _d64ed9fb-1b94-48d2-b5b4-e0d40d8a34ad 1.2 558e48b8-b835-4444-9cb7-d810f00525b5 5c8098f6-5403-4d37-85ad-c521fea88251 Workforce Ensure that our nation produces and attracts the best and brightest workforce through forward-looking education and immigration policies. _0bbbb706-c8d5-4d30-a283-ebedd1ab521d 1.3 50c2a903-1def-475e-b519-acf156796515 ef39db53-8d16-40ff-b432-f8fa13051d1a Exports Improve export opportunities for technology companies by eliminating trade barriers and discouraging the adoption of discriminatory public procurement practices. _7d1cd34a-cc3b-4eec-b136-f5d782c33a5c 1.4 958f5bde-0989-4ec9-831c-9459fffa6d26 df5be8ef-3ae8-4a2c-83c9-d22d76e52e22 Research, Development, and Investment Promote research, development, and investment in next-generation technologies to spur economic growth and innovation across the economy. _eb69763d-b37a-4ecb-94a0-670b7f4e60cf 1.5 94bb8daa-1c99-48ee-a2cf-87d5ee380626 ed8c0303-2143-4afe-bbff-09eafcdf6fd4 Anti-Piracy and Compliance Programs Expand legal software markets on a global scale, with special attention to the world’s top emerging markets. _36f2dbef-0961-4113-b469-d57fc8834287 2 The theft and illegal use of software and other forms of intellectual property (IP) is a serious global problem. Software piracy strains technology companies’ ability to innovate and create jobs, harms local IT services firms, saps government tax revenues, and increases the risk of cyber crime and security problems. Investigations and Enforcement Investigate tips and file civil lawsuits to stop software piracy _2d4860e8-f59d-4a94-b25f-b3715e38880d 2.1 BSA solicits and receives thousands of reports of alleged software piracy each year from end users, resellers, law enforcement, member companies, and affiliate associations. BSA investigates these tips and ― when necessary and appropriate ― files civil lawsuits to stop software piracy. BSA refers particularly egregious cases to national law enforcement authorities for criminal prosecution. db6e9923-06c9-4804-8739-6194953a4a44 0b1320d3-12bc-43fe-9673-8e13748c5348 Internet-based Piracy Use the latest technology to track the distribution of pirated software on the Internet _186fe048-57cc-4052-a2fb-d0af40f3c37d 2.2 BSA uses the latest technology to track the distribution of pirated software on the Internet via online auction sites, peer-to-peer sites, and other Internet channels. Each year, BSA issues thousands of requests to Internet service providers and Website managers to remove pirated software from their sites. 9ddda485-9ded-449c-b771-6b498a30db21 4cc6f1b7-a476-41e6-8053-3643a697fa12 Software asset management (SAM) Provide tools and resources to help organizations manage software in a way that reduces compliance risks and maximizes return on investment _905ea84f-4129-4f3f-9dcd-a053ecb728aa 2.3 BSA provides tools and resources to help organizations manage software in a way that reduces compliance risks and maximizes return on investment. BSA SAM Advantage is a long-term effort to help companies move more easily toward lasting adoption of the global SAM standards published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). 8fc29843-d834-4d53-9be2-55fa9e6eb7b9 dcde92cd-6163-4cdf-b65e-d0fbbe3824f6 Education Rraise awareness of the negative impacts of software piracy _1becbb9a-81ad-4528-a236-bbab9d13604a 2.4 One of the most effective ways that BSA prevents software piracy and the associated risks to society is by raising awareness of the negative impacts, which it does through the news media, school, and direct outreach to affected communities. 06727237-0eac-4ece-a95f-6ecf1212de61 8788860a-d171-4851-837a-08967d808122 2010-02-08 Arthur Colman ( Submit error.